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You’ve heard that affirmations are a good thing to do, and you dabble in them sometimes, but they feel like they fall flat. This episode is for you. The words you speak over yourself matter and affirmations work, but most people are doing affirmations wrong. In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re going to be talking about why your affirmations aren’t working and more importantly, what to do about it to change it. This is not a woo-woo approach to affirmations, or a name-it and claim-it kind of thing, but rather an approach that will equip you to take back the inner narrative of your mind so you can harness it for the magnificent power that it has within. 

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re talking about:

  • The top 5 affirmation mistakes that most people make (and why they’re a problem)
  • Affirmations aren’t enough – what you really should be doing
  • Power Proclamations and Dream Declarations


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This is for you if you are a high achiever, and you are exhausted … you know you can be happy, but you’re plugging through life feeling uninspired, pressured and stressed — you know you were made for more; you’re self-paced and self-driven, but you just need some new tools. 

Affirmations Aren’t Enough

They’re watered down.
They’re not personalized.
They’re not believable.

Affirmation Mistakes

Repeating Generalized Affirmations
Not Personalizing Your Affirmations
Not Honing the Skill of Writing Your Own Affirmations
Not Repeating Them Enough
Not Believable.
Not Maximizing Trigger Power Words

Power Proclamations & Dream Declarations

Power Proclamation =
Something you speak with power over yourself. 
For it to have power, it has to be compelling; it must be believable. 

Must Do:

Write daily.
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Be the unique in the world of unique. 
Focus your mind daily.
Reenter your GPS into the gas station – and know when you can’t take a break
(Example: Driving to Snowshoe, WV. No cell service. Back roads. No stopping. There’s no reentering the direction into the GPS).

Your core thought determines where you are going for the day.
It guides who you are becoming.

What you tell yourself is what you become 

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Why Your Affirmations Aren't Working. review of the week image

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You've heard that affirmations are a good thing to do, and you dabble around with them sometimes, but they feel like they fall flat. This episode is for you. The word you speak over yourself matter and affirmations work, but most people are doing affirmations wrong. And in this episode of The confidence podcast, we're gonna be talking about why your affirmations aren't working, and more importantly, what to do about it to change it. Now, I need you to know this is not a woowoo approach to affirmations, or a name and claim that kind of thing, but rather an approach from a faith perspective that will equip you to take back that inner narrative of your mind. So you can harness it for the magnificent power that it has within so you can walk in authority, and the way you talk to yourself the way you speak over yourself and the way you think about your life. That is the power of affirmations when you do them the way that works. Let's dive in. You're listening to the confidence podcast, the go to coaching podcast, oozing with motivation, and easy to implement steps that help you to be bold, and confident in life. I'm your host, Trish Blackwell internationally recognized confidence coach, best selling author, and founder of the College of confidence. I teach go getters in life, how to master their self talk, turn down the volume of self doubt, and get more results in life. So that you can be the difference maker and world changer. God created you to be you were made for more. And today's episode will help you tap into it.

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Let's go. Hey there, I'm Trish Blackwell, your confidence coach. Welcome to the confidence podcast. If you're new here, we're so happy you're here. Like you have millions, literally millions of podcasts that you could have chosen from. And you chose this and I am privileged and honored to be a voice of encouragement and truth in your life. That thank you for being here. If you've listened to all 500 Of the three episodes, your family, I am so glad you're here today as well. Spending time working on your mind, working your mindset, working your attitude, working your confidence, your courage, and your capacity to step into your calling. So in this episode of the competence podcast, we're talking about the top five affirmation mistakes that most people make, and why they're a problem, why I really believe affirmations aren't enough, and what you really should be doing instead. And then get into power proclamations and dream declarations. This is all stuff that when I got in to the coaching world, there's a lot of manifestation and affirmation and it feels very spiritual and woowoo. And it's very vague. And I just want you to know that as a Christian woman, I'm approaching this from a very strategic and faith based approach to using your mind to its fullest capacity to the power of words, to not just putting things out there like to actually co creating your life with God. And that is through using the mind that he has given you. So that is what you're in for for this week's episode. Really excited to dive in. Before we do. You heard me tease this out, we are still in the pre launch for a new program that I'm offering. And if you are a high achiever, but you're exhausted, and you know you can be happy, but you're plugging away at life feeling uninspired, pressured, stressed, like on the outside of your life, people go, Wow, you've got it together, you're successful. But on the inside, you don't feel successful. And you know you're made for more, or that life can be better than what it is.

