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Have you been looking for a way to have more confidence and courage so you can contribute to the world in a significant way? Have you been looking for a way to love life, like, for real, and to connect to a community who is committed to doing the same thing? Have you been looking to stop making excuses and to start living to the fullest?

College of Confidence

The College of Confidence is Your Essential Resource for The Coaching, Advice, Accountability, Strategy and Support you need to Successfully and Smoothly Reach Any Goal You Set to Create a Meaningful and Confident Life

Being Part of The College of Confidence enables you to:

Build a business confidently that you love, that generates consistent income in a way that fits your lifestyle and impacts the world in a positive way
Attract more happiness and success in your personal life by giving you the strategy, certainty and courage you need to stay consistent in the pursuit of your goals, both personal goals and professional goals
Finally get rid of your limiting bad-habits of perfectionism, overthinking, procrastination and self-doubt
Tap into the knowledge and experience of a community of go-getters who are eagerly pursuing the best version of themselves, just like you

and much, much more…

You were made to be more than mediocre. You were made to thrive, not just survive. You were made to tell a story with your life that impacts and inspires others to love and live more. You were made to love the body you are in and love the unique things about you that make you you. You were made for more: you were made to live with confidence and courage. You were made to create and contribute.

And The College of Confidence was made for you. Our motto is simple: we are committed to cultivating confidence to courageously show up in the world. We are a community, we are a virtual neighborhood of motivated women who aspire to be the best versions of ourselves possible, creating connection and collaboration as we gather together around the curriculum of confidence.

no more limiting yourself and no more self sabotage; stop self sabotage by getting the confidence coaching you need.


We are able to be our best selves in this world when we are equipped with confidence. Confidence rids us of the extra skin we hide behind and gives us courage to pursue that which has been laid upon our hearts, which I believe is our calling and our contribution to the world.

Everyone needs more confidence – the real kind of confidence, the kind of confidence that comes from being involved in a community like theThe College of Confidence, because the College of Confidenceis connecting space that is growth-oriented.  Someone with deep confidence knows that they are enough, they are beautiful, they are worthy, and yet because of those things they are even more inspired to learn more, grow more and love more.  That’s the thing – real confidence is contagious – it’s something you want to pass on and share with others.  It speaks truth, love, and hope and it builds up to create a lifestyle of massive action, intention and purpose, encouraging others and inviting them in to do the same.

If you have been looking for a way to love people more, you have found a good place to begin.  If you have been wanting to step out of your comfort zone and finally trust your gut to follow your dreams, but are looking for a safe place to jump into flight, you’ve found your home.  If you know that you have a story and a voice that matters and you yearn to share it with the world in a meaningful way, yet don’t know where to start, you have found your people who will cheer you on and hold your hand as you speak.

The College of Confidence is for anyone who is looking for…

  • The courage to be yourself and speak up in life
  • Resources on how to figure out who you really are and what you really want
  • Confidence to step out take action on a dream
  • The resilience to keep showing up when discouraged
  • Start seeing yourself as God sees you
  • Letting go of what is no longer serving you and living differently
  • Find a way to have a good relationship with food and with your body
  • The perseverance to press on through rejection and failures until you succeed
  • The ability to break the cycle of self-criticism and perfectionism
  • Freedom from feelings of inadequacy and overwhelm
  • Support and belief in the pursuit of your goals
  • Accountability to become someone who always follows through
  • The tools to learn how to become a massive action taker
  • Improved and deepened relationships

Let me be your confidence coach - I believe in you and will help you believe in yourself!


  • Pursue your dreams
  • Break toxic thought cycles
  • Live with more confidence
  • Speak confidently in front of others
  • Improve your self-awareness
  • Deepen your important relationships
  • Launch your happiness to a new height
  • Love others more selflessly
  • Contribute in a deep way to the world around you
  • Command more respect from others
  • Have more fun more often
  • Master the art of living beautifully
  • Lean into love, not into fear
  • Create more clarity for your vision of a life well-lived
  • Plant roots of meaning to water your legacy

A confidence coaching who understands you and supports you.

