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Gave Me Clarity

Trish is worth her weight in gold. She has helped me to get clear on what it is that I want to accomplish, what steps I need to take to get there, and she holds me accountable! I’m always so energized and inspired after our coaching sessions. My business has begun to move forward in such a positive direction since I started working with Trish. 

-Jan Taylor

Empowered Me

Trish Blackwell is AMAZING! Her honesty, her life experience and her ability to communicate her transcendence through adversity are SO inspiring! I knew I needed to work with her. Trish’s upbeat energy and positive outlook are infectious. Every time we have a coaching session, even if I’m feeling out of sorts, I feel empowered and excited about life after our meeting!

-Melissa O'Sullivan

Filled Me With Purpose

Trish has been a vital part of my personal life and purpose driven career for years. My self-awareness has really been opened and has allowed me to break out of my comfort zone. During Trish’s one-on-one coaching, I receive a lingering inspiration that fires up my faith in self and the needed action. Trish Blackwell and her services are vital to anyone who wants a life with purpose and drive! THANK YOU Trish!

-Anna S.

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"I doubled my salary in one year."

"Working with Trish for the past few years, I have been able to DOUBLE my salary in 1 year! Trish is my coach, my cheerleader, and a personal friend. I look forward to our partnership and ongoing coaching in the CoC and as her private client."

-Amber Westbrooke



The amount of progress and results I saw in my 6 months of coaching with Trish was above and beyond. I started out with what I thought was my one goal but that blossomed into so much more. Trish pushed me to set many big goals and step into my purpose. I am now more confident in myself mentally, physically, and in my career. Trish is an example of what's possible, an encourager, a truth teller, is so knowledgeable and helps you transform into an even better version of yourself. Thank you, Trish! 

-Kelli Claxton


"Life Changing."

There are tools you come across throughout your life that you always recall as "that was life changing" - working with Trish has been one of those! I wanted betterment in my life - and Trish was a golden key that unlocked that potential. It was then up to me to take what I learn and apply. She is better than a therapist, she is a real life coach that will hep you create a strong foundation of life giving thoughts, emotions actions and results! I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to get UNSTUCK in that cycle of toxic thinking and live a more joy-filled life to achieve results you never knew were possible!

-Kelly Young



Taking a leap to invest in myself through Trish’s coaching has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I was at a point where I hardly recognized myself anymore and was continuously wallowing in self doubt, negativity, and an overall lack of self confidence. From the very 1st session Trish was focused on getting to the core of these issues and talking through them, asking lots of probing and meaningful questions, as well as assigning “homework” to discuss for next time we meet. Trish truly cares about myself and others, and I’m so fortunate to have found her as a coach and role model because if not for her, I would certainly not have the positive and confident mindset that I have today!

-Deanna Liu

Lauren Peterson


“Trish has been the big sister and life cheerleader I never had growing up! After working with her, I have a greater awareness of my self limiting thoughts and am learning to show up for myself more and more each day. She has helped me evaluate my life through a more objective lens, hone in on what really matters to me, and take full responsibility for going after it!”

Trish Blackwell gave me the confidence to do what I had always dreamed of. Since working with Trish I became a certified personal trainer, launched my own business, Soul Travel Fitness, and currently completing my Health Coach Certification. If you are a feeling stuck and don’t know where to begin let Trish walk with you. Her energy is contagious and your life will be forever changed.

LISa anstead


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Trish Blackwell Coaching helps women overcome self-doubt and fear, push past their limitations, and create lives of impact. By working together, you will gain clarity about your goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and receive support every step of the way.

Coaching provides accountability and motivation, which are essential for achieving success. At Trish Blackwell Coaching we focus on mindset work in addition to goal setting so that our clients can break through any barriers they may face along their journey

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