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Look, all you need is some new tools and a new way to think about I have a new program called Happy high achiever. We are not releasing yet but if you want to get on the waitlist To get more info, go to Trish blackwell.com, forward slash H H A for happy, high achiever. And just very briefly, one of the things I was actually I had a great glass of wine with a friend the other day and we were talking about narrative intelligence. And you've heard me tease that out. And I'm really passionate about this new term that I've coined if you're familiar with emotional intelligence and intellectual intelligence, I really believe narrative intelligence is the next thing that the life coaching field that the psychology field is going to be talking about. It is it is a term I created completely made up. And I'm calling it and cue because you have your IQ, your EQ and your MQ and I really believe that the level of your MQ though Wow, with your ability to grow your MQ is what is indicative of your ability to reach your goals and make a difference with your life. Because your MQ your narrative intelligence is your ability to use your mind. It's a combination of your IQ and your EQ combining to tell a better narrative or story, about your life, about your purpose about your day to day about what's possible about your bill.

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Need to make a difference in other people's lives. And so we're actually spending the entire month of April in the culture competence, breaking apart the actual end Q process that I'm teaching, and it's the bay, we're going to do basics of oh, we have a whole workshop on assessing, rewiring, monitoring and managing your mind rewiring your self talk, creating new stories that you actually believe controlling your mental choices in your life story bossing your brain and maintaining your mindset. This is going to be some high level work. And so if you've been interested in how do I improve, truly my MQ, my narrative, the ability to think this is a month you do not want to miss in the college confidence. So go to college or competence.com. To get started, you can join for a month, you can stay for a year, it's up to you, it's can flip anytime and absolutely risk free. With a 14 day money back guarantee. So look, come join us. Alright, let's coach guys. Affirmations aren't enough. Now. Why? Why? Because honestly,

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they're watered down.

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They're not personalized.

Unknown Speaker 6:06

They're not believable.

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They're there, there's a lack of belief and alignment and, and while they're super popular, and especially in self help, and personal development, and leadership circles, they're not working for you. Because you have to actually believe in the statement you're repeating. And I think sometimes we just Google a, I need an affirmation for this. And you haven't been taught the skills of how to customize your affirmation. And the other thing is, there's a mismatch, often that happens of core beliefs. So if an affirmation contradicts deeply, some deeply held beliefs or values, the you're going to have internal resistance. And so speaking it out, was just throwing it just throwing random words outright. But really, I think the biggest challenge why affirmations aren't enough is because it's, I think,

Unknown Speaker 6:56

I look at most people's follow through and consistency with anything. And that's where most people break down. And so there's a passive use of affirmation. So merely repeating it, without taking active steps towards your desired outcome is not going to yield results. I think we go well, I said, it's going to happen, you're gonna say it, and then you take action on it, you say it, you repeat, you say it in a way that it compels your belief. And when you believe in something, you take action that goes back to what we teach in college or competence, the T method, your thoughts, create your emotions, your emotions, create your actions. And so when you we know that actions create results in life. And the reason that affirmations work, is because you're repeating something enough and you have to repeat you can't be passive about it, we're we're not making the believable simply because we're not repeating them enough. In order to believe something, you have to repeat it enough enough so that you actually believe it to be true. And when you believe it to be true, you will create the emotion of belief, and compelling motivation. And when you are compelled by motivation and belief, you will find yourself taking competent action courageous action, bold action, and consistent follow through that you've never had before. So this is why affirmations do work. Because it's generating a very powerful emotion, I want you to think about your emotions, like the fuel you put in your car to drive. Most of us are not intentionally gassing ourselves up every day. And so speaking of power phrase, I like to actually call affirmations power phrases, but we're going to use the colloquial term, a power phrase, an affirmation is actually just you're stirring up and fanning the flames of your emotions, so that you can maximize your emotional capacity to create more compelling, consistent action.

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So we've got to make them believable, the in general, so the main mistakes I've already said most of them, but we often people, I think, also want quick fix solutions. And we want there's this expectation with because it's cultural, of immediate results. We're like, I've been doing affirmations, I don't know why I haven't made million dollars.

