Podcast #586


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to know what risks to take, and which one’s not to
  • The secret to managing the “yuck” of stepping outside of your comfort zone
  • Key ways to keep yourself motivated to take your life to the next-level, however you define that


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What do you really want?

What are the things that fire your engine up and inspire you?

What dreams do you have that compel you to take inspired / scared action?

What about you?

What inspires you? 

What does your dream life look like?

What if anything was possible?

What do you want to be remembered for? 


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The self-doubt will be intense.

-Know what’s normal, where do you feel your emotions, what is the process you go through?

-Remind yourself that you’re willing and able to feel anything.

-The pit and the yuck goes away. Ride the yuck and de-dramatize it. 

-Celebrate your courage.

For every elated emotion, you will experience 2-3x negative emotions.

This is why emotional maturity / EQ and inner narrative maturity / NQ are so critical to train, develop and increase awareness over. 


Everything I want is on the other side of what I don’t want to do.

This has the potential to be amazing.

I go after the life I want.

This is me living life to the fullest.


Taking Risks and Trying New Things. Review of the week image.

Taking Risks and Trying New Things. review of the week image.

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Do you want to next level your life and you know some things that you can do, but you're putting them off, you tell yourself, you'll do it tomorrow, or you earmark it for next month, or you tell yourself, I'm going to look into that I need to buy a coach or a course or a thing to build to help me do that thing before I take action on it. Maybe you're putting off joining the gym. Or perhaps it's taking the first steps to switch your career. If you're an entrepreneur, this might be as simple as trying new ideas with more boldness and confidence or investing in a new training or certification. If you want more from life, or you know you have more within you than you're currently living out there, this episode is for you. We're going to be talking about taking risks, and trying new things. I'm going to tell you how to know which risks to take and which ones not to the secret to managing the yuck of stepping outside your comfort zone. And key ways to keep yourself motivated so that you can take your life to the next level. However it is that you define that next level. This episode is going to get you to take some massive action right away. I know it I feel it, I am confident of it. So let's dive in. You're listening to the confidence podcast, the go to coaching podcast, oozing with motivation, and easy to implement steps that help you to be bold and confident in life. I'm your host Trish Blackwell, internationally recognized confidence coach, best selling author, and founder of the College of confidence. I teach go getters in life, how to master their self talk, turn down the volume of self doubt, and get more results in life. So that you can be the difference maker and world changer. God created you to be you were made for more. And today's episode, we'll help you tap into it. Let's go. Hey there. I'm Trish Blackwell and you're listening to the competence podcast. This is episode 586. As we've already mentioned, we're talking today about taking risks, and trying new things. If you're new to the show, welcome. I just want you to consider me as that friend, you've always wanted that hype girl in your pocket, who believes in you and sees your potential more than you see it yourself. My mission is to help driven high achieving women have the confidence to believe in their wildest dreams, to equip you to set the world on fire. And then to lead others with unshakable confidence as you lead by example. So we are going to be going real deep today. I gotta say though, I have to give a thank you. You guys have come in strong on iTunes recently, almost made me want to cry I had we had like four or even five new reviews this week. I feel the love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for everyone who took just a few minutes do that that helps us reach more people. So I absolutely thank you from the bottom my heart. Before we live in today's coaching, I have an announcement we are starting the next cohort of the confidence coaching certification next month. If you are a coach and want a better business, the certification is for you. It will give you the confidence in your coaching skills plus a full toolbox of new proven tools that get results and the skills and process to sell your services and grow your business with confidence and authority. So if you've been thinking about becoming a coach, this is a fully comprehensive certification like no other. You will learn how to be a coach how to master and use coaching tools that work and how to establish and grow your business. Do you want to know how I've gotten over 6.5 million downloads? Do you want to know how I travel eight weeks a year and get to be present with my kids before school and after while still growing my business? Do you want to know how to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes I made over 12 years of coaching so that you don't