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In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re coaching on:

  • The one habit you NEED to be doing to elevate your success confidence
  • What success confidence is and how to increase yours (and why you should)
  • The affirmation equation that will help you stay in a place of belief

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What is Success Confidence?

It’s the belief that you are going to be massively and incredibly successful, no matter what.

It’s having your own back.

There’s no better time spent than time spent moving towards your goals

Deprioritize anything that is not moving you towards your goals 

It’s not anyone else’s job to tell you what’s possible.

It’s your job to tell yourself what’s possible.

Your potential is infinite.

Anything you want is possible.

The want and desire must be intense enough to drive you to action. 

Write a belief thought plan

-What will you repeat

-What will you write daily

-What are you willing to do

-Be different than others if you want different results than others

You become what you think about.

Goals are not forgetting. Goals are for growing goals are for drawing from within marvelous deposit. That is already within you.

Success is 5% strategy and 95% mindset.

Stop obsessing over the strategy and start obsessing over your mindset. 

Mindset shifts take time.

And massive amounts of repetition.

So be patient with yourself in the repetition. 

Success requires lots of repetition.

And then even more repetition.


Neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity or neural plasticity, refers to the brain’s ability to adapt, reorganize, and form new neural connections throughout life in response to various experiences, learning, and environmental changes.

In other words, neuroplasticity is the brain’s remarkable capacity to rewire its structure and function in response to learning, sensory input, development, injury, or disease. It enables the brain to continually modify its neural pathways, synapses, and networks, allowing for the acquisition of new skills, the recovery from injury, and the adaptation to changing circumstances.

Neuroplasticity underlies various aspects of brain function, including learning and memory, motor skills, sensory processing, and emotional regulation. It is a fundamental property of the nervous system that contributes to the brain’s remarkable flexibility, resilience, and capacity for growth throughout the lifespan.


It’s normal for it go up and down.

You hop into and out of belief.

Decide to be a person who doesn’t hop off the ride.

Most people hop off. Most people don’t like neutralizing the emotion of uncertainty and the process of talking back to the doubt when it is speaking loudly.

What to do about it?

-Write your beliefs down daily.

-Spend time visualizing your future and allowing yourself to want and desire.

-Practice being your future self

-Filter for examples of people doing what you want to believe is possible

-Analyze and be honest about what’s holding you back


Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. When it comes to belief thoughts being repeated, neuroplasticity can play a significant role in reinforcing those beliefs and shaping cognitive patterns.

Strengthening Neural Pathways: Repeatedly thinking certain belief-based thoughts can strengthen the neural pathways associated with those beliefs. Just like practicing a skill strengthens the relevant neural circuits, repetitive thoughts can solidify the connections between neurons involved in processing those beliefs.

Increasing Efficiency: As beliefs are repeated, the brain tends to become more efficient at processing related information. This efficiency can manifest as quicker access to relevant memories, faster recognition of related concepts, and more automatic responses aligned with the belief system.

Confirmation Bias: The brain has a tendency to seek out information that confirms existing beliefs, a phenomenon known as confirmation bias. When belief thoughts are repeated, this bias can become more pronounced, as the brain actively seeks out and interprets information that supports the existing beliefs, further reinforcing them.

Neurochemical Changes: Repeated activation of certain neural pathways associated with belief thoughts can lead to neurochemical changes in the brain. For instance, the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins may occur in response to reinforcing beliefs, contributing to a sense of reward or satisfaction associated with those thoughts.

Structural Changes: Over time, repeated engagement with specific belief-based thoughts can lead to structural changes in the brain. This might involve the growth of new dendritic spines, the formation of new synapses, or even the generation of new neurons in regions associated with belief processing and cognition.


Gratitude + Vision + Affirmation

Vision + Affirm

I’m so thankful for this journey and the vision that inspires me to take action – the work I’ve put in towards my goals today matters.