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Because you're just hoping that that somehow it's magically going to appear. That is not how it works. It's it goes back to you speak it to a place so you believe it and you can visualize it happening. And then you ask yourself who How do I become that person? And you start feeling like it's going to happen you anticipate you have confidence in what you can't yet see it when you have confidence in you what you can't yet see, you walk in faith, you walk in action, you walk proactively. And so these are the common mistakes that are happening.

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You're repeating generalized affirmations. Once that you see somebody on post on Instagram, you're not personalizing your own affirmations, which is the second part of that first mistake of like, so if these generalized ones aren't working, what am I supposed to do? What does a personalized affirmation look like? And how do you do that? And I'm going to touch for a minute on that today in just a moment. Let me get through these mistakes and I'll teach you

Unknown Speaker 10:00

By the way, I teach my students how to personalize them. But really, it's this, not honing in the skill of writing your own affirmations. Now, this is learning how to

Unknown Speaker 10:12

decide what you need to think on. To have clarity on what you want to create with your life, know what you want to filter your mind for, and really know what you want to create for your future. And so when we set our minds on what we want, we can create that. But often we aren't setting our minds and we're just saying random things of wanting abundance or good things to happen. It's so vague, it's so loose, and it's not aligned with what you even want. Or you maybe you feel God calling you in your life. And so writing your own affirmations, I teach this through skill of journaling, of writing a power phrase and affirmation, right, what is an affirmation? It's a power phrase. It's a proclamation, it's declaration. It's a statement of authority, with words. And in my journaling techniques, what I teach my students and my clients is that once you identify First we start the day by asking ourselves by giving what is journaling? Journaling is just giving yourself some time to think with paper. And you start the day by asking yourself, Is there anything that doesn't belong in my brain right now? Do I have any negativity, any anxiety, and we want to acknowledge it, write it down, and then reframe it, that's the art of talking back to it, learning how to have a conversation with yourself and how to have a dialogue. And once you do that, what I like to do is finish my journal with an affirmation. And I'd write that affirmation, personalized to what my need is of the day. So let's say for example, my morning journaling, I woke up with anxiety. And I don't just say I feel anxious, I asked myself, What am I actually thinking, what is the actual thought, I'm afraid that

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the thing that I'm preparing for today is not going to go well. And then I reframe that. And I can say, even if it doesn't, you're going to learn something and be able to pivot. And it will be for your good, right? I'm just answering that, hey, if it doesn't go, Well, it's actually probably going to be okay. And another opportunity is going to open so maybe then the customer information to that anxiety that I would write for the day

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is that there are more than enough opportunities. I walk in abundance, and today's opportunity will go how it's meant to go. I actually would drop the second part of that but I walk in abundance and opportunities are everywhere. You see I'm sort of putting a it's like a finishing touch on the reframe that I was already so I identify what emotion is negative in my mind right now. What negativity, what anxiety, what fear, and then my journaling, identify that, that that emotion identify the thought that's coming from the motion, I take the thought I talk back to the thought in a reframe. And then the customized the personalized affirmation that I give myself for the day is based on what was the thing I just reframed. So if I'm feeling anxious, or I'm feeling restless, my affirmation for the day is often something related. Sometimes I pull an affirmation I pull a verse from the Psalms and I say, you know, I will walk in joy and, and the trees, the field clap their hands. And my my life is, is a reflection of, of joy and grace. I mean, that sounds very flowery and wordy. Sometimes they're that for me, and sometimes they're very simple and basic. If I am anxious that day about or I have some negativity and concern about getting everything done that needs to get done. I'll reframe that thought, remind myself that I'm a master of planning that I have more than enough time to get what needs to get done that my priorities will be done. I reframe that talk to myself. And my affirmation might be something as simple as

Unknown Speaker 13:48

my time is a gift and I will use it beautifully today. My my, my life overflows with time abundance. And it's sort of like you see, it's like the finishing touch. I don't know if you guys have a MOD Pizza near you. But MOD Pizza is my favorite brick oven pizza, and you go through the line, they make your personal your pizza for you. And they have these finishing sauces. And I love the fig finishing sauce on mine. There's a fig one and a pesto one. Fabulous. I want you to think about affirmation, as the finishing sauce of your reframe in your mind. It's sort of just saying and now we're done. Let me remind you this, it's the bow on the present of the reframe thought that you have. Now another mistake that people make with affirmations is not repeating them enough. Once you write your affirmation for the day and you customize it, I recommend putting it on a post it note. So you see it right on your computer. I recommend texting it to yourself. I recommend repeating it multiple times by hand written three to four times in that day, and then also saying it out loud at night. You could include that and just remind yourself hey, I'm going to circle back to what was my affirmation today. And you'll find you can do this on a daily basis. Or you can do some affirmations for what you're believing for and