I know what it’s like to downplay yourself.  I know too well the compulsive cycle of perfectionism and the dark hole of disordered eating and body insecurity.  I know what it’s like to not feel comfortable in the skin I am in and I know what it feels like to feel scared all the time that you are really just an imposter and that you don’t have anything worthwhile to contribute to the world.  I spent fifteen years of my life trapped inside the walls of perfectionism, pretending to be happy and confident on the outside, but feeling desperately insecure and full of self-doubt on the inside.  Inadequacy and self-criticism lined the thoughts in my mind and it felt like I would never know how to live or think differently – it felt like I would never experience real joy or real freedom to feel alive and happy in my body.  The more I heavy-hearted I felt, the more guilty I felt about not appreciating all of the blessings in my life, making the self-bullying and my internal self-talk even more toxic and negative.

Then, one day, I turned my mindset, and my life around.

I stopped being my own worst bully, I stopped getting in the way of my dreams, I stopped wishing something good would happen with my life and instead started making something good happen with it.

One of the most empowering moments of my journey towards confidence was the realization that I am not alone. There are thousands, hundreds of thousands, of people out there walking a similar journey as you, searching to have freedom, to beli eve in themselves and to love life to the fullest so that they can stop self-sabotaging themselves with limited-habits and self-limiting thoughts. That’s why creating a community around The College of Confidence was absolutely essential for me.  I can help you get to the other side of your mind – the happy side – the side that is naturally confidence, so that you can activate your greatest level of happiness and joy in life.  It’s time that you stop playing small, not just for yourself, but for the world around you – the world you are meant to contribute to in a confident and courageous way.

you can turn your thoughts around - get the confidence coaching support you need to train your thoughts and change your life.

Take a look inside


  • 4 monthly themed coaching videos delivered to your email, the College Virtual Campus and the College Facebook Forum
  • 4 monthly LIVE group coaching video sessions (live and recorded)
    • Confidence Mastermind (any Q&A around general personal growth)
    • Business Mastermind (any Q&A around entrepreneurial or professional growth)
    • Open Q&A / Ask Anything
    • Virtual Bookclub
  • Monthly and Quarterly syllabi for continual themed progression
  • Full access to ask Trish any questions you have about personal development, business development, fitness, mindset, relationships, confidence, and success in the exclusive private College Facebook Forum.
  • Confidence challenges with actionable accountability to help you grow
  • Virtual book club with highlights and summary application points provided
  • Community connection and support – a community of positivity, celebration, encouragement and collaboration
  • Bonus live coaching sessions on requested topics (ie. body confidence, FB ads, time management, building an email list, etc)
  • Hours of “bonus” vault coaching sessions, topically organized to help you set goals and achieve them with confidence.
  • Hundreds of hours of archived College of Confidence coaching videos from previous months and years of teaching materials in the College


Enrolling in a membership can be exciting, but also overwhelming, and since statistically speaking, most people who enroll in online memberships don’t take full advantage of all of the resources provided, The College of Confidence is committed to doing everything we can to make sure you maximize every penny of investment you have entrusted to us. You matter. Your growth matters to us. We take your commitment to excellence very seriously and want to show up equally for you, so to help you maximize your enrollment as a student in The College of Confidence we have set up a special space in the membership section that’s we call our College of Confidence Orientation. The Orientation is your starting point and the first place to get acquainted with everything you need to know about being a student inThe College of Confidence .

The Orientation includes:

  • Welcome Videos
  • Orientation to Maximizing your The College of Confidence
  • Goal Setting Session
  • Self-Assessment for course assignments
  • Challenge Items
  • Personal commitment statement


I’ve synthesized years of knowledge, how-to’s, experience and insight and poured them into The College of Confidence to be a concise, simple, one-stop shop for personal development with confidence at your foundation. The College of Confidence will help you cut your confidence curve in half. You can expect The College of Confidence to be a place where CONFIDENCE, COMMUNITY, CONNECTION and CONTRIBUTION are celebrated and curated and where we build one another up and invest in ourselves with honesty as we collaboratively commit to being the best versions of ourselves so that we can best contribute to this world in a way that matters and leaves a legacy of love.

Self Study Pace


With The College of Confidence, you’ll get the 3 core things everyone needs for their confidence …


The College of Confidence is a close-knit community of likeminded individuals who are committed to building others up as they grow in their own personal development. We are encouragers, dreamers, celebrators of life.