Success Confidence: Believing in Yourself and In Your Greatest Potential. review of the week


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Success is a mental game. There's a lot of focus on strategy and discipline and consistency and the actions required for greatness. But there's an element that is not really prioritized enough. And this is whether you're considering your success and your goals from an athletic perspective, a professional perspective, a financial perspective, a personal perspective, what we don't talk about enough with success is what is really required, like what is really required, successes 95% mindset 5% strategy 95% mindset. That means that you have to stay in a place of belief, even when it feels like things aren't working. And so if you've struggled with believing in that goal, that the big goal of like, you go back and forth, do I really believe it's possible to some days you do some days, you don't even go in and out of consistency. If that is you, this podcast episode is for you. We're talking today about success, confidence, what it is, or how to increase yours and why you should, and the one habit that you need to do to elevate your success confidence to a new level, I'm going to also be giving you an affirmation equation that will help you stay in a place of belief this episode to be your go to tutorial that you save for moments when your belief dips. Your job for any goal is to stay in a place of belief, which is why it's so critical every day, we renew our minds. It is not other people's jobs to tell you that you're capable, it is your job. That's an inside job. And this episode is gonna give you the tools to do that. So let's dive in. You're listening

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to the confidence podcast, the go to coaching podcast, oozing with motivation, and ease to implement

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steps that help you to be bold, and confident in life. I'm your host, Trish Blackwell, internationally recognized confidence coach, best selling author, and founder of the College of confidence. I teach go getters in life, how to master their self talk, turn down the volume of self doubt, and get more results in life. So that you can be the difference maker and world changer. God created you to be you were made for more. And today's episode will help you tap into it. Let's go. Hey there, welcome to the confidence podcast. I'm your host and confidence coach, Trish Blackwell, and I'm so happy you are here. It is an absolute privilege and pleasure to spend time with you each week. I know your time is valuable. And I hope that every single episode that you listen to have the confidence podcast gives you massive actionable value. In this in this podcast, if you're new welcome, we're so happy you're here we are committed to helping you maximize the fullest potential that God has planted inside of you. And it's all about belief and faith in what you know you can achieve and not losing sight of the vision that you have for your life. Because we have been given the tools to create an incredible future to make impact, to be difference makers and world changers. But to do that we have to be proactive in life instead of reactive. And 99% of people are reactive. They just wait for life to happen. And I hope that this show to you provides the tools to help you know how to go after life and live it to the absolute fullest to stop waiting for life to happen. And instead to start making it happen. So hey, today we're talking about success, confidence, what it is, and how to actually maximize it. And the reason you want to let me just put that to the start. What is success competence. It is the belief that you're going to be massively and incredibly successful no matter what it is confidence in your capacity for success. Let that sink in for a minute. It's what you had as a kid when you set a big dream, and you totally could see yourself doing it. Right. It's what I see in my children. When they proclaim what they're going to do. Right. Ellie says she's going to be a TV host on a National Geographic Kids show. And Baker is going to be a professional hockey player and snowboarder and, um, I believe and their success, confidence is high because I've been speaking belief over them. I provide that vision and I affirm that honestly, anything is possible. We are limitless if we stay in a place of belief. Now staying in a place of belief is harder than it appears because you go well I just need to stay consistent and follow through and success is a result of massive action. Success is a result of consistency and commitment. But the things that create consistency and commitment and massive action is belief. It's believing And staying in belief, belief is an emotion. And your emotions are created by your thoughts. We teach this in depth in the college or confidence my group coaching program, you can check that out at College of confidence.com. If you've never checked it out, it's come for a little bit, stay for a long time cancel at any time 100% money back guarantee. So the premise that we teach there is a tool based on CBT therapy, where your thoughts create your emotions, your emotions, create your actions, we call