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Why is it that some people are massively successful and others who try just aren’t? How can you make sure that your goals aren’t just ideas and that you don’t end up like most people, feeling like they missed out on life and on their fullest potential but just don’t know what they could have done differently? How is it that some people can confidently navigate public pressure and pivot with tenacity and total belief in themselves until they reach a goal while others get burdened and weighed down by discouragement, distraction and setbacks? The difference is that winners don’t make these 5 toxic mistakes that squash your confidence. If you have a desire to do big things with your life, or you have a big goal this year, this is a coaching episode you don’t want to miss. Settle in and let’s make sure that you’re not unknowingly falling into the trap of these results-sabotaging mistakes … and most importantly, if you are, what to do about it to change.  

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re coaching on:

  • The 5 most common toxic mistakes people make with goals
  • How to know if you’re making them – and if you are, what to do about it.
  • The key to commitment and follow-through


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You don’t know what you really want.

-Diluted focus creates diluted results.

-When you don’t know what you want, you compare and despair / distract.

-You want too many things and they distract you

-You don’t know the difference between your preferences and your priorities

You don’t know why you want it.

-You need a compelling reason (for me, well done good and faithful servant, deep core desire to have a significant impact on the lives of others and to be love in this world as a reflection of the love I have received from God, and the thrill I get from creating adventure and freedom in my life – to travel, snowboard, explore, etc.) 

You don’t do the belief work required to make the result inevitable.

-There’s a little voice we all battle. 

-You’ve got to win the battle of talking over it and being in authority of it. 

-You’ve got to spend time visualizing

-You have to open your imagination

-You settle for what everyone else does – but you don’t question their choice of mediocrity and in turn you assume that if the result you wanted were really available then those around you would have tapped into it — they wouldn’t have because most people don’t take the time to think about what they think about and about what they really want. 

You think it.
You speak it.
You act it.
It happens.

You don’t commit.

-There is always a way when you are committed.

-You’ve got to tell people

-You’ve got to change your relationship with failure – embrace failure and deal with your fear of failure (the real question is, what are you making failure mean?) 

I can.

I will.

I’m going to.

You don’t see yourself correctly.

-You don’t see your full capability

-You’re stuck in your past and not tapping into your future self

-You don’t have a relationship with your future self

-You aren’t sure if you’re capable / don’t understand the capacity you have – you have so much more ( story of stones, rocks / pebbles, sand, water) 

Which of these are you stuck in?

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This is an act of integrity to yourself.

This is how you stand out from the rest.

This is not about age, this is about identity.


