Mindset Coaching to Maximize Athletic Confidence & Potential

Coaching to teach athletes and coaches how to use the power of words to their advantage to become better athletes, better teams and better individuals. This unique coaching approach unifies the mind and body to work in perfect symmetry, ensuring that physical talent and training is also matched by mental resilience and a desire for mental excellence. 

The reward of the pursuit of the goal is not the goal itself but the type of person you have to become along the way to accomplish the goal and become the goal.

Trish Blackwell

Confidence and Mindset Coach

The Athlete Mindset Reset Month

The Athlete Mindset Reset Month—a personalized coaching program designed to elevate your athletic performance from within. Trish's comprehensive approach encompasses vital aspects including goal refinement, tackling existing challenges, cultivating thought awareness, and honing thought training techniques. Embracing elite athlete mindset habits, you will delve into dismantling mental blocks and refining your athletic self-concept. As pressure looms large in the realm of performance, you will be empowered you to conquer it through fostering self-trust. This coaching program will help you unlock your fullest potential and conquer the path ahead with a resilient and focused mindset so you can maximize your athletic performance.

Cost: $1297

Note: This program is for any athlete, of any age and participating in any sport. Athlete must desire an improved mindset.

*The Athlete Mindset Reset Month is a 4-week long program, done virtually on Zoom. You will meet with Trish 1:1 for 30-minutes and receive the recording of the call so you can review anytime you need. The athlete will receive actionable steps to implement and practice to strengthen their mindset in between coaching sessions of the Reset Month. If the athlete would like continued support post the program, a monthly accountability check-in session is available for continued elite mindset maintenance for the cost of $297/month.


  1. 1
    Session 1: Goals, Current Challenges, Thought Awareness and Thought Training

    Share your largest athletic goals, understand your current mental challenges, and learn how to start changing your mindset's natural set point so you perform with ease and confidence.
  2. 2
    Session 2: Elite Athlete Mindset Habits

    Learn the intricacies of the high-performing habits that elite athletes maximize. The athlete will understand the importance of the habits, and be challenged to implement next level habit formation for themselves.
  3. 3
    Session 3: Mental Blocks, Athletic Self-Concept

    Dig deep into your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk and learn how to rewire your natural thought patterns, and to eliminate self-doubting thoughts. Learn to see yourself as the athlete you have the capacity to be.
  4. 4
    Session 4: Performance Pressure and Self-Trust

    Athletes will learn how to create their own effective patterns for peak performance, how to trust their body and their training, and how to calm their mind when it races or self-criticizes when the pressure is on. 
  5. 5
    Optional Continuation for Mindset Maintenance, 1x/monthly Accountability Check-In

    Participants can continue with the program after their reset month and receive continued support and accountability with Trish via this optional continuation program, billed at $297/month, cancel at anytime. 

Note: Upon purchase, Trish will contact you within 24-hours to discusses scheduling and the needs and goals of the athlete before beginning the Mindset Reset Month.

Explore How This Would Work for Your Team

Click below to schedule a time to chat with Trish about how a workshop or coaching protocol could benefit your athlete or team of athletes. Trish works with male and female athletes, of all ages, and at all levels of experience as long as the athletes have a hunger for excellence.

Mindset Management

Most athletes know they want a good mindset, but very few know how to create one, maintain one and manage one. In her work with athletes and teams, Trish Blackwell empowers athletes how to create and maintain champion mindsets for life. 

Belief Training 

Everyone know to believe in themselves, but few teach the process of belief itself. Trish Blackwell teaches athletes how to decide what to believe, how to unlearn limiting beliefs, and how to believe in themselves with unstoppable confidence.

Peak Performance Mindset

The mind is the gateway key that opens access to an athlete's high-test potential. Blackwell coaches athletes to experience this state of peak potential by helping them create and step into their ideal future self-concept. 


Individual Performance Optimization through Mindset Training

Teaching athletes how to train their thoughts, manage their mindset, and ensure that their physical talent and training is also matched by mental resilience and mental excellence for optimized performance.


Cultivating Team Culture and Legacy Creation

Establishing core team values, 360-degree leadership, open communication skills and elite standards of excellence for teams to unify, work together better and maximize synergetic results as a team to be remembered. 


