Worth Week

Worthiness starts with your thoughts.

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Say goodbye to impostor syndrome, never feeling quite good enough and the self-criticism from your life.

You'll transform your self-talk in WORTH WEEK.


Join us for WORTH WEEK and learn how to use the WORTH FORMULA  and how to talk back to the voice of inadequacy, the lie of lack and the overwhelm of unworthiness.

You have immensely more inside of you than you think you do. What God put inside of you is His gift to you, what you do with it is your gift back to God. You are more than ready to be a beautiful, bright life of love in this world. 

Trish Blackwell

Founder, The College of Confidence


Daily Live Coaching

In Worth Week you'll get an hour of daily live group coaching, workshop style, progression through "The Worth Formula". If you can't make it live, watch at your convenience. Every call will be recorded and sent to you. 

Worth Integration Challenges

This type of coaching isn't like listening to a podcast. In Worth Week you'll learn how to apply "The Worth Formula" to your life, you'll get worksheets and daily challenges to help you integrate what you learn in a meaningful and lasting way.

Coaching Access to Trish

When you join us in Worth Week you can always raise your hand and participate in the coaching. Participants of Worth Week will be offered time for Q&A so you can get all your questions answered about worthiness, esteem and purpose.

Trish Blackwell

Confidence and Mindset Coach, Author, Podcaster, Founder, The College of Confidence, CEO of Uncaged Confidence LLC

Trish Blackwell is an expert at empowering people to get past self-doubt, overcome self-limiting beliefs and perform at their highest levels.  Confidence coach to Olympic athletes, Ironman champions, CEOs, high-achieving entrepreneurs, and cultural influencers, she has been featured by TLC, Entrepreneur and Elite Daily as one of the top confidence coaches in the world and is an active member on the Forbes Coaches Council. She specializes in helping high-achievers think with more power, clarity and belief through her podcasts, videos and books.  

Uncaged Confidence LLC, the umbrella of her coaching business, has impacted and reached an audience of over 3.5 million people worldwide through her top-ranked podcast, The Confidence Podcast, her online program The College of Confidence and news outlets such as Entrepreneur, Elite Daily, TLC and Fox Sports. She works with a clientele of high achievers, CEOs, elite and professional athletes, and high-profile personalities who want to maximize their performance with poised and powerful confidence. 

The Worth Formula

In WORTH WEEK, you'll learn The Worth Formula, and more importantly, how to apply it to your life. Each day of coaching will teach you a component of the formula, how to really apply it to your life in a powerful way, and how to use it to feel more confident in who God created you to be. You'll receive worksheets, daily application challenges and the opportunity to be coached live by Trish. All calls will be recorded, so you don't have to worry if you can't make it live. With the recordings, you can watch at your convenience and at anytime that works for you. 

Who You Are 

When you know who you are, your sense of worthiness becomes unshakeable. This coaching will teach you how to know who you are and how to fully live that out in the world with confidence.

Optional Beliefs

When you feel inadequate, or "not enough" it is based on a flawed belief system. This coaching will teach you how to evaluate your belief systems and identify which ones are optional, and which are true.

Reframing Thoughts

Your greatest power is the ability to choose your thoughts. Your thoughts change your life. This coaching will teach you how to choose your thoughts, how to reframe unhelpful ones and how to take your thoughts captive to think intentionally on what is good and right. 

Thought Creation

Once you harness the power of optional beliefs and the strategy of reframing your thoughts, you can next-level your confidence, and your potential, with intentional thought creation. This coaching will teach you exactly how to do that in your life.

Higher Purpose

Purpose gives meaning, and as you put together The Worth Formula, you'll be able to start to see that God has a higher purpose for you in this world. Your life matters, and how you show up for it matters too. This coaching will give you the permission you have been waiting for to think bigger and show up with more impact in this world.

You are God's masterpiece


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Extraordinary results come from doing the ordinary things with extraordinary consistency.

Trish Blackwell

Confidence and Mindset Coach