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Why is it that some people are massively successful? And others who try just aren't? How can you make sure that your goals aren't just ideas and that you don't end up like most people feeling like they missed out on life and on their fullest potential, but just don't know how or what they could have done differently? How is it that some people can confidently navigate public pressure, they can pivot with tenacity and totally believe in themselves until they reach that goal? Well, other people get burdened and weighed down by discouragement, distraction and setbacks. The difference is what we're talking about today. The difference is that winners don't make these five toxic mistakes that squash your confidence. If you have a desire to do big things with your life, or you will have a big goal this year. This is a coaching episode, you don't want to miss, settle in, and let's make sure that you're not unknowingly falling into the trap of these result, sabotaging mistakes, and most importantly, if you are, what to do to make the change. I got you. Let's dive in. You're listening to the confidence podcast, the go to coaching podcast, oozing with motivation, and easy to implement steps that help you to be bold, and confident in life. I'm your host, Trish Blackwell, internationally recognized competence coach, best selling author, and founder of the College of competence. I teach go getters in life, how to master their self talk, turn down the volume of self doubt, and get more results in life. So that you can be the difference maker and world changer. God created you to be you were made for more. And today's episode will help you tap into it. Let's go. What's up guys, it's Trish Blackwell, your confidence coach and you're listening to Episode 596 of the confidence podcast. If you're new to the show, we are so happy you are here. If you're a longtime listener, I am so happy that you are faithful to strengthening your mind I am so grateful that you are committed to becoming the best version of yourself because it is all starting here. It's well everything that we talked about, that the life you want to create starts with your thoughts, our thoughts, our self fulfilling prophecy. So we're gonna dive in the we're talking today as you heard the five toxic mistakes most people make when it comes to their goals. And more specifically, I'm gonna give you those where I'm going to really go okay, what do you do if you're making them like what to do about it? And the key to commitment. Our review of the week is from deines. Nanny, you saved my life. Trish, we're going to I start I binged and listened to every single podcast you have opened my eyes, to educating myself on life and how to handle toxic people. You have jumped started this old battery and you truly are heaven sent. I have hoped for a brighter future at 59 years old. And I have to say thank you for all you do for us. New York City Girl. Well, first off New York City Girl, I feel like we are neighbors. We are both East Coast girls. And I love me some New York, New Jersey. I'm actually heading to the Jersey Shore very soon. And I spend my summers going back and forth between jersey and Virginia. But more than anything, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Thank you for doing the work on you for realizing it is we are never too old to create change in our lives. And so guys, if you resonate with this being a refreshing podcast, your spirit here's what I ask of you, I ask that you take a minute just to leave a review, give me that feedback, let me know if there's a way I could serve you better a topic I haven't covered, or also press that forward, but make sure you're subscribing and send an episode to a friend or family member. And real quick. Before we dive into the coaching, here's a quick invite. I want to help you feel good enough. One of the biggest things that people struggle with what I get over and over is I don't feel good enough. I don't feel good enough. How do I finally feel good enough? How do I know I'm doing enough? How do I stop that? That self critical thought that anxiety that's lurking that tells me I should always be doing more that little voice that's inside. And that is why I'm doing a free coaching experience is teaching the three strategies that are going to help you finally feel good enough. I'm teaching this Thursday at 7pm It's the 25th of April, and we're going deep um you're going to walk away feeling worthy, you're going to walk away knowing how to talk back to that voice that tells you you're not doing enough that gets you in lack that creates the anxiety and the self doubt and the imposter syndrome. And it is all happening this week. So make sure you grab a free spot. Yes I will be sending out the replay. So even if you aren't sure you can make it live. Do that do show up I get To tell you showing up live is game changing, I would love to see your face there, you can keep your camera on, put it off doesn't matter but showing up live does. What it does is it tells your brain I'm in that I'm committed, go grab your free spot at Trish blackwell.com forward slash good enough. Now let's coach, let's dive into this. These are the five reasons the five toxic reasons you're making, getting what you want harder, whether that's weight loss, whether it's a Business Breakthrough, whether it's a healthy dating relationship, these are the five things that I see most people making that in my coaching experience of over 10 years, 12 years at this point, the same mistakes over and over. I'm going to give you the five to start and I'm going to coach on each one very briefly. Number one, you don't know what you really want. Number two, you don't know why you want it. Number three, you don't do the belief work required to make the result inevitable. Number four, you don't commit, you talk about it, you think about it, you say you're committed but you don't commit. And then number five, you don't see yourself correctly. So you have you don't know what you really want. You don't know why you want it. You don't do the belief work required to make the result inevitable. You don't commit, and then you don't see yourself correctly. Let me go in and talk about what these mean. Most people don't know what they really want. Here's the truth. Diluted focus creates diluted results. And it may not feel like you have a diluted focus. But you probably have too many focuses, you're spread too thin. You want a lot of things, but you don't know what one thing you want the most you you are doing your preferences, which is lots of things but not a priority, we have to know exactly what we want. This is where journaling and brainstorming and visualization comes in to really start thinking, what is it that I really want. And if you don't know how to get to how to get to some of those answers, I have 200 Journal prompts that are part of my journal that I call inner radiance, you can get that on Amazon, I will link it in the notes here for you. So you get a quick click, but I have over it's 1000 Journal prompts, but there are 200 prompts that will help you figure out what you want. Because knowing what you want is one of the core pillars of competence that I teach. So you've got to know what you want. And you've got to realize that if you don't have clarity, if it's a watered down version, you kind of know you want a good life, you want a good marriage, you want enough money, all of that is wishy washy that is diluted. And so a diluted focus will get you diluted results. And here's the other the other pivot to it is that when you don't know what you want, you compare and despair. And then you end up getting distracted. And when you get distracted, you get diluted. Or you want too many things and they distract you, where you don't know the difference between your preferences and your priorities. And so you're trying all the things and you're half committing. And so when it comes to new when you the next thing, the next mistake, if you don't know why you want it, I need you to have a compelling reason. If you don't have your why you won't ever last without a why it's impossible to stay committed. You need a compelling reason for me, there's two and I have a deeper, broader, more spiritual reason. But then I also have my human adventure like here's the life I want to design reason I'm going to give them both to you just to inspire you for your own perspective. But the way you're gonna get something to change is to know why you want it to change whether that is to break a self sabotaging cycle you're stuck in. Maybe it's to double your income to be debt free to pay your mortgage off. If you don't know why you want to not have bills, you won't be compelled to make the sacrifices needed to have that financial freedom. Do you see what I'm saying? You gotta know your why. And here's the thing we often don't go deep enough I used to I did 10 years as a personal trainer and the reason I got my clients results was because I didn't take their initial y

