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You’re fired up. It’s a new year. But how do you make sure that you don’t lose the fire? How can you make sure that this year is different than any other year? It’s all in the approach. Success is not a fluke, and it’s not just for the lucky. It’s for those who plan for it and who step into it. This episode will teach you exactly how to step into it – 24 ways to be exact – to exceed your own self-imposed limitations. 

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re coaching on:

  • 24 ways to make 2024 massively successful
  • The scalability factor of confidence
  • A special invitation to approach your year like never before


24 Ways to Make 2024 Massively Successful. NEW YOUR WEEK Image


JAN 8-JAN 12 at 12PM EST


The 2024 You

Your 2024 Habits

Your 2024 Thoughts

Your 2024 Results

Your 2024 Breakthroughs 



  1. Write down your goal
  2. Have action purpose and vision behind your goal  (remind yourself daily)
  3. Back map your 2023
  4. Make your goal public
  5. Know what’s at stake – what’s your loss risk
  6. Plan for Zones of Discomfort
  7. Commit to 90 days of journaling
  8. Create Thought Plans
  9. The 3|3|3 Method www.trishblackwell.com/333method
  10. First thought positive thought | www.trishblackwell.com/563
  11. Cut your screen time in half
  12. Prioritize life ethic equal to work ethic 
  13. Schedule more fun
  14. Write down your identity – badass powerhouse
  15. Practice the future you daily
  16. Identify glass ceilings 
  17. Question your past stories 
  18. Prioritize connection with God
  19. Scale your daily habits
  20. Burn the boats (give yourself no choice but to make it happen)
  21. Be obsessed with a positive, winning, victorious mind
  22. Invest in coaching
  23. Surround yourself with a positive community 
  24. Sign up for NEW YOU WEEK 



Enter this year with a committed up-leveling of your confidence. 

I am capable.