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Your Life. And when you're speaking with authority about how you're going to operate, I often my upper affirmations often rely on me to walk in the fruits of the Spirit. They rely on me to say, this is the type of person I am being in this world. And I am a person who walks with faith and trusts God's provision, right? So I'm just reminding my mind what I've chosen to believe. And that I even though I'm feeling fear or scarcity that I walk in abundance and peace. And so we're sort of it's reaffirming, resetting the mind. I am proclaiming and declaring, oh, right, hey, brain.

Unknown Speaker 15:37

I know you've got this drama going on. But let me just affirm you here. Here's what we're affirming in our life. And while we're speaking into remind ourselves and speaking for my future and speaking into existence, so I want to talk about what are what I think is better than affirmation. Now, again, I use the word affirmation. But what I like even more are power phrases, but even better than that, power proclamations, power proclamations. I like that phrase, because you're saying, this is a power, powerful statement. And I'm proclaiming it I'm, I'm, I'm setting this and using my words to create something, it's something you speak with power over yourself, a power clock proclamation for it to have power, though. It has to be compelling, and it must be believable. One of the mistakes that people make with affirmations is one, like I said, they're watered down, they're generalized. They're not personalized, you're not repeating them enough. And often, sometimes they're not believable. You've got to make it believable. And how do we make things believable, but one through repetition, but also playing with the words in a way that you can get your brain to believe it, I teach this to my students, the college confidence, we teach how to how to bridge your thoughts and how to bridge your belief. But to really say, like, Okay,

Unknown Speaker 16:56

I believe this is happening, I'm becoming this type of person. This is this is in the process, God, God's making Gods on this, this miracle is happening. I'm walking in faith. And so for it, to have power, though, you've got to have it has to be compelling to you has to be believable. And the power proclamation is saying, I walk so let's just even say it. I know a lot of people do affirmations around money. So do affirmation of saying I'm wealthy. Wealth attracts to me, to me that to me, it's not that's not believable for most people. Because it's just this just a Googled affirmation. But for it to be, you can make a power proclamation to say, I walk in wealth and abundance, and I'm learning. And maybe my wealth is growing more every day, right, you see how it's a little bit more customized, a little bit more good things are happening. I'm in the process of creating generational wealth, I am creating generational wealth for my family. That's very different than saying, I'm going to affirm a million dollars, right. So your words and how you use your words really, really matter. Now, what's a dream declaration, a dream declaration is taking this these concepts of power proclamations, or affirmations. Again, these are all substitutable words. But I am such a word, lover, that I do believe that playing around with what wording what phrase works for you is really, really important. That's why I'm offering you such a variety of words. But a dream declaration is another word to say a goal. It's a goal, and a vision of your life. With authority, and, and certainty, you have decided that this is the dream, I have declared that this is how I'm going to live my life, right. So and now there are things that this doesn't mean that we can control the circumstances. But it does mean that this is how I'm going to operate in the world and what I'm going to choose to believe as possible, I'm going to redefine what's possible. So my dream declaration, I am declaring that my family will have generational wealth, I am declaring that we will be a family of integrity. I don't I'm filling the blank, I'm just kind of talking off the cuff here. But this to be able to say here's my goal, here's my dream. Now I'm going to declare it and say it's possible for me. And so by writing your affirmations about your future and about your dreams, you can start saying this is my dream declaration I declare that if other people can do this, I can do this. I declare this as a this is available to me I declare I'm becoming the type of woman who could do a thing like that I declare that that girl that crazy things of my future that would blow my mind today are happening. So you can start speaking that that way through. So play around with what what terminology most resonates with you. But the things you must do no matter what you call it, here's what you must do.

Unknown Speaker 19:44

You got to write daily, you got to journal daily. If you don't know how to journal, I know that I've had people go well, how do I start? That's why I put together my journal mastery bundle. It is a $7 product, go to Trish blackwell.com forward slash journal mastery bundle to get that but really do

Unknown Speaker 20:00

journaling is simple. It's it's scheduling time to think you are saying to yourself, me, managing my brain matters. Me setting aside time to think matters. And I'm going to take a blank sheet of paper or a journal and a pen and allow myself to be curious about what are the thoughts that are in my mind? Which thoughts should stay in which thoughts should go? That's it.

