From the AMAZON Best Selling Author TRISH BLACKWELL


A Breakout Plan to Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

What if you could experience a unique detoxification that would rid you of insecurity, self-doubt, worry, fear, anxiety, and more—and all those "impurities" could be replaced with confidence, purpose, joy, and better relationships? That’s what Insecurity Detox is all about

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Praise for Trish Blackwell

"Reading Trish Blackwell's Insecurity Detox is like receiving counsel from the wisest of friends. With the voice and warmth of a kind companion, Trish provides real, practical help to motivate you physically, inspire you mentally, and stir you spiritually to live the healthy life God abundantly desires for you."

– Kristen Strong, Author of Girl Meets Change

"I love how Trish uses her own struggles, stories, and steps to help us see what really matters the most; who we are in Christ."

– Jessica Vaughn, Author of Know Your Worth

"Most detoxes on the market focus on removing things from your life, but Insecurity Detox offers a new approach to a typical cleanse. In Insecurity Detox, Blackwell walks us through ways to detox your life - mentally, physically and spiritually - by adding things back into your life. You will want to read and apply her principles again and again because they are practical, truth-based and easy to implement. This is a book about transforming your life, one detox at a time."

– Rachael Bodie, John Maxwell Company Senior Director, Leadership Development

"A toolbox for the mind, body and soul. Every Detox lesson highlights areas of life that we all come to and gives options for how to move through with grace, strength and confidence. I have gone back to this book over and over. Wonderful support at your fingertips!"

– Angi McClure, Movement Coach Founder of Body401k®& Bamboo Bodies®

"Full of original insights, authentic stories and concrete suggestions, Insecurity Detox shows how the power of vulnerability combined with Gods purpose for our lives helps us discover an abundant life."

– Brent Gallagher, Owner and Performance Coach of Avenue Fitness

"So often we focus on detoxing our bodies of sugar, alcohol and other physical intakes, but we forget about the invisible diet that our minds consume. Trish's book will guide you through a mental transformation that encourages feeding your brain thoughts of positivity, encouragement, self worth, and purpose. Through insightful words and small changes, you'll put the book down with confidence to nourish yourself in all aspects of life."

– Kath Younger, RD, Author of

"The promise of potential is simply captivating." This one line from Trish Blackwell sums up why I could not put Insecurity Detox down. Each individual detox inspires and teaches that every person has the potential to live a life fully confident in whom they were created to be. From the first chapter, I felt as if I could make positive changes in my life! It was as if this book released me from having to do it all, yet gave me the freedom to do everything I did with God’s power and for His glory. If you have ever felt stressed out, overwhelmed, and not quite good enough, then this book is for you!"

– Angie Ryg, Author of Clutter Free Simplicity

"Trish Blackwell has the uncanny ability to see behind the masks we wear as she uncovers the issues behind self-doubt and insecurity in her new book, Insecurity Detox. She effortlessly weaves her detox approach through one insecurity hang-up at a time, cheering us on with truth as it is found in Scripture in the mission to care for our whole life — body, mind, and spirit. One minute, you feel as though she’s leaning toward you over a cup of coffee and the next minute, she has you off the couch and ready to clean out not only your fridge, but your heart."

– Elisa Pulliam, Life Coach, Mentor, Speaker, and Author of Meet the New You

"Trish Blackwell has a powerful voice that resonates with our radio listeners who want to experience greater joy. Insecurity Detox is not just a plan for gaining confidence. Trish goes beyond that! She digs down deep to get to the heart of the things that are holding you back and challenges you to dream bigger as you run toward the rich life God has waiting just for you."

– David Sams, KeepTheFaith, America’s #1 Christian Radio Program

"Insecurity Detox inspires us to live abundant lives physically, mentally, and spiritually. Trish Blackwell’s vulnerability enables us to discover the root of our own insecurities. She reminds us that despite our struggles, God calls us His beloved. This book will positively impact the way you see yourself and will equip you to live your life with purpose, confidence, wholeheartedness, and joy."

– Meghan Fillnow, Associate Head Coach at Fillnow Coaching

"I love how Insecurity Detox gave me practical ways to grow in body, mind, and spirit. The daily breakdown enabled me to focus on making one small change a day. I will continue to use this book as a powerful tool to grow into a better version of myself."

– Kelly Fillnow, professional Triathlete,