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Application for the Increase Mastermind

Your coaching experience is unlike any other. Join Trish Blackwell and other Christian female entrepreneurs for a focused 4 months of strategic business growth. This faith-based approach to business is like nowhere else, and the coaching will include Biblical principles, prayer, and reliance on guidance from the Holy Spirit. 

It is for Christian women who want to increase their business, their reach, their profit and their time freedom

The Increase Mastermind will meet Tuesdays at 12PM EST. All calls will be recorded so that you can re-watch the coaching whenever you want, or if you ever have a conflict, you won't miss out on any coaching. You'll have weekly homework to apply to your business and a forum in which to connect with other Increase participants so that you can share ideas and stretch into increase together.

The cost of coaching is $597/month for a commitment period of 4-months.  The normal cost of working with Trish in this capacity is $2,200/month; being part of the Increase Mastermind is an opportunity to work with Trish at 73% of the normal cost.

Mastermind Application Questions

    Name *

    Email *

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    Address *

    Tell me about your business. What is it, when did you start it, and why are you passionate about it? Please include any information like websites and social media handles so I can see what you have created. *

    How much money do you make in your business per month on average? What do you know you are doing well in your business and what do you know that you can improve on? *

    What is your business BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal)? Ten years from now, what would you love to be doing, achieving or creating in your business? *

    Please tell me why you believe you are a good fit for the Increase Mastermind. Why are you really ready to prioritize the profit increase in your business? What is your goal income you would love to make in the month of January 2023? *

    How is your faith important to you in relation to your business goals and your life? Please share whatever you are comfortable with that will help me understand the role that faith plays in your life as a leader and business owner. *

    What has been holding you back the most from growing your business the way you really want it to grow? *

    On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most committed, how committed are you to making your business a 6-figure business and beyond? *

    I understand the investment for the Increase Mastermind is $597/month with a 4-month commitment. I am ready to go all in on my future and to create massive change.*