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as the answer when someone said they wanted to lose weight. I would ask why. The clear answer is because I need to lose weight. But we have to go five why's deeper, but why do you have to lose weight? Why is that important to you? Because I want to be healthy well why do you want to be healthy? Because I want to live longer for my children will Bly Do you want to live like going and this is what I would try us to train my trainers in sales process. Ask five why's if you've not asked yourself five why's deep chances are you haven't gone deep enough into your why so for me, my over arching why for why I do the work in the world that I do why I feel compelled to put myself out there and try new things and really stretch myself is I know that God has given me a certain capacity. And he's given me revelation and tools and things that can help others and I know that I want to at the end of my life I believe that I will go before the Lord and I will hear well done good and faithful servant so I have a deep core desire to make to have a significant impact on the lives of others to be love in this world is a reflection of the love that I've received from God, the love and the grace. And so I look at, and you may not share the same faith as me, but but I want to invite you into this perspective, if you have been given any gifts, I truly believe it's our moral obligation to maximize those in a way that serves the world. So that's my big why of why I work hard to reach more people with this podcast to serve them, to bless them to help them. But then why I want to create tools that help you actually change and it's not about how much money I'm making. But the other thrill if here's the more superficial, lighthearted, why, y'all I love to travel, I love adventures with my family that drives me. And so I get a thrill of creating adventure and freedom in my life to travel to snowboard, to take we're planning a trip to Kenya, I want to I want to snowboard in Japan, I want timeframes that the way I come alive when I'm traveling as a it gives me so much joy that I will stretch myself and try new things simply to open up more opportunities of the why what I love, I will work a 12 hour 13 hour day in the winter with joy because I'm taking the next day off to go snowboard when you know your why the sacrifices you make to get the result they're worth. The third mistake is that you don't do the belief work required to make the result inevitable. Look, there's a little voice that we all battle. But you've got to win the battle of talking over it and being an authority of it. We do all of this coaching in the College of competence. If you don't know what the college competence is, you can check it out at College of confidence.com. But it is my coaching program. It's my group coaching membership program cancel at any time, where I teach you how to win the battle of your mind, I teach you how to talk back to yourself, I teach you how to do this belief work so that the result of what you want is inevitable. The timeline is flexible. But the result is a guarantee. But you've got to try in order to do the belief work. There's thought work, there's emotional intent, intentional emotional creation work that we do. But you've got to spend time visualizing yourself in the future. And to do that you've got to open up your imagination, you've got to see who you want to become. You've got to see and imagine yourself living that. So as I'm talking about snowboarding with my children in Japan, like I have to imagine myself reading trail names in Japanese. Well, hopefully they're in Japanese and English. But I want to imagine in order to make the result of that type of travel inevitable I need to imagine that being possible to me. And so the reality is that when you don't do believe work, including the visualization, including reinforcing the thought in a way that your thought and your emotion believes it at the same time, because it doesn't if you are working on creating wealth in your life, and you're thinking I am wealthy, you're doing affirmations about wealth and abundance, but you don't believe them, you're gonna have you're gonna stay in poverty, even if it's poverty of spirit, we've got to learn to align our thoughts with our emotions create our, our emotions are these powerhouses that we can use to fuel our thoughts. The belief work is not a one and done. It's a daily discipline is a daily discipline is a daily decision to believe in what you cannot yet see it it is it is faith, it's faith that you have the ability with your words to create a future and that you have within you a capacity that is a God given capacity to do great things. And so when you don't do the belief work to make the result inevitable, you settle for what everyone else does. And you don't question their choice of mediocrity and the cheering, you actually end up