have to make those. This coach of coaching certification program it does all of that for you if also, I give you the tools and methodologies to teach my exact coaching tools and then you have the legal right to teach them to your own clients to get faster results. Here's the thing. It's a six month process. And it is an incredible journey. I'll be mentoring you each step of the way. It's an investment in your coaching education that will make you a success. Go to confidence coaching certification.com. To find out more I do want to read one of our testimonials that came in this is from Barb. She said this, I cannot emphasize enough how much this certification has transformed my life. I completed the certification with Trish and it had a profound impact on both my personal life and my business. This certification enabled me to put my confidence building habits into action, significantly boosting my self assurance. Moreover, I gained valuable skills that allowed me to take a leap and turn my coaching practice into my full time job. The tools provided in the certification have been invaluable in my work with clients. I have a treasure trove of free sources to draw from enhancing my ability to support others effectively. One of the highlights of the program where the camp was the camaraderie and support from fellow students in the cohort. I not only learned from them but also formed lasting friendships. We continue to stay in touch, providing each other with accountability and encouragement as we navigate our businesses and step outside of our comfort zones. I cannot emphasize enough how Trisha certification has transformed my life. It's been an incredible journey. And I'm grateful for the skills competence and connections I've gained through this program. If you want to be able to say something like that, it is available to you Come and join me we start in March for cohort number two, I cannot wait to mentor you. Alright, let's dive in. Let's talk about taking risks, when and when to take it when to not when to know how to find yourself a pathway out of overwhelm that often sidelines and pauses many of us, here's the first thing, do it afraid. But in order to do it afraid, you also have to know what you want. I don't want you to go and do everything. Because if you spread yourself too thin and you take risks and try new things all across the board, you're gonna get great courage, you're going to build that muscle of boldness, but not actually make progress on what fills your soul. So I want to start, you're going to know which risks to take, and what new things to try. By first asking yourself what do you really want? This seems like a really simple question, but in fact, is one of the pillars of confidence that we teach. We teach in my coaching processes that the third pillar is how to know what you want. It's to build your competence. You want to work on all five of these pillars first is know who you are. Second is know that you matter. Third is know what you want, which seems easy, but it's hard to answer. The fourth is know how to think you guys get a lot of that type of coaching here on the podcast. Know how to think know how to journal know how to reframe know how to parent, your thoughts. And then fifth, know that your future can be greater than your past no your future Rockstar, designing and building and customizing the future of your dreams. But it really starts with that for here today. And in the context of today's coaching that third pivotal pillar. What do you want? And if you look forward, and you forecast forward, and you think you're looking back, you're on your deathbed, you're looking back at your life. And you're saying oh my gosh, was this a life well lived? I am proud of the journey. I'm grateful for the ups and downs. So what do you really want? What are the things that fire your engine up and inspire you? What dreams do you have that compel you to take action or that's action that feels inspired by the way sometimes that action, that inspiration is going to feel inspired. And sometimes you're going to feel afraid, it's okay, emotions come and go. They are indicators, not dictators, they don't have to dictate you into the corner, or they're not a red flag that you shouldn't move forward. The full experience of being human includes the full spectrum of human emotions. And once I learned that, that these quote unquote negative emotions that I felt when I was stepping into my discomfort zone, when I was stretching myself trying new things, daring to dream bigger, the other the doubt, the the fear of disappointment, the vulnerability, exposure, all of that, once I normalized that that was part of the process. I was much more capable of handling it and moving through it is our hope I encourage you today by saying all of the gunk that you feel like you're super inspired, and you're on fire, but then you're like, but if it was really meant to be should I also feel these negative things. Yes. I hope that phrase somebody today, I have been studying confidence for 12 years, committed to it all in on it. And because I'm an emotional creature, I don't always feel 100% confident that is not what confidence is competence is, is having more more confidence than there is self doubt. And sometimes that's going to be a ratio of 51% to 49%. And we want it to be higher 9010 7030. But as long as you're 51% Confident, you're confident enough now