Unknown Speaker 20:24

And it doesn't have to be time intensive. You know, I heard a really incredible analogy recently about why an organized mind matters. Why you using and customizing and knowing how to think on purpose and knowing how to manage your emotions and doing the work that we do here on the competence podcast. Why does it matter? Well, because an organized mind is like an organized garage. It has more capacity.

Unknown Speaker 20:48

Have you ever been I know our garage goes through phases, right? We have our I have a treadmill in mind, we've got a

Unknown Speaker 20:54

heavy punching bag. I got my kids sporting equipment, I've got a fridge, I got a freezer, we've got to work. I mean, we it's a very functional garage. And it's also very organized, I bought all the things but there are times it gets crazy, right? Because bigger will throw his lacrosse stick and then his hockey stick and we got snowboards in the middle of the ground and just off, you go well, there's not there's no space in this garage. But if you organize it,

Unknown Speaker 21:17

and you put the things in the spot, then you use the containers from The Container Store that I bought, and you hang the snowboards up on the walls where they're supposed to go. And you hang the bike tires upside down from the roof instead of in the middle. All sudden, you go from a garage that doesn't have space and you think, Oh, I can't fit anything in there too.

Unknown Speaker 21:34

We could park our cars in there with all the things. So it has more room for capacity, you have more function from the brain from the garage that you're already using. But so many of us leave it leave the brains unorganized dis dis in disarray and in chaos. And we're like, well, that's just life well, that we can say, well, it's just a garage, or you can look at somebody's garage and go How do I go to The Container Store now, you can maximize the capability and functionality of a garage by having a well organized. And so I think I want you to think about the work you're doing here. And the journaling that you're doing journaling every day is organizing your mind, and your affirmations or your power proclamations, your dream declarations, your power phrases, your your ability to speak and start practicing using words of authority in your life is a way for you to again, improve the organization and management of your mind. And when you change what's available in the capacity available to in your mind. That is where your capacity and your potential in life takes it to the next level. And you start being able to do things you never dreamed possible. And you start being able to do things that can create more results, more money, more income, more impact, and you go oh my gosh, this all started with me thinking about what I think about. And that's the power. So what you've got to do to make all of this work this thinking work, work these power proclamations, these written affirmations, as to write them down, write daily journal daily. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. And I want you to be the unique of the unique, alright, so already only, I think the majority of people know, it's good to journal, it's good to do your mindset work. It's good to do affirmations and about 1% of people who quote unquote, know that it's good for them actually do it. So the same thing of everyone knows you should eat healthy, how many people actually do. And I want you to be in that 1%. But I want you to be the 1% of the 1%. I want you to be the 1% that actually does it consistently.

Unknown Speaker 23:35

That's what changes everything. Focus on your mind daily, because it's you are entering you when you do and you do this work and you you have an affirmation about how you're going to operate in the world that day and what your what your purpose is and what you're going to what energy you're going to walk in and what what fruits of the Spirit are going to flow from you and what kind of person you're going to be what kind of impact you're going to make what kind of progress can you make whatever that affirmation and redpower proclamation is about. I want you to think about that as you are entering the coordinates into your your GPS, I just took my daughter to the new allergist and I didn't know where in town it was. So I looked up on Google got the address, copy paste, put into my maps 30 minutes away, easy peasy.

Unknown Speaker 24:17

Now, you got to keep reentering that in. So another example is I used to actually two weeks ago, my daughter and I went to snowshoe West Virginia for a snowboarding competition. And if you don't know a lot about West Virginia, is there's not a lot of cell service. So it was a four hour drive from my house in Virginia. And the two hours of the four hour drive there is zero cell service zero, you guys when I mean 00 And so they're all backroads. This is all like singling back roads to get to this mountain. And I had to put in I had never been before and so I had no cell service backroads. And once you put your GPS in and and it's set up to track, it will keep your direction