assuming that if the result you wanted were really available to those around you, they would have tapped into it. But here's the truth they wouldn't have because most people don't take the time think about what they think about and to think about what they really want and to do this type of belief work. And the belief work is is to in order to believe you've got to know it's not going to be a straight path, you're going to fail, it's going to be a squiggly line. But when you stay in belief, you will get where you want to go. And so I need you to know that the squiggly line is the path and I think we lose belief. Because we don't rely on our brain to say no, it's supposed to be uncertain, supposed to be a little squiggly. There's supposed to be setbacks. But I'm going to keep going. When you believe that the work you do, the effort you make isn't adding up and has a compound effect with an inevitable result that you will have a return on your investment, whether it's an emotional investment, a physical investment, a financial investment, and you stay in a place of belief, then you will get that result. Here's a simple way to say it. You think it, you speak it, you act it, it happens. I'm gonna say that one more time you think it, you speak it, you act it, it happens. The fourth mistake that people make is that they don't come in. You don't commit. Here's what you need to know. There's always a way when you're committed. And how do you commit you make a decision to you make a decision that if you commit You will get there, there's always a way you can decide that you've got no quit. And now do you do that you go tell people first you decide who you are. I'm a person who does not quit. I'm a person of tenacity, I am a doer, and I'm going to keep doing till I get where I want to go, now I'm gonna have setbacks, I'm gonna have failures. And I'm going to learn from those. And that's going to keep me going, I'm not worried about not ever achieving my goals, because I just knew who I am, I don't quit. I don't give up. I'm only learning, I'm only moving forward, you can decide the same you've got to tell people to, you got to tell people what you're committed to, you've got to tell people your vision, you got to get some skin in the game, whether you're telling your family members, your co workers, your best friends, or a coach, you've got to go and put some emotional skin in the game. Even better when you put financial skin in the game because it creates follow through. If you don't have anything in the game, you'll like, have commit, we live in a world of people who have commit. That's why it's so easy to stand out. If you just stay committed, you will be the 1% of the 1%. One of my favorite phrases that I tell my students in the College of competence is that extraordinary results happen as a result of ordinary consistency. So ordinary things done with extraordinary consistency, create extraordinary results, that is just commitment. And you've got to change to stay committed. The core element is you've got to change your relationship with failure, embrace failure deal with your fear of failure. I coach a lot of people in this have just fear of failure. But the real question is, what are you making failure mean? Are you making it mean? It's embarrassing? What did you What if it doesn't have to be that? What did you can just decide that you don't get embarrassed easily. We can make decisions that change our lives. But you really the decision on that after is the decision to change your relationship with failure, I want you to realize that the more you're willing to feel the more you're willing to fail, the faster you will get where you want to go. You see we we lose our commitment, we we give up on our commitments when we have a micro failure, but our micro failures, our the stepping stones on the path, they're just the redirection. And sometimes we have to have that micro failure in order to redirect or to learn something that we need it to realign our commitment. There is always a way when you're committed. Here's a simple power phrase I have for you. It's three words, three lines, I want you to write this down today. I'm including in the show notes. But I want you to write this, I want you to speak it, I want you to say it over yourself. I want you to think it I want you to visualize it. And I want you to decide that this is now who you are. I can I will. I'm going to I can I will I'm going to when you say that, don't you feel? Can you feel the commitment? Come on? That wasn't a question of I hope I stay committed. I hope I'm consistent. It's not it's not a choice. I can I will I'm going to. And the final mistake that people make is they don't see themselves correctly. You don't see yourself, I want you to imagine sitting across from me. We're having a cup of coffee. And I'm going to tell you who you are. One of the most powerful things that was ever done for me