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this honestly is why I love the sport of snowboarding. And even if you aren't into sports and especially not winter sports, you will be able to follow this along. Many of you who follow me on social media see that as often as I can get to the snow I'm getting to the snow. For context. I live in Virginia, which is not a very snowy place so on a multiple times a week basis. My passion gets me to drive upwards of three to four hours round trip, sometimes five hours just to get on the snow. I love it that much. My passion drives me what you might not know about the sport for me is that I only started learning it when I was 30. We started 10 years ago my husband and I when we were dating, I guess it'd be 11 years now. So we were dating and this is was a thing we picked up together and I fell in love with it. And I like it because it's humbling for me. It started off being really challenging. And I still I push myself my kids are now competing, which is like my mom dream come true. Like seriously, like this weekend. They are officially USA USA, like snowboard free ski registered. We're doing like official stuff like mom dream mom dream, living it right. So yeah, I'm living a little vicariously through my kids, but they start doing things. And I'm like, Oh, I can try that. It's very different being six or nine and falling on a rail or falling it when you're trying to do a thing, versus 40. But you know what, I love that exhilaration that I get I feel when I start to do something new when I'm going in on the train Park and trying something with my kids when I'm jumping off of a jump and going, oh my gosh, I'm 40 What am I doing? I I lean into it. And when I feel exhilarated, I'm also feeling afraid. And I love practicing that through snowboarding, so that I can get comfortable trusting myself get comfortable having a fall and pivoting from the fault. Get comfortable saying I'm always going to be willing to do try new things. Now. There's a context there are certain things that my kids are doing out on the slopes that I can look at and go my skill level is not there yet now that their skill level is but they can fall hard. They will fall hard and not break something whereas I might. And so when I push myself to do those things, I'm going to hire my kids coach to guide me in the safe, proper way to do that cool trick. So I'm not being careless. I just wanted to say that there's a level of carelessness or recklessness that I'm not advising. But I want you to fit ask yourself, are there things that I enjoy? That I'm willing to do afraid this might be you love, you're an you're, you're an artist, you're a creative, you're a musician, and you want to share your art, your beauty, your workmanship with other people. And you can lose yourself for hours in the art. But you want that you know it will bless others. You know, it's going to inspire beauty in other people's lives. And you got it but in order to get it out there, you've got to do it afraid. So you feel exhilarated, exhilarated, but also terrified. Just what if they don't like it? But what if they love it? And what if it? What if it changes their life, right? That's fine. It doesn't have to be snowboarding, it doesn't have to be art. But find something that you can practice doing it afraid that you enjoy it enough that you're willing to do it a little a little nervous. Because when you know you want things change, the way to get the life that you want is to be willing to try new things. Life doesn't happen to you, you make life happen. I was just doing a real on Tiktok by the way, new thing we're trying this out, I am an old lady Dylan. I'm not that old. But I love being 40. So making a joke here. I'm convinced that when I'm 80, I'm going to look I'm going to look feel and act like a 50 year old. That's that's the goal. But so I'm now on tick tock so you can follow me at Trish Blackwell coaching. But I was doing a tech talk on how what differentiates people, successful people from people who are not as successful is that they are massive action takers. And so for that thing that you're saying, I'll do it tomorrow, do it today. That thing that you're saying I'll do it later do it now. The more you can you get used to doing things when you don't quote unquote feel like it, the more successful you will be. But in order to know what new things to do, or what when to take action, you've got to know what you want. So for me as a kid, I had a vision and I was so driven, I could take massive action with incredible consistency, because I had a vision of what I wanted. That vision was I wanted to be on the metal podium at the Olympics, that dream never happened. But the vision of it drove me to to to really maximize my experience in a sport and it gave me discipline and vision and drive and exhilaration and motivation. And then that that changed when I was in my 20s to say to having an image of being on stage and an idea of being having the capacity with my business to make a world class