You’ll get real and personal advice and coaching from your lead Confidence Coach, Trish Blackwell throughout the week so that you are saturating your mind with truth and support to really transform your life. With our community forums, monthly Q&A and Mastermind calls, plus everything we share from behind-the-scenes in our own business, you’ll have tons of up-to-date guidance, personalized feedback, and inspiration for what to do next with your business.

confidence, community, connections and contribution - get all of the coaching services you need all in one spot

A monthly live group video coaching opportunity where we dive in together to tackle any of your professional needs. This mastermind is ideal for entrepreneurs, writers, network marketers or anyone looking to improve their results professionally. As with all live group calls, if someone is not able to attend “live,” they are able to pre-submit a question and will receive the replay to hear their full coaching strategy.

confidence, community, connections and contribution - get all of the coaching services you need all in one spot

A monthly live group video coaching opportunity where we dive in together to tackle any of questions around personal growth or personal development. Topics include, but are not limited to: fitness, accountability, anxiety management, self-belief, time management, happiness habits, weight loss, goal setting, relationships, mindset, etc. As with all live group calls, if someone is not able to attend “live,” they are able to pre-submit a question and will receive the replay to hear their full coaching strategy.

confidence, community, connections and contribution - get all of the coaching services you need all in one spot

A monthly live group video coaching meeting where we gather to discuss the book of the month. It is not required to have read the book of the month in order to attend, as attendees are provided with summaries and guided through practical application on the principle concepts highlighted in each book.

confidence, community, connections and contribution - get all of the coaching services you need all in one spot

A monthly live group coaching meeting where you can literally get coaching on anything you want. This is a fun gathering where members get to share what’s been on their heart and where they can get coaching on whatever it is that would be most helpful for them at that time.


Your experience in The College of Confidence includes customized training with our progressive course models, meaning that every month’s focus theme will be applicable to individuals at every level and with every goal. By staying active and engaged in the college, you’ll experience a major shift in your natural state of self-confidence, you’ll cultivate the courage to open up your natural gifts and talents and pursue the life you’ve dreamed, and you’ll learn to love the skin you’re in and speak kind words to yourself. Most importantly, you’ll start living with an abundance, can-do mindset and find freedom some self-limited thinking and self-doubt.

The College of Confidence, your full confidence coaching community to serve all your needs.


(Here’s a small taste of what you’ll get and learn – but keep in mind, there’s more than this, we always believe in over delivering, but we don’t want to overwhelm you!)


The essence of The College of Confidence is grounded in a community – because together we can move the world. We were created for community and in spite of the million ways through social media we can stay connected, being connected with people in a real way and in a positive, uplifting way can be challenging to find. That’s why The College of Confidence will give you the connection you are craving – because it is a gathering place of likeminded people like you and me who want to connect in a positive way so that they can make a positive impact in the world around. This community is a place of encouragement, accountability, celebration, positivity, and contribution – it is a virtual way to surround yourself with people committed to being more in life.


The College of Confidence is guaranteed to be a does of daily inspiration in your social media newsfeed. As you continually hone your confidence skills and the training of your thoughts, you will receive daily updates and inspiration from me that will be exclusive to The College of Confidence and in alignment with our syllabus and current focus spot of growth. The reality is that we are drowning in information and ideas – so much so that it can become overwhelming to know where to turn and how to be inspired – that’s why you can count on the private stream of posts from The College of Confidence to be your foundational starting point of the day to set your mind right. You can also expect periodical “Confidence Cheers” that highlight the courage, the commitment and the contribution of a fellow student – we are truly committed to celebrating your growth and success as a community so that confidence become contagious.


There is power in words and success leaves clues, which is why I am an advocate for voracious reading. I’m also a nerd who loves book clubs, and since no college experience is complete without books, you can count on The College of Confidence to include books. Don’t worry, you aren’t required to read the recommended book of the month – you are simply invited to read alongside the others and me if you want. If you’re busy or not a big reader, part of what you will garnish from being in College with me is that I will concisely summarize highlights of each book and you will get the benefit of The College of Confidence cliff notes so you can put the truth and lessons of the book into application for your life, your happiness and your growth.


