In this week’s episode we’re going to cover:

  • 11 Reasons Why I’m Fired Up About Life Right Now, and How You Can Be Too
  • Special guest interview from a global happiness ambassador on “Capturing Happiness”
  • A Happiness Challenge for the Week


I just spent a week in sunny Santa Clara, California for an invigorating conference with the (multiple-time) New York Times Bestseller and impact-making-legend Brendon Burchard. For the past four days I have been holed up in a room with 800 high-achievers from all across the world, brainstorming ideas and networking together on ways to make more of a positive impact in our world. I made friends from Denmark, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Mexico and all across the United States, and gosh, when you are in an environment that large of people who really want to positively impact the world, it’s hard not to feel absolutely invigorated. I met people just like you – they want to make their mark on the world and to leave a legacy that matters, and man is it encouraging that there are so many of us out there on the same mission. That is the kind of news about the world that we all need to hear! We are not alone – we are an army of difference-makers, and you are too!

It was the kind of week that you want others to experience. So, in an effort to share with you, here’s a list of some simple, yet profound, topics that came up over and over this week that make me FIRED UP about life this week:

  1. Enjoy the struggle in what you do. Remember, a struggle brings you to the opportunity to master and grow in new skills and new strengths. Where there is struggle there is growth; where there is growth there is potential for great impact. Be fired up today about the struggles in your life right now, they are growing you and preparing you in powerful ways!
  2. Knowledge is responsibility. Knowledge isn’t just power, as many of us have heard before, knowledge is a gift. And, as with any gift, it is our responsibility to share our knowledge with others. Be fired up today about all of the various ways in which you have the opportunity to gain the gift of knowledge in your life – be so grateful for the potential that such knowledge brings to your life that you are generous in sharing it with others.
  3. Always act like your mother is watching. This is simple. Live with in integrity in all that you do, and you will never regret a day of your life. Be fired up today that when you streamline your decisions in alignment with your beliefs and stay true to being a person of integrity, you can always stand tall and confidently that you are living a life of honesty, contribution and love.
  4. Perfect practice makes perfect. We must keep persevering towards our goals, with intention and precision, no matter what. As we journey towards anything worthwhile in life, we must accept that failure and rejection are inevitable cul-de-sacs on our road to success. As long as we continue on our path, and we keep striving towards our dreams, we will eventually breakthrough to them. Be fired up that your dreams are within your reach as long as you stay consistent in pursuing them and you refuse to give up.
  5. Bring the joy! If we decide to “bring the joy” to our lives, no matter the circumstances or the day, then we can live a life of great exception and fulfillment. We have the ability to generate joy in every scenario of life – joy is an attitude and a choice. Be fired up that by bringing the joy, you can literally have fun with every day of your life.
  6. Generate the energy! Like power plants, we all have the power to generate our own energy. We aren’t dependent on outside sources for internal energy, but rather, we can decide to be highly energized and enthusiastic every day. Be fired up that you have control over your experience of life through your own generation of good energy, or a good attitude.
  7. Believe in yourself. This one never gets old, and it is oh so true. Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams, and you will be unstoppable. Period. Be fired up that the only thing limiting you in life is your own self-limiting thoughts.
  8. Prepare to WIN. If we go into everything you do with the attitude that we will succeed, we will. The more we prepare ourselves mentally for success, the more often we will find ourselves winning in life. Be fired up that you are a winner!
  9. Add value to other people’s lives. The more we give in life, the more we receive. When we give our heart, our talents, our joy, our focus, and our love to those around us, we add value to their lives, which in turn adds value to ours. Be fired up that you have something essential to contribute to the world and to those around you.
  10. You overcome your fears when the mission is important enough to you. We are so often afraid of failure that we never take action on our dreams. The good news is that when our mission – or our dream – is important enough to us, we will be empowered to press through our fears, no matter how much they might intimidate us. Be fired up that when you let your passion drive you, you are really unstoppable; not even fear can keep you back!
  11. No challenge, no growth. It’s essential that we seek our challenge, for without a challenge, we will never grow into who we are meant to be. Be fired up that every time you step outside of your comfort zone by choice, you are embracing a challenge and you are investing in your own growth, which is an investment of the highest caliber.

You have control over your most valuable asset: your attitude. Take the above simple truths and let them reign in your attitude this coming week!


Gloria Belendez Ramirez is a Mexican writer, speaker, interpreter, mother, wife, lover, dreamer and is completely out of her mind, living in her heart and walking on the path of the Now.

Gloria has been taught and mentored by the world’s most renowned spiritual and motivational leaders. However what has really truly guided her way into re-encountering Happiness was having gone through a “tragedy”; yes, a “tragedy”  that ultimately put her on the path of FORTUNE, realising that happiness was a choice at times in which desiring to be dead was her innermost desire.

In Novemeber 2012 Gloria published her first book, Spiritual Orgasms, vivid encounters in the Now, calling it, “the book that wrote me”.

Since then she has become very active with her international “Decide to Be Happy and Stay Happy No Matter What” workshops, traveling frequently while enjoying life immensely. No other choice, is her only choice.

Check out Gloria’s website at:


Happiness is a state of internal joy. The challenge? I want you to BRING THE JOY to everything that happens this week. [Example of my 36 hour flight home – and the joy I found nonetheless]

Do me a favor – participate in this challenge by intentionally “brining the joy” to something that happens to you this week, and once you master your mind over the experience, I want you to post a comment on this page or on my Facebook page under this week’s podcast link and let me know what you brought the joy to!


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