impact. And then that image became from there realizing okay, I could I could I could change the world, I can make a difference. And that got me to do things that were hard. Learn the backend of my business that was really challenging. Decide before I knew how to podcast or trusted my podcasting voice decide to podcast even though I wasn't sure if anyone would listen. But the vision of saying I believe I can help people got me to do the things that were uncomfortable, like recording a podcast before people really knew what podcasts were but then staying consistent every Tuesday for the last 11 years now seems easy now for me. But the first three years were hard because I was still figuring out a lot of my own personal development at the time. I didn't have the feedback At the time, I didn't have the confidence that I do now, then. But I did have the vision. And the vision got me to be consistent. And when I had the vision and I would commit to consistency, my willingness to take risks was easier. Because I said, Well, I've done the work. I'm going to take the risk and stay consistent. I'm going to put it out here. I'm going to tell people, I have a podcast that felt like an emotional risk at the time. And then as things went when Paris for this, you might not remember Periscope was the first live streaming app that came out before way before Instagram had to Instagram Live or Tik Tok came out. I mean, I was willing to try new things. Because of my vision, I can still remember being in my kitchen at my old house at old house a couple houses ago, having Periscope angled up, I didn't even have like a tripod, I had my, my newborn was sleeping. And I was willing to try new things. I was willing to try a new app, I was willing to go live on a live stream, even though like that's not what people did yet. But the willingness to try new things got me breakthrough in my confidence and new ideas of how to pivot for other goals in my life. So then, I had this compelling image of going, alright, what if I didn't have to work because I was building my business while also working a full time job. And then the image of saying, What if I didn't have to work nine to five, and I could work with my kids and also my laptop from anywhere. And then I was at the top of Mont Tremblant on one of our first snowboarding vacations. And there was this beauty and adventure and connection. And my Ellie at the time was six months old, and we had taken her to Canada. And then I had this vision to say, I want more of this in my life, what is it going to take for me to have that for us to have the financial freedom, the time freedom for us to do that, that got me willing to do more things to take more risks in my personal life, but also to reflect on how do I need to uplevel all of my personal habits if my standards are changing, because my vision is changing, I have control over that. We don't always have control over the timeline. But we can do things and when you know what you want, it's easier to do it afraid. Then I we think in 2018, or 2019, we took a trip to to the UK. And I was in the Highlands of Scotland with my two kids there at that time, like two and four. And my business increased at the time that was there. And I couldn't remember literally, we stayed at this really beautiful place that was overlooking a lock. And there were sheep everywhere in walking in the field with my kids running in the Highlands of Scotland holding a cup of coffee, having just worked a couple hours in the cabin and then gone out to enjoy this like pasture. Like it literally felt like I was walking through the 23rd salt. I went okay, my my vision of what was possible increase what if I could travel a month at a time. Right, that's where the seed for going to Paris for a month got planted. And so I two other things I wanted to add that have given me a vision, I share these things just to give you ideas because your vision doesn't have to be super concrete. Okay? It's great if it is, maybe it's the vision of seeing your book on a bookshelf at Barnes and Noble. I also have the vision, the desire to snowboard as much as possible, because when I snowboard I feel most alive, most connected God, I have a vision, parenting desire for my kids to see me work strategically, bravely without limits. Because I want to write my vision is to raise children who are willing to think outside of the box, and not just have a good IQ or EQ, but n q right narrative intelligence and a clear vision of what they want in their lives and a willingness to fail their way to reach the result. So let me let me pivot to you. What about you? What inspires you? What does your dream life look like? What, if anything was possible? What would you do? Because the only limits that you have are the limits you're placing on yourself, which are just a story you're telling yourself. I'm not smart enough. I'm too old. I'm too young. I'll never figure that out. I won't have the right partner to support me. I don't know what I want. What do you want to be remembered for?