As in any higher learning setting, The College of Confidence is themed off a syllabus that will be released monthly. Each month will have a theme and focus in relation to confidence and personal growth application and to match the syllabus you can expect weekly themed videos from me delivered to your membership site, your email and onto our private social media feeds for you specifically.


The College of Confidence’s motto is to “cultivate confidence to courageously show up in the world,” which means that the essence of what we do together as a community is to create goals and to share them with one another. Goals are a roadmap to help us define what high-level habits matter most to us and to guide us towards personal development that is measurable and tangible. I’ve learned from my years as a personal trainer and confidence coach that without a goal it is too easy to be lost and distracted, so, during your period of enrollment in The College of Confidence you are expected to have three goals at any given time – the goals may all be personal, or they may be professional, or they may be a mixture of both, but three clearly stated goals will help you get the most out of in your investment in your education. In the membership section of The College of Confidence you will find a journaling space to track and take notes on the progress of your goals, as well as some coaching guidance from me on how to set, evaluate and reevaluate goals.


After having studied the skill of confidence for over a decade I have learned that no matter how deep and well-trained your confidence and thought-life is, you always need accountability. Everyone needs accountability and a coach, which is why The College of Confidence includes this as a base element of its enrollment and membership. Your expectation as a student and member in The College of Confidence is to announce your monthly intention and goal at the beginning of the month of The College of Confidence’s Accountability Page and to update your progress to your commitment weekly. Like a group project, one of your assignments as a student in the community is to like, comment on and support the posts of fellow students as they share with you and you share with them.  


Like being in a classroom, The College of Confidence wouldn’t be what it is without a classroom-like setting, which happens through our Group Coaching Sessions. Think of it like a fireside group chat where you will feel safe, inspired and heard. The coaching sessions will be led by me and will be recorded and posted in a secure area if you are unable to attend live. The Group Coaching Session will occur monthly and will include open coaching time any individuals who want to participate with questions or who have pre-submitted questions.


The reality is that you’re busy – you have the best intentions and a real desire to spend time researching personal development, doing one-on-one work with a coach and finding new resources of inspiration to challenge you and motivate you – but let’s be honest: you don’t have time to sit at your computer all day listening to podcasts, reading books or watching empowering video content. That’s why you have me! I will do all that for you and will be continually compiling resources to send your way so that you don’t have to waste time doing the work of research and instead can use your precious time in a way that is productive and that matters. I’ll be your personal confidence resource guide and you can count on me compiling only the best information for you.


As the lead point in your experience of The College of Confidence I will challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and to put what we talk about into action – and since this is a community-based experience, putting anything into action means sharing with others in the community that you have done that and are doing it. As a College member you will receive periodic challenges throughout your enrollment and are encouraged to take on the challenges as if they were evaluations and growth opportunities for your personal commitment to confidence.


As your coach in The College of Confidence you can count on me being committed to personally answering any question you post publically on our college social media channel within 48-hours. Your willingness to post in the group will allow others who have the same questions, struggles or goals to receive coaching on the questions they might not have thought of to ask, and in turn, you will find new connections with like minded students who connect with you on the same goals and dreams.

Take a look inside


I believe in affordable education and I believe that education is life-changing and game-changing and I believe that The College of Confidence is something everyone should be able to afford.

The College of Confidence is a place for everyone.

I realize that not everyone can afford my 1:1 coaching or consulting (and honestly, I don’t have any current open coaching spots or space to work one on one with everyone) but I don’t want money to hold you back from being able to get the confidence coaching support you deserve and need in your life.The College of Confidence will be the next best thing to working consistently with me – in fact, it’s what many of my 1:1 clients will be enrolled in as well to support their personal development and growth in between our sessions.

You’ll receive an incredible amount of teaching and support from me, in short, you’ll receive all that you need to leverage your confidence each week, all for a fraction of the cost of actually working with me individually. Seriously, The College of Confidence gives you access to me at 13% of the cost.

I want this to be a matter of choice, not a matter of money.
I want to make investing in yourself easy, a no-brainer.
I want you to be able to say YES to your emotional education.
I want to award you your Confidence Continuing Education Units.

