Move on from the baggage of your past so that you can live fully in your present and in your future. Moving on happens intentionally when you make a decision to not be a certain way anymore. You have the power to redefine yourself and to align yourself with powerful potential, so do it! 

Let him that would move the world first move himself. -Socrates

Fake it until you become it.  Make a decision to stop living in the past and instead to really start maximizing your present, and thereby your future. Put the content of today’s “move on” subject into action by working through the following questions:

(1). What exactly is it that you want to take action on?

(2). Why have you been waiting to do it?

(3). Are you ready to stop being an excuse maker?

(4). How exactly do you want to define yourself from here on out?  (My answers to this are: confident, authentic, loving, generous, bold, honorable and trust-worthy).

(5). What action do you need to take today to really move on towards your best you / your dreams?


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