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was when my mentor told me who I was. She said let me tell you I see in you when my brother and my sister in law when I was at rock bottom lost complete sense of myself. You've heard this on the podcast before it's the Nick and Joanie challenge where they they drove from Philadelphia down to Virginia and they sat with me at Caribou Coffee and said, Let me tell you who you are. And they had done research they had asked all of my friends from elementary, high school, college and they said please Trish our Hara Trish has forgotten who she is. Will you tell us who you think she is? Whoo, tell us why you love her why she's so important to you. And they had 100 Small pieces of paper that I had to read out loud. I was that broken guys, the reason I'm so passionate about competence about giving you the tools to speak life back into yourself to speak life into your life and into others is because it was given to me and so if you don't see yourself correctly, it's it's not a dead end there is there is restoration. But we start by starting to say I'm going to speak truth over myself. I don't want to tell you if you don't have someone like my mentor or my brother and his and my and my sister in law speaking life into you at your moment. I am that person for you. Let me tell you who you are. You are a child of God, you were created on purpose for purpose purpose, you are a masterpiece you are the only you that has existed and will ever exist in billions of people who have existed in history. Now the only thing is that you've got to keep reminding yourself of that. You got to keep telling yourself of who you are and what you have inside of you. Because when you don't see yourself correctly, you're seeing a weaker version you're seeing a watered down yours Seeing your most insecure self doubting version that is a part of you short, we all have that sliver, but that is not you. You're defining yourself by your setbacks, by your failures, by your disappointments, that's just part of the story. All stories have great suspense. That's just the progression to make the victory ahead, all the better. Look, you don't see your full capacity, I needed to start saying to yourself, I have more of that within me, if you're stuck in your past, you're not, you're not tapping into your future self. But the thing is, as most of us don't have a relationship with our future self. And that's the first thing when you work with me in one on one coaching, or in our group coaching the college or competence is we start constructing a relationship with our future self, I call it the two point of view. And we start asking ourselves questions, what would vote 2.0? Me do? How will the how would the amazing 2.0 Trish show up on stage here? How would she show up in her marriage here. And what's so great as you start becoming friends with your future self, you start designing who you want to be you start living into your values, and your your core priorities even more, and you can practice being your future self before you're there. And so when you start seeing who you can become and you realize it's already within you, it just needs practice, you just need to start executing and showing up as that person, you will start seeing oh my gosh, I do have so much within me I do have so much capacity. And if you've not listened to it, Scott, did we do an episode, I want to say it was episode 495 94 on the wasted potential and pressure it is incredible episode to go back and listen to that, because we talked about the difference between capacity and potential there. And so look, if you're not sure you're capable, if you don't understand the capacity you have, I just want you to know you have so much more you know, there I think sometimes we think, am I tapped out? Is this a hole of God? Is this all that I'm able to do? With my life with my potential with my job with my marriage with with my parenting? We often get down on ourselves when we feel stuck? Do you think we've reached our limit. And there's a very famous story in the personal development world you may have heard it before, I'm gonna give you a very short version of it. And it's a professor who is in front of a class. And he brings out a jar and in the jar, he has filled it to the top with stones. And he asks the class is the star full? Is there room for anything more? And the class says no, it's full. And then he from behind the desk pulls out a bunch of pebbles, a jar full of pebbles, he pours the jar for full of pebbles into the jar of stones and the pebbles, find room find capacity around the stones. And he asks the class is there room for anything more now looking at the jar, the class says no, of course like that is now it's like there's no space. And if you know the story, you know the next thing he does, as he pulls from behind his desk, sand and he pours the sand and the sand find space in the crevices between the stones and the rocks and the pebbles and the jar is full. And he looks to the class. And they say okay for the for sure this time. And he says there's still capacity. And he pulls out a jar of water. And the water goes into the jar. And there's space for it because the sand absorbs the water. And the story here is a reminder that you may look at your life, you may look at your talent, your gift where you are and think I think this is it, I think I've maxed out I need you to know there's always more I need you to know if you are breathing, God's not done. And so you've got to commit, when you commit to saying I have a vision, whether it's weight loss, financial breakthrough, making a difference in your community doing advocating for change in a bigger context, whatever it is, whatever that goal is, your commitment to it is game changing. And so we've got to say, Hey, I'm going to know what I want. I'm going to know why I want it. I'm going to do the belief work required to make the result inevitable. And I'm going to commit I'm going to commit and I'm going to see myself as the as the leader that I have the capacity to be I'm going to see myself as the world changer and the difference maker I'm going to see myself as the person who has the potential to be joyful again, if I'm struggling with anxiety and depression, I'm going to see my future self as the person I am today. And I'm going to practice being that person and as you're thinking about these five areas if you feel stuck in one of them. I want you to DM me DM me on Instagram Trish underscore Blackwell or you can shoot me an email Trish at Trish blackwell.com I'm gonna send you a resource that's specific to that section that will help you break through the struggle and of course the most powerful next step you can take is to come join us in the College of confidence. I do want to let you know this month coming up in May. We have purpose month we are doing everything about creating purpose in your life. So some of the workshops In live coaching I'm going to be doing is creating purpose in your life finding and redefining your purpose re defining it, creating a personal mission statement. We're gonna have a whole workshop on battling pointlessness. We're gonna talk about crafting your purposeful life blueprints, we're gonna also do making your life exciting. We're gonna spend a whole hour on how to get you excited about your life again, and we're gonna have an open q&a on all things a purpose. So if you want in on purpose month, go to college or confidence.com. To get started. We're gonna close out the episode with that today, but I do have it on my heart to share something, I shared it on my personal social media, a little bit on Instagram. But I want to speak just for a moment, to the power of faith, to the power of an example to the power of courage. My local church, love church here in Virginia had a tragedy with one of our local church families. This is the most amazing faith filled good family. They volunteer all the time, an incredible family of faith and faith in action. And last week, you may have heard, they had a horrible house fire, and I share it. I share it because I have two huge takeaways from it. It was a horrific, horrific tragedy claimed the life of two of their children. Their three year old Zachariah, and their six year old William William was in Baker's Sunday school class. And as a church, as a community. As towns across the country. were praying for these boys. We were praying for a miracle we were advocating, we were believing that they they were in the PICU for a long time, and that they would be that there would be activity in their brain again. And it doesn't always make sense why God doesn't answer some of our prayers. But here's what is beautiful. There are two takeaways. One that was just announced that both of these boys are are saving the lives of 14 other families have been praying for organ donations. So that's in process there are pray there are miracles happening and prayers answered even if it doesn't make sense to us. Good always triumphs over evil. The two things I wanted to share out of honor to this family that has made such an impression on my heart is the first thing is the firefighters reported when they went into this house filled with smoke, dark dust. And if you'd seen a video of it on the news, it was darkness it was a Black Fire engulfing the house. And the firefighters reported that the only reason they found these boys was because there was a light over them. A light that does not make sense. Now why I share that is if you read my book straightener crown, my most recent book, you you you have read that I have a very have had a very profound life changing experience with angels. And to me this is this speaks to that. I find comfort in knowing that in the worst moments that these