Coaching with me in a one-on-one capacity to this extend would cost well over $750/month and I simply don’t have the time and availability to offer this much support to as many people as I want in that capacity, which is why, by making this a group membership and coaching experience, you can receive the coaching support and investment you need at less than 5% of the actual cost and value.

Think about it, for just over a $1 dollar a day, you can change your life and finally get support and accountability you crave to create the life of your dreams.

Get Instant Access to The College!

If you’re ready to take your business, your personal life, your confidence and your happiness to the next level by enrolling in The College of Confidence, simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us.

Monthly Membership

Only $47 per month
Recurring payment – cancel anytime
plus one-time $17 enrollment fee
Payment Types

Annual Membership

Only $457 per year
Best deal – averages to just $38 per month
plus one-time $17 enrollment fee
Payment Types


confidence coaching online campus vaults


  • 5 Ways to Stay Inspired towards a Fitness Goal – Video Coaching ($30 Value)
  • Free Copy of The Skinny, Sexy Mind eBook – ($15 Value)
  • Recovering Perfectionists’ Tool Kit – 15 Life Strategies to Real Living ($30 Value)
  • Mindset Mantras -PDF + IMAGES ($15 Value)
  • Journaling Exercises for Body Confidence, Healthy Living, Self-Perception – PDF ($15 Value)


  • 15 Questions to Assess and Plan Your Dreams – PDF ($15 Value)
  • Mind Map Your Dream Life – PDF ($30 Value)
  • Bonus Coaching Session – How to Know What You Really Want & What Makes Your Heart Sing – VIDEO ($15 Value)
  • Mega Motivational Quote Archive ($15 Value)


  • Circle of Balance – from Insecurity Detox – PDF ($15 Value)
  • How to Take Ownership of Your Strengths to Maximize Them – VIDEO ($15 Value)
  • Decade Planner Goal Setting Journal – PDF ($15 Value)


  • 4 CD Set – Thought Camp Coaching Series ($197 Value)
  • 7-Habits of Very Confident People Coaching CD ($47 Value)
  • 4 CD Set – Get More Coaching Series ($197 Value)
  • 21-Day Cardio Challenge ($47 Value)
  • 4 CD Set – UNSTUCK: 4 Strategies for Immediate Change ($197 Value)
  • 4 CD Set – YOUR BEST YOU: Taking Your Potential to its Full Capacity ($197 Value)

Get Instant Access to The College!

If you’re ready to take your business, your personal life, your confidence and your happiness to the next level by enrolling in The College of Confidence, simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us.

Monthly Membership

Only $47 per month
Recurring payment – cancel anytime
plus one-time $17 enrollment fee
Payment Types

Annual Membership

Only $457 per year
Best deal – averages to just $38 per month
plus one-time $17 enrollment fee
Payment Types


I highly recommend The College of Confidence to anyone, male or female! Trish keeps the content relevant whether you are a business employee, an entrepreneur, or simply a stay-at-home parent looking to add meaning to your life. And with the addition of a private Facebook group, it opens the door to create not only a synergistic relationship with Trish, but with any member of The College! The price is a steal and Trish delivers full, meaningful content each and every week. The best part, is that Trish herself engages live with the group on a regular basis and is available to answer our unique questions. This live connection adds an intimacy to the coaching experience and keeps it relevant to my personal experiences. As a fellow entrepreneur and coach, I feel fortunate that I have connected with Trish and I give my sincere endorsement for The College of Confidence — at a very affordable price point, it will not disappoint!

-Sarah McKeon (


The thing I love most about The College of Confidence is the flexibility. Each of Trish’s amazing videos are available to you whenever you have the time to devote to them. You never have to worry that you have to keep pace with the program or you’ll miss out. Sometimes I’ll sit with a cup of tea and watch three videos back to back and sometimes I’ll listen to a video in my car on my way to work. Or I’ll watch on my iPad while working out on the elliptical or listen outside while taking a walk. Every video offers great coaching with ideas you can take action on right away to help you build your confidence so you can be the person you are truly meant to be.

