Here are my best resources for maintaining a positivity mindset;

remember, you can change your life just by the way you talk about it. 

The value of community – many hands makes for light work. Brandon and I moved from Fredericksburg back to my house in Ladysmith in the span of just 7 hours, thanks to the many helping hands of our friends and neighbors.  Yes, we actually had neighbors we barely knew offered to come to help us move….

…what would happen if you always stopped and offered 20 minutes of your time whenever you saw a moving truck?

…community is everything. Are you plugged into a community?

…the community that helped us was our LifeGroup, from our local church; a group that we have intentionally sought out….so stop waiting for a community and start creating your own.


We become most like the five people we surround ourselves with….

What should you surround yourself with?

(1). Know your triggers

(2). Saturate your world with truth

(3). Focus on the heart


My Resources:


Michael Hyatt, “This is Your Life Podcast”

Elevation Church Network (there’s an app)

Dave Ramsey Show

Facebook Clean Up:

Darren Hardy

Christine Caine

Todd Durkin

Trent Shelton


Training for Warriors

Keri Murphy’s Inspired Living

Natalie Jill Fit

Kath Eats

Brendon Burchard

Tony Robbins


Make a decision to become a LIFE-LONG LEARNER.

Another approach is to simply cut back on the inputs in your life.

  • Go back to the basics.
  • Stop checking your email incessantly throughout the day.
  • Don’t check Facebook before you get out of bed.
  • Don’t check Facebook first thing before falling asleep.
  • Read more books.
  • Textless.
  • Get rid of negative feeds / stop telling yourself they don’t affect you
  • Listen to less radio and more podcasts / more of the music you actually like


Get started with thought work

Master a Highly Effective Journaling Habit

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