Unknown Speaker 25:00

It's going even though there's there's zero bars and zero cell service. But the minute you exit that, or you stop the car from at least my car, my GPS, I would lose it. So I had to realize, well, there's no reentering the direction and the GPS, I can't say, oh, let me look this up. Once I have that location, I have zero cell service, I need to stay on it. And once you get to your destination, and you decide you're going somewhere else, you have to re enter a new address, there is nothing different than the mind. And this I really believe power proclamations and affirmations are exactly that they help us know, how am I going to navigate the day to day? What turns am I going to take? What are the directions to get to the place I want in life or the place I want today. And that is what you are entering in, you're entering it in as if you have no choice. Otherwise, you're going to drive around on back roads, if you have not, if I tried to drive to West Virginia without my, my GPS, I had printed up maps I did, I went old school I was ready, I would have been so overwhelmed, I definitely would not have ended up where I was supposed to be if I had, it would have taken me twice as long. And that's the difference of not speaking with authority of your mind, not deciding how ahead of time, who am I going to be today? How am I going to be and what am I on my way to creating my life, because those are the affirmations or power proclamations are doing. They are setting your mind they are your GPS to keep you on your way to where you've decided you're gonna go. Your core thought becomes where you're going through the day. And your affirmation. If we really break it down is your core thought of the day you've said to yourself, This is my most important thought today. This is the thought that is going to be the guide and the GPS for everything else. It guides who you're becoming what you tell yourself is what you become. We're gonna close out today with a review of the week. But I did want to give you one heads up, I have two spots left for my accelerated and abundant one on one experience. It's a three months so 90 day, one on one accelerated coaching experience with me head to Trish blackwell.com Ford slash abundant to find out more. And you can schedule a free call to meet with me to see if it's the right program for you. Our review of the week is somebody who wants to remain anonymous. And she said thank you Trish, I'm a D one volleyball player. And I've been wanting to boost my confidence and belief in myself. I've been trapped in the narrative of quote, you have so much potential. But I was so tired of hearing that I just wanted to break the barrier to be my best self. I've always needed the approval of others like my coaches, parents, boys and friends. And I wanted to start gaining confidence and approval from myself first. Yes, affirmations definitely helped. I was relying on them to dictate my emotions and love towards myself. I started my journey a few months ago, when I transferred to University for a new opportunity. And let me just say this podcast has been life changing. I love your positive attitude as well as accountability. And I finally feel my life changing every day. This time, it's been filled with some major life changes. And I haven't felt this mentally free and happy since I was a kid. Thank you so much. And I've shared this podcast with many family members and friends. Friend, having done a deal on athlete myself, like what I read in that for me was

Unknown Speaker 28:12

it was like every coach was like you have so much potential and I couldn't. I couldn't. I didn't have the tools then that I have now. And if so like It almost brings me to tears to know that

Unknown Speaker 28:23

the tools I now have, I'm able to know that people like me who were walking through collegiate experiences like me are able to use them. I'm so so so proud of you so happy. And I really wanted to highlight what you resonated what you said, you haven't felt this mentally free and happy since you were a kid, my friends. That to me is victory. That to me is when I felt all of the work that I've do here, when I was doing it in my own life, the best way to describe what does confident feel like it feels like you're a kid again.

Unknown Speaker 28:56

And so wherever you are in your competence journey and maybe you're just starting this might be your first episode you've heard, hey, what you have ahead of you is that beautiful carefree freedom and joy of childhood and it's available to you in adolescence. It's available to you in your 20s or 30s or 40s your 50s or 60s 70s 80s 90s

Unknown Speaker 29:16

it is the most refreshing

Unknown Speaker 29:19

and invigorating feeling ever and I just I want to let you know if you haven't tapped back into it. It's coming. Because if you aren't yet subscribed to the show, please subscribe please share with a friend please leave a review. I will see you guys next week here on the competence podcast go out there today. Go be more of who God made you to be. Be you.

Unknown Speaker 29:41

Be free. Thanks for listening to the confidence podcast and allowing me to be your coach today in your life. If you love the show, please let us know by leaving a review in iTunes are encouraged by what you learned. share this episode with a friend and let us know that the show is changing your life by saying hi to us on social media Instagram, Twitter.

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To underscore Blackwell are on Facebook Trish Blackwell coaching,

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ready to take what I teach and really take it to the next level. Join us today in the College of confidence. It's a group coaching program that you can join risk free and cancel anytime. In the COC you'll scale your confidence, your courage, and the changes you make in your life. It's the coaching support and community you've been looking for. Go to www.collegeofconfidence.com to get started. If you love the podcast, you will love the College of confidence even more, and see even more transformation in your life. Come and see for yourself.

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I'm cheering you on friend. See you soon

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