-Susan Boyle


The College of Confidence is an amazing place where you will find love, support, and connection. No man is an island. We need people in our corner who believe in us and are cheering us on to achieve our goals. Trish Blackwell and those in the College of Confidence are transparent, inspiring and full of life. They have helped me to go further with my dreams and goals. If you are tired of being stuck in the pit of the mundane then the College of Confidence is the perfect fit for you!!! You have nothing to lose but insecurity and lack of motivation. Be determined to do what it takes to live your dreams and make your life count!!!

-Tara Taylor, MA,
LPC Licensed Professional Counselor


I’ve been in The College of Confidence from the beginning and I can’t express to you how fabulous the community is, the content, and how what Trish posts each week challenges me in a way that I didn’t even know that I needed to be challenged – it’s amazing. The support from other members of The College is fantastic; it really is a great place to share ideas, dreams and fears, and it’s a place where people are going to rally around you and give suggestions and help and I just have to recommend The College of Confidence to anyone who wants to take their life to the next level.

-Katherine McLaughlan


The College of Confidence is truly life changing! Trish motivates me to take the daily small steps towards accomplishing big goals. The curriculum is challenging, engaging, and thought provoking. Within The College of Confidence community, I find the support and encouragement I need to step forward with confidence to pursue my dreams! The value of this program is immeasurable -a worthwhile investment that will reap benefits for years to come.

-Malinda Moseley


If anyone told me six months ago that soon I would be starting my business, I wouldn’t believe it. I came to the US as a grad student in 2013 with no idea how long I would stay or what the future would hold. What I knew was that I had a lifetime opportunity to make something of myself. I joined The College of Confidence community to work on my self-relationship and confidence. The College of Confidence, paired with some additional coaching work I was doing, would turn out to be absolutely essential in my personal transition. While I have worked on establishing new routines since February, I was still battled and tempted by my bad habits, as if my own mind was my enemy. It took until the end of March when I finally cleared my head from all the clutter while taking a quick trip to Lake Tahoe. This three-day getaway has done more for me than anything else I’ve done in the past two months. Sometimes you do need to change your environment to shift your perception. My mission is to empower others to unlock their true potential and elevate their quality of life through healthy living and thanks to the support I receive in The College of Confidence I know I will make that impact in a profound way.



Because of Trish’s story, my experience in The College of Confidence and because of Confidence on the Go, my life overall has been enhanced. From my fitness, to holding myself accountable to do hard things, to looking at the positives of my life today,to understanding and accepting that my happiness is my responsibility.

-Kerri Smith


Trish, When I began to realize anxiety and depression creep back into my life, I ran across Trish’s podcast. I eagerly started listening and looked forward to devouring at least one episode each morning. I heard about The College of Confidence and could not stop thinking about it! After a family crisis, I knew there was no other option but to sign up. Little did I know what a shift was occurring. I’ve been in an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship for 8 years now that has completely changed my personality. Somehow despite that, the Lord used me to grow a successful business from home. Sadly, my personal business successes seemed to ebb and flow with the dynamics of my relationship. Trish’s podcast has truly helped me to begin addressing the instability that has plagued me for so much of my life now. Trish is helping me discover and do all the things that truly bring me joy in my life. I feel as if I’m changing generational patterns for my own children as I commit to change and walk with my fellow COC members. I am feeling more sure of myself in every way as I engage in the abundant resources and engagement offered in The College of Confidence. I’ve NEVER come across a resource the has helped me as much as The College of Confidence has. I’m beginning to lift my head and you know what? I like my new view.

-Angela Cook


I have been a member of College of Confidence since March and it has truly been my saving grace. I have had a very low self-esteem most of my life and the years and years of abusive and broken relationships during my adult years seemed to scar me even more. I found that I was so good at helping others but I was completely broken inside. I was a single mom of two boys for as long as I can remember and the thing I craved most was having a “real” family life. I never could find it and had years and years of set backs and pain and it hurts me to see how this impacted my boys. I have always worked very hard to provide them the best life possible but what was missing was our time to bond because I was always too busy working to make ends meet to have quality time with them. They are now 16 and 22 and are wonderful boys but I have a lot of guilt just wishing I could have given them the true security of a real family.

