About 1:1 Coaching With Trish

Your coaching experience is unlike any other. On a monthly basis you will meet virtually with Trish for deep, strategic and action-focused coaching. Depending upon your schedule and your goals, you can either meet weekly for 30-minutes each time (that is, 4x/month) or bi-weekly for 60-minutes (that is, 2x/month). The sessions are recorded so you can deepen the lessons through repetition of the coaching session at your convenience. Clients receive strategic action items to help streamline your focus, hold you accountable and your progress towards your goals. You'll also have bi-weekly accountability and progress check-ins with Trish via text / email and unlimited email support is also included as needed. This is an investment where you will feel more seen, heard, understood and encouraged than anywhere else in your life, and were change happens. The cost of coaching is $1,200/month for a commitment period of 6-months. If paid in full, the cost is $6,500 total ($700 savings).

1:1 Coaching Application Questions

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    I understand the investment for 1:1 coaching starts at $1,000/month with a 6-month commitment. I am ready to go all in on my future and to create massive change.*