it the T method. And so if we want to take the action of consistency and commitment and discipline, we need to operate from an emotion that inspires that type of action. And that emotion, my friends, is belief. And the more belief you have, the more confidence you will have belief and confidence are besties. They hang out together, they go together, they their complementary colors, if you will. And so success confidence, it's confidence in your success capacity. It's the belief that you are going to be massively and incredibly successful no matter what I had the privilege of having a mother who really instilled success confidence in me, you might have heard this before, if you've listened to a lot of our show, but almost without it without fail every Olympics, I get a phone call from my mom. And she says Trisha you could totally still make the Olympics and it's and she but she's not this like pie in the sky. She goes, I was watching the uphill, uphill struggle. I don't even know what it's called kayaking upstream, the extreme kayaking, and their body type is just like yours. And those curls look just like you. And there were some 35 year olds and by the way, I'm in my I'm 40. And but it's I have been so fed my whole life by a mother, who said why not you a mother who said with work ethic and belief anything is possible with a mother who gave me the vision that my success confidence, my confidence in my ability to succeed was high. Therefore I stayed driven, I stayed consistent. I worked hard, because I truly believed that if I worked hard and I was consistent, and I was coachable that I was going to be successful. Success. Competence is the confidence that the effort that you're putting in will create six the result that you want or a result that is successful. And so listen, if you never had a Dianne Blackwell in your life, you have a Trish Blackwell. And I'm passing that for that as a legacy. I want to trickle down over to you, I'm not concerned if you didn't have that voice of encouragement in your life and your childhood. I am sad that you didn't. But you haven't now, I'm here to tell you, you can do anything you set your mind to anything you truly want. The one and the desire and the vision needs to be there. And then we got to go to work on believing in our success competence. So it's also a definition I like to give is it's the ability to have your own back. And there's no better time spent than time spent moving towards your goals. I want you if you really have a big goal, if you want to make a difference in your life, if you want your life to change, it's a mental choice. And your brain is going to offer you all kinds of reasons it's not going to work. Your job is to talk back to your brain and say it's going to I'm on my way. Why not me, people like me do things like this, I believe in what I cannot yet see. Because I believe that my actions today are going to create a compound effect that creates a positive result tomorrow. I'm showing up today in belief for the tomorrow that I'm creating tomorrow. And my future self will thank me for the decisions I make today. Now as you do that, when you know and I think where we give up. And where we lose belief is when goals take too long. And here's the truth, anything worth anything in life takes time. So let's just let's let's let's lean in to a spirit of patience. And then encourage ourselves and self encourage ourselves that there's no better time spent than time spent moving towards our goals. And that if we deprioritize anything that's not moving us towards our goals, we can spend more time moving towards our goals. And we can self encourage and it's your job to encourage yourself along the way to remind yourself that yes, I'm not where I want to be but I the effort and the steps I took today are adding up. And if you want to learn how to self validate and self encourage that way and you haven't yet taken my seven day self validation challenge. It's a seven minutes a day, seven days, it will teach you how to start self encouraging. You can get that at Trish blackwell.com forward slash validate. Before we go any further I do want to pause for just a moment if you want to believe in your future as a coach if you are somebody who is called to coaching and you've thinking about my coaching certification my call offense coaching certification. It's a comprehensive six month experience with me this week. So last week to sign up, it's our final chance to get into my upcoming cohort, go to www dot confidence coaching certification.com. And yeah, it's an investment. All education is my goal in that six month certification process is that you are shortcutting, six years of things I had to figure out on my own, I've been coaching for 12 years, this is going to accelerate your journey exponentially. And it is fully comprehensive, you are going to learn how to coach coaching skills, how to teach confidence, you'll have the legal right to teach the way and use the tools that I teach here on the podcast, I teach you how to build a brand, the marketing, confidence and selling putting your methodology and your own custom programs together. It is everything you need to be a successful coach, go check it out. We start in March, this is your last week.

