Ready To Take Your Mindset To The Next Level? 

Journaling will do just that. Journaling is like breathing for your brain. It brushes off the junky thoughts that cloud your confidence, and open you up to clear thinking, positive reframing, and unstoppable confidence.

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The 2-Minute Journal

This guided journal is perfect for the busy person who wants to journal, but time is of the essence. It takes just 2-minutes in the morning and 2-minutes at night. A must-have on anyone's bookshelf.  

The Extraordinary Journal

This open style journal is perfect for the person who likes notebooks and open space, but loves the added inspiration of affirmations and faith-based quotes sprinkled throughout the pages. 

The Confidence Journal for Girls

This journal is specifically designed for young girls, ages 6-12 and teaches them the tenants of positive journaling, boosting their confidence and overall mental well-being. A must for any young girl.

The Guided Gratitude Journal

This gratitude journal will help you implement consistency in your gratitude practice and daily gratitude awareness. A must-have to help you improve your mindset.

Athletic Visualization Journal

This 60-day belief journal for swimmers will help them set a goal, practice the goal and believe in their ability to achieve the goal like never before.

The 2-Minute Journal (Pink Edition)

This guided journal is for motivated people who want to journal, but time is of the essence. It takes just 2-minutes in the morning & 2-minutes at night. 

The Intentional Thought Journal

This is an even simpler approach to The 2-Minute Journal, with just one page per day entry for journaling. If you love the 2-Minute Journal, you'll love this concise version of it as well! 

Love Notes for Couples

The perfect connection journal for couples, with guided journal prompts that will improve your relationship and your ability to communicate your emotions and thoughts with one another.

Journaling is the Core Habit of Confidence

The perfect time to start a journaling habit is today. There are so many positive benefits, so no matter how much time you have to journal, it's always worth it and the pay-off of your effort will make your experience of life extraordinarily better.

What are the benefits of journaling?


Journaling helps you understand yourself, and to have vision for what you really want in life ... and how to overcome the obstacles that are bound to arise along the way.


Journaling creates beautiful moments of silence and reflection; these opportunities draw you closer to God and will deepen your relationship with Him and your reliance on Him.


Journaling gives your anxieties and fears a place to be processed, to be reframed and to be turned into something good and useful for your growth.


Journaling deepens your sense of gratitude and wonder for life, enriching your perspective of the world, and expanding the possibilities of what you believe are available to you.

Don't know where to start?