Always be a first-rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else. –Judy Garland


What I want you to take away from today’s show:

  1. There is only one you.
  2. You are unique, and there is a great purpose to that uniqueness.
  3. How to celebrate your individuality for the greater good.

What I want you to take away from today’s show:

  1. There is only one you.
  2. You are unique, and there is a great purpose to that uniqueness.
  3. How to celebrate your individuality for the greater good.

While we have the gift of life, it seems to me the only tragedy is to allow part of us to die – whether it is our spirit, our creativity or our glorious uniqueness.

–Gilda Radner

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

–Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

–Dr. Seuss


Handwriting is personal. I love handwriting because I love words, I love type font and well, I love the way words can transform how the paper looks. I also love written words, and in particular, handwriting, because it reveals to me something about that person that I could not have otherwise known. Handwriting is intimate. Seeing the handwriting of someone you know and love after a long time of not having seen it makes you smile on the inside a little bit. I have been known to save letters, simply to save someone’s handwriting.

The science of graphology indicates that how you write can reflect up to 5,000 distinct personality and character traits about you. Cursive is even more conclusive to your style. Handwriting experts claim that all handwriting is unique to the individual. It reminds me of how incredibly unique we each are. We are all taught how to write in the same way, yet we all write differently.

I want you to embrace your own uniqueness.

A rose is beautiful.

A sunflower is beautiful.

A daisy is beautiful.

All are beautiful and similar, yet different and unique.


Trusting your individual uniqueness challenges you to lay yourself open. –James Broughton

What a privilege to be here on the planet to contribute your unique donation to humankind. Each face in the rainbow of colors that populate our world is precious and special. –Morris Dees

(1). You are one of a kind and unique.

My mentor Kim tells me all the time that “There’s only one Trish Blackwell.”   Likewise, “there’s only one you!”

Oh, my gosh did I spend years of my life wanting to be someone other than myself.

  • I wanted my name to be Kelly, like my best friend when I was six.
  • I wanted to be more naturally skinny, like my high school friend Hunter.
  • I wanted to be from a wealthier family, like the girls in my boarding school.
  • I wanted to be taller like my college friend Melissa.
  • I wanted to be cooler, like some of my college sorority (ok, “eating house”) sisters
  • I wanted to be smarter in science, math, and history, like my brother (memory retention!)
  • I wanted to be funnier, like my friend Angi
  • I wanted to be more naturally stylish, like my friend Caroline

The problem is that when we focus away from our strengths, we lose ourselves for the strength that we really have.   When we waste emotional energy wishing we were more like someone else, we become blind to see ourselves for the person that we are.

(2). You are unique. And that is beautiful.

List out what is unique about you. This may seem like a trite exercise, but it is life-changing. It is an exercise I did during my sideways years….I came up with 365 things about myself that were unique to me or beautiful about my personality to help me get out of the funk.

You must let go of the pretense of false humility. It is fake and it is self-serving. Stop playing small in yourself when the world NEEDS you to rise up and stand tall. The world needs you to do big things in it.

(3). Celebrate your uniqueness for the greater good.

  • The world doesn’t need another imitation of someone else. The world needs you.
  • You have a story to tell – share it.
  • Believe in the power of small. … Your compound impact on the world can make a difference; just think about the people who have made a positive difference in your life.
  • The more alive you are in who you are meant to be (that is, celebrating your unique individuality), the more of your gift you can generously give to the world. In fact, I don’t believe that we can be authentically generous until we come to a place of acceptance in who we are. It is when you stop the self-oppression that you find the freedom to be who you were created to be.
  • Not acknowledging the beauty of your own uniqueness, and celebrating it as a strength, is actually selfish because it keeps you from giving generously of yourself to the world.


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Susan Harmon

(1). She asked to be the listener of the episode! Boldness, I love it!

(2). She is taking a stand on something she is passionate about, and I will always support that in someone. Here’s what she says:

“I love your podcast! Please raise awareness of this social issue on your next podcast! I’m a personal trainer and I see a need for more integrative fitness equipment in gyms. I know you feel as passionately about this as I do. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed by the US Congress over two decades ago; it provides equal opportunity for persons with disabilities, at work and public places. The only area I feel there is not enough options is at the gym. Why is it that gyms have parking spaces and showers, but very limited choices for a disabled client? Why aren’t there more gyms investing in total access gym equipment? The UK requires that all gyms have the total access equipment, why not the US? I am writing my congressman! I urge my fitness friends to do the same. Please share this social issue!”

Remember, there’s only one you. Honor yourself by rising to a level of excellence in all that you do. Now go out there and be you today.

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