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Because once you can answer some of these questions, you can start doing it afraid if you're not sure what you're want. On a side note here, if you're not sure what you want, I have 200 Journal prompts that are part of that new journal prompt book that I've just published on Amazon. It's called inner readings. If you type in inner radiance Trish Blackwell on into Amazon, you'll find it there's 1000 Journal prompts, but there are 200 specifically in the column of how to know what you want that will help you start to flesh some of this out. You here's a quick link to get to it as Trish blackwell.com forward slash inner radiants but but keep fighting if you're not sure keep keep dreaming. Keep going. Whoa, hmm, well, that would be cool. Would that be cool? Wouldn't it be cool if that's a really great way to start your inspiration when work when it comes to taking risks trying new things being willing to say I have a new vision for my future. I want to normalize your expectations here. I want to normalize that there's going to be self doubt we already alluded to this earlier, it is normal that your emotions go up and down it is, you can still be confident and have self doubt. At the same time, we just need the voice of competence to be louder than the self doubt. And there are going to be seasons where the self doubt will be intense. I have those seasons, I feel very confident in my business, in my fitness goals in might all the different areas of life that I pay a lot of attention to. And there will be seasons often for me, it's it seasons, days, weeks, where it's going to connect, sometimes for me to my sleep, schedule, my sleep sleep quality, but also my hormonal cycle. And sometimes the self doubt is intense. And when that happens, I take a break. While I remind myself that God's got me, or I double down and do focus on the micro wins the way I'm showing up over what I can control, I remind myself that I'm willing and able to feel anything that my feelings will pass that the pit and yuck goes away that if I can ride the Yuck, like the yuck train, and de dramatize it, I can get through it. And then I celebrate the emotional courage. I have to stay in a place of belief, even though I'm like but what if it doesn't work? I tend to have two voices going on. I'm like this is it. It's definitely happening. And then like, oh, well, what if it doesn't, and then I go girl, like I basically have trained my brain to have a parallel conversation with itself all the time. Because it's always ping ponging back like, Okay, I'm 100% Confident in this. Yeah, but, and then I talk back to that, and like, we're all we're fine. I keep speaking with authority, to the self doubting thoughts in my brain. And I celebrate my courage, I celebrate my willingness to have these conversations. And for every elated emotion, you might experience two to three negative emotions. And that's why emotional maturity, and the inner narrative maturity that you have, it's so critical to change, train both meaning train and celebrate your willingness to practice emotions, your willingness to practice internal conversations with yourself. And that when you do those things you will grow in your emotional intelligence and in your narrative intelligence. And again, narrative intelligence, or n q as I'm defining it, is the self talk that you have with yourself, your ability to reframe your thoughts, your ability to take control of the narrative of the way you're telling the story about something that has happened in your life, or about something that's happened in your past, or something that's possible in your future. It's the story of your life, as told by you. And because I wanted to provide more tools, because this sounds great, and you might be going good. I'm super inspired Trish now what link, I you heard this last week, this is going to be a standing product, so you can access it anytime. But if you're ready to work on how you talk to yourself, and you're ready to work on how you are able to cheer yourself on and celebrate your courage and talk back to your brain. I created this micro coaching course. It's seven days. It's called The Seven Day self validation challenge. And it's seven minutes a day, the course costs $7 You can find it at Trish blackwell.com forward slash validate. Before we close out today, I wanted to give you some power phrases. You have heard me say this before, power phrases are simple, short sentences. They're like affirmations. But affirmations are more generalized. A power phrase is specified to you. And it's something that when you say it, you're not trying to like Oh, I hope I believe this. You say it and you feel it. And this is just as you're thinking about the vision of what you want. Your willingness to take risks is going to correlate whether you the level of success that you have. We talked a lot about business or your dream life. In order to access those things, you've got to try new things you might need to try rearranging how you manage your finances or get a financial advisors so that you and your family can can snowball that debt or scale up your investments and buy that second house in the mountains that you want to go where the beach house, like if you want to try new things with your life, you want to try to design a new feature there are going to be things that you need to do differently than you currently are doing. Now, maybe you want to have this epic love story in your life. Your prince charming is not going to come and knock on your door. You're gonna have to put yourself out there. You're gonna have to date you're gonna have to initiate you're gonna have to take risks. If love is risky. You've got to make yourself vulnerable to trust somebody to the have a deep, intimate connection. And so we're talking not just about business or trying new things, making more money, this is relevant to any area of your life that you want to change. If you want to change jobs, change careers, or you're considering the dream school and maybe your dream schools in the Ivy League, and you're currently in high school, nobody that you know is going to an Ivy League the risk of saying, I believe I can put an application and I think this is a route that I'm qualified for, I'm going to put my name in the hat. It's the willingness to go for things. It's the willingness to say, I'll raise my hand. Because we know why do not why do most people not take risks, or try new things, we are so afraid of failure. We're afraid of public humiliation, we're afraid of failure, and we're afraid of rejection. But if you can normalize rejection, and if you can, you can look at reframing and read and re narrating how you think about failure. Failure is not a bad thing. Failure is a step on the path to success. It's a necessary stepping stone. And everyone gets rejected. It's what you do with the rejection, and how you tell yourself a story about the rejection that matters. In fact, we just did a whole workshop in the College of confidence, which, if you're new, it's my group coaching program, it's a monthly month cancel anytime you can find out at College of confidence.com. Find out more there, but we just did an entire hour coaching on handling rejection, we talked about it in the sense of putting your name in the hat, applying for things you don't want. And really because I realized doing this work and preparing for that, that course that I taught, I had harbored a lot of pain from rejection that was holding me back in my life. So there was a rejection as an eight year old from the boy I liked, who didn't like me back. There was rejection. For for a thing I applied for in high school, there was a rejection from a different thing in after I graduated college, there was rejection throughout and there were certain ones that were painful that I've held on to and in in preparing for the coaching and walking my students through how to handle rejection. It was really revelatory to realize that when you change the story, you change what it can do in your life, rather than holding you back, it can actually catapult you forward. It's it's like a, like a diving board that catapults you and launches you to your next level. Because if you realize that you are capable of handling anything, any rejection, because the rejection doesn't have to hurt, it's the story you tell yourself about it. Rejection is often God's protection, rejections, often just a new direction. And sometimes we get so focused on rejection or the risk of rejection, we're staring at the one door that closed and we don't see all the other doors and windows that have opened. It's all about perspective. So if you want to next level your life in any capacity, new job better school new opportunity, different. Gosh, it takes takes risk, expanding your social circle, because we don't want to be rejected. We don't want to make the effort. And then what if they don't reach back? What if they don't include us in the next group like, Guys, anything we're in life, that's good, is worth the risk. It's worth trying. So here are some power phrases, I've got four for you here. They're simple. They're short, they're written down. So if you liked them, and you want to write them down, and maybe you're on the treadmill right now, or you're driving, please don't do anything dangerous. Just go to Trish blackwell.com, forward slash 586. And I'll you'll be able to see those in the show notes for you on my website. Here we go. Number one, everything I want is on the other side of what I don't want to do. Everything I want is on the other side of what I don't want to do. Number two, this has the potential to be amazing. You see, we're often like Oh, but what if it doesn't work? What if? Why do we have to tell the negative angle? This has the potential to be really embarrassing, okay.