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It is scary to invest yourself. I get it. But you're worth it. Your future is worth it go to confidence coaching certification.com. All right, let's continue with this. Believing in what you want success competence, it's, it's not anyone else's job to tell you what's possible. It's your job to tell yourself what's possible. Your potential is truly infinite. Anything you want is possible but the want and desire must be intense enough must you must you need to want it enough to drive you to action. And I often coach people, my students in the College of competence. They say my want is there, my desires there. But why am I not following through. And when it comes to a situation like that, often we don't follow through. We have the want, we have the desire, but we don't have the vision and the belief that that success is available to us. And that actually, is why I wanted to do a podcast episode entirely dedicated to this. The want and desire must be paired with belief and vision, the vision and the ability to see your future self experiencing that success feeling that success, we do actually a lot of coaching in the COC on your future self on describing her on and thinking about her habits of thinking about what kind of her what her financial landscape looks like, what she spends money on what she what she doesn't what, what kind of decisions does she make, what close does she make we, the more you can visualize your future self and a level of success that inspires you. Maybe it's a weight success, maybe it's a financial success, maybe it's a relationship success. But the more that you time you spend imagining what that's going to feel like the more possible it becomes for you. And then we'll present that vision of what your future will be, we'll be at the forefront of your mind. And that want plus desire plus vision will get you to a place where you go, I believe this is happening. It has to be present and close enough, even if it's far off in the distance, that you actually believe that the effort you make today matters. And that's why having confidence in your ability to succeed is so critical. But we need to address something here. You might have damaged confidence in your ability to succeed, because you've had disappointments, because you've tried things and you failed. You've tried things and then got rejected. you've knocked on doors, and they've slammed in your face. But I need you to remind me to remind you, that failure and rejection, those are all stepping stones on the path of success of confidence. They are part of the journey. And so we over personalize it when we think something's wrong with me, I guess I don't have this capacity for success. I would actually want to propose to you today that the more you're willing to fail, the more you have the ability to believe in your ability for success. And if you haven't yet listened to Episode 586 It's taking risks and trying new things. In that episode, we talk a lot about rejection, and how to overcome your fear of failure. Really great episode, gosh, it's almost 200 episodes ago, so you're gonna have to scroll on back or just go to my website to find it. But it is episode number 404. How to be all in on what you want. Without fear of failure. It's a really great episode to dive in. We just have to reframe the way we talk about failure because it's actually a good thing, the more you're willing to feel and the more you're willing to fail, the more successful you will be. There's also a great Episode Episode 548 staying confident when self doubt is intense. So check those out. But we what we do to really believe in what we want is to write a belief thought plan. You have to decide ahead of time what you're going to believe. And we write those down as a statement, a sentence, a power phrase. And remember this a belief is simply thought you've repeated over and over and over and I promised you I'd give you the one habit that you need to be doing to elevate your success competence and that one habit is writing down your belief every single day, writing down your goal writing one simple vision statement every day, I'd recommend it's the same vision. But you can change it but writing it down. And you have to ahead of time we do this ahead of time, we decide ahead of time what we're going to believe every single day. And then what's beautiful is once you tell your brain that your brain is going to go to work to find evidence to prove that possible and to support that. And so believe thought plan is deciding ahead of time. For those moments, when you are on the down, turn, the roller coaster feels discouraging, when you're not seeing the results. When you're doubting your ability to have success, you're unsure if you're going to get to that, that milestone, you're going to decide ahead of time now what you're going to believe. And you're going to write it down. And then what you're going to repeat that and you're going to write it daily. And you've got to be willing to do this to write this down. And what's so interesting is there's so much evidence so much research has gone into the power of writing a goal down and the massive amount of success difference that people have who write their goals down and those who don't. And you and I know it takes less than one minute to write your goal down every day. So why is it that 99.9% of the population won't do it. Even those of you who know you should do it aren't doing it. So if you want different results than other people, you want to be more successful than the average person, if you want to be if you wanted to really, really live your life to the fullest and maximize your fullest potential. You want to be different that's different than most people, you want different results. You want a different lifestyle, you want a different income, you want a different level of marriage, you want different experiences. If you want that you got to be willing to do different things than other people are willing to do to be different than others. You got to do different things. And it can be so simple as writing down your goal every single day. You can do that. You can do that. You're not alone in doing this come and join us in the College of common it's your be surrounded by a community of people doing just that. I don't remind you that you become what you think about goals are not for getting in achieving goals or for growing goals for drawing from within that marvelous deposit that is already with inside you when you stop obsessing about the strategy, and should I if you're on a weight loss journey, should I eat this or vegan? Or should I eat this and we start obsessing and overthinking about the specificity in the strategy. Or maybe you're in you're building a business and you're thinking should I be on Instagram and Tiktok and you're spending all your day doing that? Honestly, it doesn't matter. stop obsessing about the strategy and start obsessing over your mindset. Because mindset shifts take time and massive amounts of repetition. So be patient and repetition but stay committed, stay committed. And when you do that, there you activate a rewiring of your brain neuroplasticity. As you've heard, you probably have heard the phrase but let me just break it down. It's known as brain plasticity or neural plasticity refers to the brain's ability to adapt, reorganize and form new neural connections throughout life in response to various experiences learning and environmental changes. So in other words, neuroplasticity is the brain's remarkable capacity to rewire its structure and function in response to learning sensory input development, injury and disease. It enables you to continually modify your neural pathways or synapses in networks allowing this is what's beautiful for the acquisition of new skills, recovery from injury adaptation to changing circumstances. It's a fundamental property of the nervous system and it, it shows this, it contributes to this remarkable flexibility, resilience and capacity for growth that your mind has. And why do I share that, I want you to know that when you are doing the work that you do here on the competence podcast, or if you're in the College of confidence with me, or you take any of my courses or programs. When you journal when you do power phrases when you work on your mindset. You can have more confidence in your success. Because believing in yourself, and believing in the work that you're doing that though everything you do contributes to the rewiring and the changing of your brain, that that will create stress. And when you believe that you're on your way and you're believing in yourself, and you're believing in the mind changes that you're creating, you will reduce your stress, you will have a higher level of motivation and persistence and consistency. You will develop this more natural naturally fostered optimism and resilience. And those contribute to neuroplasticity, and cognitive flexibility and your ability to adapt a new inner narrative that's self encouraging and so self critical self believing instead of self deprecating, and it cultivates and curious self efficacy, which is believing in your ability to succeed no matter what happens high self efficacy has been linked to better cognitive performance and higher levels of results. So it, what is that all to say? That's all to say that the work you're doing here matters. Every day that you reframe a thought that you take a thought captive, that you decide, you say, I am committed to a positive mindset today, that you're the person who leads with optimism rather than complaining that your prays to God is more than your complaints throughout the day, you've that you say that this is working, reframing your focus on what you believe is possible in that's what the mindset is, you've got to believe in what you cannot see.

