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Topics Trish Speaks On:

Topic Theme

Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome hinders and holds back too many talented people and creates hesitation in performance. Learn the proven method to overcome Impostor Syndrome and tap into new heights of success.


Overcoming the Confidence Gender Gap

The confidence gender gap that exists doesn't have to remain in place once you learn the Pillars of Confidence and start to implement The Confidence Habits taught in this presentation.


Harnessing the Confident Champion Mindset

Champions think differently. A champion mindset requires confidence and courage, and both are trainable skills that, when leveraged, create incredible results. 


Thought Management for High Performance

When you learn how to control your thoughts, and manage your emotions, you perform better under pressure and at high levels of performance. There's a pathway to do both.


Communicating with Confidence

Communication opens opportunities, and the more confidently and persuasively you communicate, the more opportunity you will have. Learn how to leverage social confidence and clear communication for your next level.


Conveying Professional Confidence

Confident body language and a confident self-concept are critical to establishing and conveying professional confidence. Learn how to master these skills and expand your potential capacity and impact. 

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