I listen to ​Trish’s coaching videos and podcasts daily and often read “Insecurity Detox” in the evening and it is truly beginning to change the way I think. I know now that I cannot be good to anyone until I first learn to love and take care of myself. I truly believe ​Trish ​w​as​ one of my gifts sent from God just at the right moment in my life….I believe ​H​e wants to see the beautiful and unique individual that I am and I could not have started that journey without you Trish!!

Thank you for saving my life….I am 44 years old and have a lot of life to live. I now know as long as I remain with The College of Confidence and keep working on myself, anything is possible!

-Jennifer Kerfoot


Thanks to Trish’s coaching and to The College of Confidence, I no longer need “proof” for my self worth. When I learned to open my mind up to abundant thinking and started to be grateful for the little things, big things started to happen. My marriage became stronger, relationships with friends became more authentic and I’ve been able to influence my mom and sister to open up to an abundant mindset. It’s taken a lot of work, but I finally feel like a recovering perfectionist thanks to all of Trish’s content! On top of that, what is super exciting is that I’ve just been promoted to Fitness Director at my work. This is something I don’t think I would have been able to achieve with the amount of self doubt and confidence issues I was carrying around. I know that anything I put my mind to I can achieve, it’s all about how I view the challenge! Thank you Trish for creating The College of Confidence!”

-Katie Nickel


The first time I heard about The College of Confidence, I thought to myself, “Hmm, sounds nice, but maybe it’s not for me. I don’t know if it is something I can commit to right now, and I don’t know what to expect.” But something in me was pushing me to try. Maybe it was ​Trish’s​ mention of ‘you can cancel at anytime’ that made me actually sign up. Or maybe it was just a gut feeling of “I don’t know what this will be like…but I know I need something like this in my life right now.”

And let me just tell you… It only took a few days for me to realize how special and powerful this community is. It’s because of the college, and all it’s support that I was able to push past my fears and insecurities, and start actively working on my personal goals, to start my blog. The love and positivity that overflows from this community every week is something so amazing, and it’s doing great things in not only myself, but in others in the college as well. I’m so grateful I listened to that gut feeling, and made that one small choice of bravery in signing up. Because of that small choice,I was able to achieve things so much bigger, and better than I had hoped.

Thank you so much Trish, for all your hard work you put into us, and all those in The College of Confidence.



I recently joined The College of Confidence; I was a little doubtful about sharing my true emotions and personal situations with others – I hate feeling vulnerable, but I know that vulnerability is where breakthroughs come from, so I joined The College and am glad I did. Good things are happening in my life right now and I know that even though it is hard for me to see it some times, I am making progress. I really appreciate what Trish does and am so thankful for The College. I’m thankful that I’m done “surviving” and am now ready to “thrive” in life. Thank you Trish for taking the time every day to help build stronger, healthier, and happier people.

–Vilmarys Rodriguez


“Thanks for welcoming me into The College of Confidence! The group is great! I knew I was searching for something when I joined, and I learned that I need to put myself first – and that is exactly what I am doing now! It feels great. Thank you for everything and for The College of Confidence!”

-Caitlin Tinny


How long do I have to do The College of Confidence ?

It’s your choice! Do it for a week, for a month, for a year, whatever you want. To cancel just notify us directly five days before your next billing cycle.  

Is there a contract?


Can I give it a try for free?

Yes, well, practically! I offer a one-week trial enrollment in which you get access to all of the membership content in the curriculum vault for just $1.  

How is the content delivered?

You’ll get your The College of Confidence syllabus and teachings through email and through my membership portal. I want to make accessing your college materials in a way that is most easily accessible for you. Additionally, the live content will be continually updated on a daily basis on our private Facebook community page where we all love to connect.  

How do the group coaching calls work?

On a monthly basis you’ll get a mix of live coaching opportunities through Facebook Live Video feed in a private FB group (don’t worry if you don’t have or don’t like Facebook, all videos will be converted into a downloadable MP4 format that will be sent to you via email) as well as call-in conference call format.  

Do I have to buy / read the book you recommend for the month?

Absolutely not. Though I recommend reading along with me, it’s my job as your The College of Confidence professor to pull the best take-aways and life-application strategy from the book of the month for you to put into action for yourself.  

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