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And we do that by writing it down. And so the reason why you want to increase your success, confidence is that the higher you increase your level of confidence in your own success, again, success competence, the more you'll have your own back, the more easily and fluidly and flexibly, you'll be able to pivot. And the more confidence you will have to dream bigger, to go after a bigger goal to say why not me to ask yourself, instead of asking yourself, what is my goal, you will start asking yourself what kind of person do I need to be and to become and grow into to become a person who does a goal like that your whole approach to goal and success will change. And you will also shift into a into a an a spirit of believing you're successful, before the actual success happens. Because success is a mindset, not an event. So I just want you to know right now you are a successful person. And you can even if you haven't checked the boxes on the things you want right now, you can already enjoy the success of those ahead of time, if your belief and your success competence is high. I want to coach for just a couple of minutes on what I call the belief rollercoaster. And the belief roller coaster is exactly that it is a thrilling ride that you are signing up to get on anytime you have a goal. And I want you to imagine you're thinking about the goal is you standing in line at this amusement park, and it's a thriller, and you go people are screaming, you know, it's good. And then you're like, oh, and some people are throwing up and there's ups and downs and, and you go I'm paying to do this, right, I'm putting effort in I'm waiting, I'm investing to experience this. And there is a thrill of it that comes with it. And when it comes to believing in yourself, when it comes to believing in your success in your capacity in your future, the vision of setting a line in the stand and saying from here on this is what I am achieving this is my definition of success. This is who I am becoming you make that proclamation you write down that weight goal, that financial goal, that vision of the future, that impact goal. And you see I'm doing this with my life, and you're gonna get up you're strapping into that roller coaster. And then you're like, oh, no, oh, wait, no, oh, I'm committed, you know, those roller coasters where you have the shoulder straps that come down, and then the person double checks and like once they activate the ride, you can't get out of that, right? Like they have to, there's a button that then under deactivate it because that's a key measure because the roller coaster, not only does it go up and down, but it goes upside down. And so you need to be secure. So but there is a time when you will get locked in and you're like, Oh no, but wait, I think I changed my mind. I'm not sure if I can commit all the way while you're committed. And so when you stay in a place of belief, and you ride the belief rollercoaster, it is normal for it to go up and down. It's normal for you to hop in and out of belief. And I want you to decide to be the person who doesn't hop off the ride. It's the same thing of I like to also think about it as surfing now I don't know if you have experienced surfing I do I really enjoy surfing. I'm taking a little hiatus since I had kids but I do plan to go back to it. And now that they're getting older, I'm gonna teach them to surf and just a great sport. What I like about surfing for me being a person who wants instant success, instant gratification. I am intense. I like doing things fast. Y'all surfing is slow. Surfing is slow. Well, where I live, at least on the east coast of the United States. And it's slow and you paddle out, you put a lot of efforts go out there and you go okay, today I'm gonna read some great waves. And then you wait. And you look at the horizon. And you wait. And you wait, you think you see a shark fin and then you wait. There's a lot of waiting. And then and then the brakes come then you paddle then you miss a wave. That's okay, you go okay, I can get this next one. You have to stay in a place of belief that you can get the next one. But there's this. There's, if you're I've ever surfed before and you give up. Sometimes you paddle out like nothing's good today. And almost inevitably, as soon as you get yourself back to the short you've got your board. Every other surfer that was out there gets all these great waves because you hopped off the ride too early. Decide to be the person who doesn't hop off Deciding to the person who does who stays patient when it doesn't look like it's happening. But you know, look, there are waves coming. This is the right timing and the right tide. Most people don't like waiting. Most people don't like the disappointment. And discouragement that comes when things don't work. When when it all goes to plan, it's easy to stay in a place of belief. But most