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that God shows up may not be how I wanted I by human brain can't understand. But I do. I do believe this boys are comforted. I do believe they were predicted, protected, they were not burned. And most importantly, they were not alone. And so the other thing I wanted to share was they when they were found the six year old William was covering his brother, it has taken me a week feel to say that without crying. And I share it because his sacrificial love has marked my heart forever. Do not underestimate the power of your example, the power of courage, or the power of love. I don't typically share my faith so overtly here you guys know I'm a Christ follower of Jesus lover. And I want to be love in this world to everyone. I have been so moved by the example of these boys. By the the way the community these first responders and doctors have fought to save these boys lives. But the families that are going to have prayers answered because of organ donations and transplants and just a reminder that you may be second guessing yourself, you may be shrugging off your difference in the world. Your example makes a difference. Your prayers make a difference. Your love makes a difference. Your kindness makes a difference. There's so much pain in this world. And that is why I really believe it's so critical that the work that you're doing in your own brain, on your own mind in your own heart so that you show up as somebody able to help able to love able to put others before them. It is the world changing the difference making that wilt be forgotten, that marks people that gets talked about. It is love and action. And so, if you want to follow their story, their their posts, the family is posting some amazing, amazing things. If you want to be inspired in your faith or just inspired by the actions of how these little boys bought, and the sacrificial love and to watch the news conference where they share about the light in the darkness, gosh, go find on Facebook, his name is Jaime JME why the family's name is Bryce be our ice, their courage and their faith and their love and their belief in the absolute most darkest moment of their family's life has marked me forever. And if you're encouraged by their story, or just want to pray for that failure, I wanted to provide that as a resource. Because if that was my family, I would want somebody to do that for me. On that note, I'll see you guys next week. We have an amazing episode. That was also a listener requested topic coming up. We're going to be talking about what to do when you don't feel confident when you just feel off and you want to cry all day. It's going to be a great episode. Make sure you're subscribed, make sure you don't go anywhere. I will see you hopefully in the college or confidence. Or I'll see you next week here. Go out there today. Go be more of who God created you to be. Be you. Be free. Thanks for listening to the confidence podcast and allowing me to be your coach today in your life. If you love the show, please let us know by leaving a review in iTunes are encouraged by what you learned. share this episode with a friend and let us know that the show is changing your life by saying hi to us on social media Instagram, Trish_Blackwell are on Facebook Trish Blackwell coaching, ready to take what I teach and really take it to the next level. Join us today in the College of confidence. It's my group coaching program that you can join risk free and cancel anytime. In the COC you'll scale your confidence, your courage, and the changes you make in your life. It's the coaching support and community you've been looking for. Go to www.collegeofconfidence.com to get started. If you love the podcast, you will love the College of confidence even more and see even more transformation in your life. Come and see for yourself. I'm cheering you on friend. See you soon

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