About  the Mastermind Experience withTrish

This coaching mastermind experience is unlike no other. You will meet weekly with Trish and the rest of the mastermind. The sessions are recorded so you can deepen the lessons through repetition of the coaching session at your convenience. In between sessions, you'll be on a private Voxer chat with Trish and the other mastermind participants so you will have support no matter when you need it, and share your breakthroughs as you get them. If accepted into the mastermind you'll get an invite to our program launch party as well as a welcome enrollment package. This is an investment where you will feel more seen, heard, understood and encouraged than anywhere else in your life, and were change happens.

The investment cost of the mastermind experience is $7,500 if paid in full, or $1,500/month if paid monthly.  Updated price: $5,000 if paid in full, or $1,000/month if paid monthly.

Mastermind Application Questions

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    Why are you ready to be done with being numb in your life? *

    Tell me about how numbing yourself has negatively impacted your life and stolen your true confidence? *

    What would be possible for you if you got unstuck from where you are right now? Why do you want to change? *

    Tell me about yourself. What do you do for a living? What does your family life look like? What is one thing you need to tell me but don't want to tell me about yourself? *

    On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being absolutely overwhelmed, how stressful is your life? *

    What do you think your purpose or calling is? Or, if you aren't sure, how often do you think about wanted to get clarity on this in your life? *

    If you are given a spot in this mastermind, why are you committed to doing this deep work consistently for the next 6-months? Why should I choose you to be part of this intensely powerful experience? *

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