people hop off when they get discouraged when they feel silly when the results didn't come as fast as they wanted when the number of people who were supposed to buy their program didn't buy it when the weight on the scale was supposed to move a certain number. And it only moved half of that when they put in 15 job applications and haven't heard back yet, but people that is where most people give up, but you are not most people. And so the key to success on the belief roller coaster, is to neutralize the emotion of uncertainty. And the process of talking back to the doubt when it's speaking loudly. And so it's not a problem when you're in this roller coaster and you're on a downbeat when you're in a valley when you're waiting for the wave to ride, when you're believing in the result when it's not showing in the evidence of the present. When you can talk back and say I hear you doubt but I choose to stay in place a belief. I'm going to steep keep showing up, I will continue to show up until I get the results in my life that I want. Period. You see, we're not getting results simply because we give up too quick. We are micro quitting on ourselves. But the way to Mike is to not micro quit is tucked back to the doubt to acknowledge Hey, I'm discouraged. I see you discouragement, what are we going to do about it? I'm not going to be the person who hops off. Because as long as I'm willing to ride the roller coaster, it's gonna go up. As long as I'm willing to write right? Wait for the wave, I'm gonna get the wave of my dreams. I will keep believing keep showing up and keep making effort and believing that every effort I make adds up. Every time I spend time working on my goal working on my future is worthy time spent. So what are you going to do about the belief roller coaster? How do you stay on it? Well, you decide to be a person who stays with what you've decided to do. You decide to be a person who believes that you are creating an incredible future and you're using the God given talent gifts and potential that he is placed inside you. And you will stand before him at the end of your life and say I used what you gave me to the fullest. You're going to squeeze every ounce of of joy and love and opportunity and potential out of life. You're going to decide to be a person who spends time visualizing your future and allowing yourself to want and desire. So often we don't allow the want and desire of what we are visualizing for the future. And so the follow through was not there. So spend time in your future practice being your future self. I like to spend time imagining what I'm going to what my life is going to look like who I'm going to be five years from now. 10 years from now we do worksheets on this in the college a confidence of really spending time mapping out in creating a vision of who I'm going to become. And this is the work that I did 10 years ago. And it's incredible. If you've been following me in the last six months, you saw that I was pinching myself this summer, because I was living out what I had imagined 10 years prior, which was spending a month in Paris working while also being there with my children and my family. And being in the culture. And being a local. It was incredible. But I would have never done it oh never imagined it possible. Because like who goes to Paris for a month in like people do but not people I know. And so I followed through. And I activated that experience for myself because I had the courage to imagine it 10 years prior. So spend time visualizing visualizing your future that will keep you in a place of belief of what you're creating, and that what you're the effort you're making. Because some some of the stuff you're going to do to move your goals forward is hard. It will keep you willing to show up when success is not convenient. Success is not convenient. If it was everyone would do it. You can also stay on the belief roller coaster by filtering for examples of what people are doing that you are inspired by. Look at what people are doing that you want to believe as possible for you because if they can do it, you can do it. And then also you got to analyze and be honest about what is it that's holding you back? What's actually holding you back. We keep saying it's time or I don't feel like it or I'm not ready but is that true? Are you just giving up? Are you just listening to doubt is the it's most often it's the doubt that holding you back that's why we get really sick was about detoxing doubt, we have a whole course on it in the college confidence, the self doubt detox. Let me give you the affirmation equation. The affirmation equation is a simple way to do a power statement that's going to help you stay in a place of belief. And there's two equations I want to give you. And they are, this is a way that you can you can guide your power phrases guide your morning journaling, or evening journaling. Or a good way to reframe your brain

