Challenge Invite: Miracle Night Routine Challenge


Bonus episode brought to you by the College of Confidence.


We are the most encouraging place on the internet – and the joy and support just overflows. I couldn’t help but give you a good Word to fill you this March.


Today is a day of possibilities.

Today is a day to reconsider your self-concept.

Today is a day to step into who you are becoming.


It is my passion to help set people free from self-doubt, small-thinking and self-sabotage – press in this year and possess this promised land of confidence and joy, peace and goodness for yourself.




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Miracle Nighttime Routine Challenge


This 5-day experience will help you

-increase your sleep

-reduce your stress

-minimize unnecessary nighttime eating or drinking

-create more time in your day

-connect more intimately with people you love 

5 Step-Process

Step 1: Mindset Mastery (Ownership + Gratitude)

Step 2: The #Last90Minutes

Step 3: Quality Time with People

Step 4: Quality Time with Yourself

Step 5: Quality Time for your Tomorrow 


People need people, and so do you – make a point to connect with the people you care about.

Engage in various ways and find a way to laugh, be vulnerable or build someone else up

Slow down and put boundaries on this time by protecting yourself from the pressures of the world


Do things that relax you and rejuvenate you. 

Know how to unwind, how to honor the day, understand your wins, be kind to yourself.

Only allow things that make your feel better long-term, not short-term. 

Your Tomorrow: 

Set yourself up for a winning streak tomorrow by being prepared.

Create a nurtured soul for the next day by spending time reflecting and connecting (with God)

Finalize your sleep hygiene and mental rest – do whatever needed to reduce sleep anxiety


3 Most Common Mistakes People with Nighttime Routines



-Weak urges

-Lack of focus on true desires


-Absence of structure

-Random approach


-Too tired, over-extenuated – miscalculation throughout the day

-Poorly structured tasks, that are just too hard for fatigue

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