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This has the potential to hurt, okay, maybe be better tell a different way. This has the potential to be amazing. This has the potential to be epic. To be exhilarating to be strengthening. Okay, three, I go after the life I want. I love the simplicity that I go after the life I want. That's going to keep you from staying in that place of like, Should I Stay or Should I Go? Do I try? Do I not I go after the life I want. I invest in myself. I take risks. i Dream Big I'm willing to try. And then I also my fourth one for you is one that I use often for myself. This is me living life to the fullest. Because your brain is gonna go should I should you not Oh, we should probably play it safe. Or maybe we wait and you need to talk back to that part of the brain that trying to protect you and say, This is what it looks like for me to go live life to the fullest. This is me, living life to the fullest. Because I hope today's episode encouraged you. I want to give a shout out very quickly to two reviewers. We have weightlifter Danny, she wrote exactly what I needed to hear. I've only heard one episode but it was so good. I had to pause, take notes, rewind, play, pause, take notes, rewind, and repeat that all over. And Tricia is a believer to question mark exclamation mark. Her podcast is a blessing and delight. First off weightlifter, Danny, I like lifting weights, I feel like we would be friends for sure. Number two, the fact that you listened to one episode and immediately gave me love and feedback is such a blessing. Thank you. That is so kind. I hope that you continue to enjoy the show, and that you share it with others. And then our second review I had to share today was from Denise Denise Pittman Ross, Marissa, she said this finally, by the way, this is not a review for this episode, this podcast. It's a review from my other podcast. And that's why I'm bringing it up in case you did not know we have released Season Two of the confident mom podcast. This is a podcast, about parenting about parenting as a confident mom, as a confident woman, and parenting your kids in a way that will instill confidence. And here's what Denise says. I love all of Trish his work, the confidence podcast, and the College of confidence. And I'm so excited for a podcast with all of her wisdom, but focused on parenting, she's down to earth gets all of all of the good and occasionally hard of parenting and offers actionable ideas so we can bring her the best version of ourselves, we can bring the best version of ourselves to our parenting. When life works bests. I've got Trish in my ear and making moves in my hearts. Denise, thank you. Thank you for that. Thank you for enjoying both shows. And for reminding me to remind people, you've got another podcast that you can go check out it's called the confident mom podcast. Because I am so blessed to be a voice in your life of all the podcasts that you can listen to. You listen to the show, and I don't take that lightly. I'm so grateful for your time, your attention. And I am so proud of the work that you do to apply these concepts to your life. There's I really truly believe you are a world changer. And difference maker. Thanks for listening to the confidence podcast and allowing me to be your coach today in your life. If you love the show, please let us know by leaving a review in iTunes are encouraged by what you learned. share this episode with a friend and let us know that the show is changing your life by saying hi to us on social media Instagram, Trish_Blackwell are on Facebook Trish Blackwell coaching, ready to take what I teach and really take it to the next level. Join us today in the College of competence. It's a group coaching program that you can join risk free and cancel anytime. In the COC you'll scale your confidence, your courage, and the changes you make in your life. It's the coaching support and community you've been looking for. Go to www.collegeofconfidence.com to get started. If you love the podcast, you will love the College of confidence even more and see even more transformation in your life. Come and see for yourself. I'm cheering you on friend. See you soon

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