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when you're like, This is not working. Nothing I'm doing nothing I'm trying is working in that, that that that season of frustration, I totally understand what it feels like to be, it feels like you're in this desert, where you're putting in effort and not seeing the results. And that can get very discouraging. But if you stay the path, if you keep encouraging yourself, which is breathing, encouragement, and belief and courage into yourself, you will keep going and when you keep going, your results will happen. So when you're reframing, when you're in the valley, when you're in the desert, when you're waiting for the wave, whatever metaphor you like, these are this is a way that you can start to frame how do I even encourage myself How do I talk to myself? So affirmation equation number one, gratitude plus Vision Plus affirmation. So gratitude, plus Vision Plus affirmation. What would that look like? It would look something like this. I'm so thankful for this journey and the vision that inspires me to take action, the work I've put in towards my goals today matters. So you're affirming you're, you're saying today matters, what you're doing right now matters, this will pay off. But we're starting with I'm so grateful. I'm so grateful that I am inspired. I'm so grateful for the books that I'm reading right now that's firing my spirit up. I'm so grateful that God has given me the capacity to be creative in my thinking about my future. And then I have a vision for the difference I'm going to make for my family. Right and just I'm just kind of talking off the cuff to give you of how do you how do you start with gratitude, go to a vision and then finish with affirmation and the affirmation is going, what I do today matters. The joy and belief I walk in today is is is propelling my future forward. Now the second equation is a more simple equation. And it's Vision Plus affirmation. And it's a I'm on my way to blank. Right? It's a vision you're saying I am on my way to creating this and what I'm doing today matters. So I hope that that helps, the more you self encourage the more success confidence you will have the more you will believe in yourself and my gosh, when you believe in yourself. You are unstoppable. And not only are you unstoppable This is not just about you, you are inspiring to those around you and my gosh that's compelling What a legacy. What a difference that makes. Episodes mentioned just as they're in reviews, Episode 404 Fear of failure episode 548 staying confident when self doubt is intense. I do want to level shout out if you guys did not know we I think I did maybe I mentioned earlier we got this new sweet puppy. He's the cutest if you like dogs. Come follow his Instagram he is Sherlock dot the dot Irish dot terrier. So Sherlock, the Irish terrier. He is a living breathing teddy bear. He is the cutest. He's bringing joy to my life. So I am grateful today for that in just the greatest measure. I want to shout out and I'm grateful for kW songs who wrote an incredible review for the podcast. And I want you all to know I read each and every review they bring my spirits so much joy I am so inspired. If you want to keep me believing in my ability to show up write me reviews share the show with somebody else shout me out on Instagram. I'm Trish underscore Trish underscore Blackwell over on Instagram I love hearing from you. We're starting to do more Instagram lives that are associated with the podcast. So do check that out make sure you're following me there. But case kW Song said this the grace and guidance needed to take those next steps five stars. I've been listening to Trish for five years now. She has been that Guiding Light as I've walked through divorce, reconstruction in my life, new job and wait for it guys. Doubling my salary. Yes, yes, doubling my salary. She feels like a best friend who genuinely cares and empowers me to reach for the stars. She has a light and this podcast is the absolute best. Take this podcast to the next level with the culture competence membership coaching online and journal prompts by the way she wrote that not me. That's her words, not mine. She continues and finishes I've been privileged to have some coaching sessions with Trish. And she's so legit and coaches with love, compassion and fi you're subscribed to the podcast, it's a great first step to elevating your life. You are worth it. Thanks so much Trish. Sister, friend, I love you. I appreciate that incredible testimonial, that incredible review and the incredible work that you're doing in your life. And when we change our lives, there's a domino effect of inspiration and influence and motivation and light that dominoes in the lives of those who are watching us. So the work you are putting in doesn't just bless and benefit you. It overflows into the lives of others keep going friends, I'm proud of you. Go out there today go be more of who God created you to be. Be you. Be free. Thanks for listening to the confidence podcast and allowing me to be your coach today in your life. If you love the show, please let us know by leaving a review in iTunes are encouraged by what you learned. share this episode with a friend and let us know that the show was changing your life by saying hi to us on social media Instagram, Trish_Blackwell are on Facebook Trish Blackwell coaching, ready to take what I teach and really take it to the next level. Join us today in the College of confidence. It's a group coaching program that you can join risk free and cancel anytime. In the COC you'll scale your confidence, your courage, and the changes you make in your life is the coaching support and community you've been looking for. Go to www.collegeofconfidence.com to get started. If you love the podcast, you will love the College of confidence even more and see even more transformation in your life. Come and see for yourself. I'm cheering you on friend. See you soon

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