Unlocking an Athlete's Highest Potential

Expanding athletes' belief capacity with practical confidence skills to unify the mind and body to work in perfect symmetry, deepen personal resilience, and dare to chase after their boldest and wildest dreams. 

Extraordinary results come from doing the ordinary things with extraordinary consistency.

Trish Blackwell

Confidence and Mindset Coach

What Coaches Say About Trish's Work:

Braden Halloway -

Head Coaching, NC State University Swimming and Diving 

USA National Team Coach 

Thanks Trish!! I have gotten alot of feedback from the women and they are all raving about the weekend and how it echoed deep with them!

Kim Landrus - Head Coach, NCSU Women's Gymnastics

So many topics that were brought up in Trish's workshop with my team were EXTREMELY applicable to both everyday practices and our season. Discussing such important topics such as being a good teammate, values, etc. was a great kick off to the year and definitely brought us all closer. I think that we will be able to reference the workbook, bring it back for discussion, and allow various topics and key points that were part of the weekend be part of "who we are". 

Mark Berndadino - 31-time ACC Swimming Coach of the Year, International Swim Coaches Association (ISCA) Hall of Fame Coach

We absolutely thrive on your energy and enthusiasm and words of wisdom Trish delivers. Trish gives our women strength and confidence and courage. She teaches values and instill characteristics that are the foundation for long term success. She is the best in the business and I am honored that she chooses to work with our Wolfpack Women.


Trish Blackwell

Confidence and Mindset Coach, Author, Podcaster, Founder, The College of Confidence, CEO of Uncaged Confidence LLC

Confidence Coaching infuses athletes with the courage to believe in the fullest possibility of their potential, and the mental fortitude to take action to see believe in their performance before it happens. 

Blackwell’s expertise provides a combination of personal and professional training and experience. A Division 1, 4x NCAA All-Academic All-American in swimming, she held a National Age Group record, was a full-scholarship athlete and understands the pressures of placed on high-performing student-athletes. Additionally, she has competition experience at the elite level in many other sports. A member of the World Championship teams for Team USA for the sports of triathlon and duathlon, she is also the 2015 North Face Trail Marathon Women’s Champion in Washington DC.  She understands first-hand the complicated psychological and performance pressures that can challenge an athlete’s confidence and brings a unique experiential coaching methodology to launch elite athletes into their optimal competition head space.

Uncaged Confidence LLC, the umbrella of her coaching business, has impacted and reached an audience of over 3.5 million people worldwide through her top-ranked podcast, The Confidence Podcast, her online program The College of Confidence and news outlets such as Entrepreneur, Elite Daily, TLC and Fox Sports. She works with a clientele of high achievers, CEOs, elite and professional athletes, and high-profile personalities who want to maximize their performance with poised and powerful confidence. 

Here's What Athletes Say After Working with Trish:

Trish's workshop was one of the best workshops I have a part of in my five years of collegiate athletics. I told my coach that it was game-changing for me. I can't wait to keep working with you. -Nicole Webb, NCSU Gymnastics 

I absolutely LOVED Trish's workshop. Everything she said encompases all the things I do to get in my head and how negatively I talk to myself. I was able to learn even more and I can't wait to figure out which techniques she taught I can practice and believe in. I wish we had this last year because I believe it would have helped me a lot. -Abby Pilkenton, NCSU Swim & Dive

 Trish's retreat coaching was sooooo informative and helpful! I find myself using one of the techniques she taught us at least twice a day. I can already see my mindset and negativity switching, it's awesome! And my mood is also SOOOO much better! I can't wait to listen to your confidence podcast, I think it's really going to help me! And I also wanted to say I think the retreat really helped bring out team even closer, so that was an amazing thing to see! All in all, I just wanted to say thank you so much, Trish! 

-Gabrielle Diaz, NCSU Gymnastics 

Your thoughts create your results; make sure to train your thoughts with the same discipline you train your body.

Trish Blackwell

Confidence and Mindset Coach


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The Champion Mindset: A Lifelong Pursuit

I teach athletes how to take the concepts about "a champion mindset" they have heard over their training career and make the knowledge come alive. My coaching methodology takes what they know in their head, bridges the gap between their head and their hearts, so they can activate the concept in actuality as they train and compete.

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