Bonus Episode: Stress, Overthinking, and Anxiety Reduction

Stress, overthinking and anxiety can weigh you down. There’s a simple 5-step proven process that I want to share with you that will alleviate and reduce these heavy emotions in your life, no matter how chaotic your schedule feels right now. Sign up for the Stress Less Challenge Week, starting Monday, August 15th through Friday, August 19th now at

Stress blocks happiness. 

It limits belief. 

It creates fertile soil for fear.

And that’s why I’m inviting you to learn how to radically reduce the stress you feel – even if your circumstances in life right now don’t immediately change.

The stress you feel is directly related to the thoughts you think, which means that we have more control over our stress levels than we think we do.

If you want to decrease your stress as we get ready for a new season of the year, you’ve got to take part in the STRESS LESS CHALLENGE, happening August 15th – August 19th.

Sign up today at or hit the link in my bio.

Got questions about the challenge? Comment below or DM me and I’d be happy to reply! Already a member of the College of Confidence? You’re already registered for the challenge as it’s included in your COC membership. 

Reduce your stress reactions, and increase your power to achieve and create in your life.

Day 1: Understanding the Thoughts Behind Your Stress

Day 2: Talking Back to Your Stress Effectively

Day 3: Reducing Your Stress Load with Strategic Habits

Day 4:Increasing Your Self-Concept to Decrease Stress | Becoming Someone Who Doesn’t Stress

Day 5: Replacing Stress with Happiness and Flow (and therefore more success)

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