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If you're fired up, it's a new year. But how do you make sure that you don't lose the fire? How can you make sure that this year is different than any other year? It's all in the approach. Look, success is not a fluke. And it's not just for the lucky. It's for those who plan for it, who and who step into it. And this episode is going to teach you exactly how to step into it and 24 ways to be exact, to exceed and surpass your own self imposed limitations. This is a New Year's episode, unlike any of the other ones that you are seeing. Because this is giving you 24 Things that you can implement to make 2024 massively successful. You're listening to the confidence podcast, the go to coaching podcast, oozing with motivation, and easy to implement steps that help you to be bold, and confident in life. I'm your host, Trish Blackwell, internationally recognized confidence coach, best selling author, and founder of the College of confidence, I teach go getters in life, how to master their self talk, turn down the volume of self doubt, and get more results in life. So that you can be the difference maker and world changer. God created you to be you were made for more. And today's episode will help you tap into it. Let's go. Hey, there, it's Trish Blackwell. And you're listening to the confidence podcast if you listen, in real time, Happy New Year, it is January 2. And I wish you a Happy New Year in this episode of the competence Podcast, episode 580. We're talking about 24 ways to make 2024 massively successful why? Because I love lists. I used to find the books that in Barnes and Noble. They were called like list ology, and it was a book where you just made lists of things, lists of animals that bring you joy lists of foods that you want to cook, I love lifts lists. And we're gonna do so I made a list. I made a list to start the new year right. I want to talk to as about the scalability factor of confidence. And I have a special invitation to approach your year like never before. So what is that special invitation? That special invitation is to come join me next week. For new you week. What is new you week? Well, it's a week we do a coaching Challenge Week where you Monday through Friday. I have an hour long workshop including spot coaching, personalized feedback workbooks, I'm going to walk you through five categories and strategies to help you create a new you this year. Talk about reinventing yourself and the possibilities that you can do with your life, your finances, your your your work, your body, your impact. We're gonna be talking about the 2024 you your 2024 habits, your 2024 thoughts, your 2424 results and consistency and your 2024 breakthroughs and more. This is a week long transformation weekend. If you by the end of the week. Don't feel like it has been the most powerful way to start your year. Just let my team and I know and we will refund you your registration fee. It is that important to me that you get in on this. Come and join me for a week for just $47 go to Trish blackwell.com forward slash new you I believe that this week will help you set yourself up for massive success the rest of the year now side note if you are a member of the college confidence, this is already part of your college confidence membership you do not have to officially sign up you are part of it there's it is free for you. If you're not a college and competence Member This is a way to dip your toe into the water of seeing what is the difference of working with me beyond the podcast because people who would take that plunge say it's Game Changing comm and save yourself risk free why it makes such a difference. Hey, before we dive into that list, I wanted to ask you a favor. If you have been blessed by the show if this show has helped boost your confidence. Please take just a minute today write a review that helps us reach more people helps us deliver this free coaching into the ears of more people helps algorithm makes a suggestion that hey, this might be something that interests somebody and it's worth giving a show a try. You know what it feels like to try out a new show on Netflix or a new podcast show that you're considering the reviews make a difference. So if you believe other people should be listening to this and that they would enjoy it. Please take a moment and write a review. I so deeply appreciate it. Let's dive in to the list. Okay, so 24 ways to succeed in 2024. Number one is to write down your goal. Do you know that most people don't write down their goals, they know that you should write down your goal. But most people don't. In fact, like, very, very, very, very, very few people write down their goals do you want to be if you want to be the 1% of people doing successful things. One way to separate yourself is to simply write down your goal. And I just mean, write down your primary goal for the year each and every day. In my coaching, we call this your high in your whites, your your high vision goal, the Big Vision goal. And if you really want the bonus points, write down why it matters to you. But writing down your goal in a present tense is so powerful, because it keeps for front of your mind why you're showing up why you're requiring yourself to do big bold things, why you've decided to seize the day and go after life. If you lose sight of your goal, if you lose sight of your vision, you lose your momentum, you lose your mojo, you lose your power. So writing your goals down every day matters. Number two, by the way that doesn't, I want to really emphasize writing your goal down not thinking that your goal writing your goal down, never to have an action, purpose and vision behind your goal. You've got to remind yourself daily why it matters to you. So if it's a weight loss goal, Why is life gonna be different? What's the weight is lost? If it's a business goal? Why is it important that your email list grows to that or that you get promoted within your company to that that specific level? Why does that matter? What's the big vision behind the goal, you've got to always have that big vision perspective. So that you know, it still matters. Because it's very easy to get discouraged. It's very easy to get to just feel unmotivated, we cannot go into this year expecting our motivation to not have problems we are I wanted to pave this list forward for you for you to consider it as a path forward through the potholes on the road to success. Because there will be potholes, though there will be sickness, there will be discouragement there will be distraction, there will be doubt, there will be lacking motivation. But if you keep the vision, the why behind what you're doing. And big at the forefront of your mind, you'll just go through you won't be you won't get a flat from the pothole, you're just going to keep going you'll get a bump, and you'll keep going. Number three, do what I want you to do something called back mapping. Now if you took part in my do more in 2024, we did this together. But let me explain the concept to back map your 2023. And what that means is it's to create a map backwards, which really just means reflect on what went well. what didn't go well, what went well, what didn't go well. And what will you do differently categorically in all areas of your life? So asking yourself those three questions, what went well, what didn't go well? What will I do differently? That's a really great way to review the past while you give yourself some validation, and then also some openness and awareness and feedback to say this is what I can change and improve. Our fourth thing that you can do is to make your goal public. That's right. I don't care if it's public within your group of friends, whether you want to post it on Instagram or Facebook and tell people whether it's a public goal by with you and your personal trainer or you and your coach or you in the community have a college confidence but tell more than one person about your goal whatever that big thing you want what that dream that vision, the when you think about what you want in 2024 that one thing that you go wow, this year was massively successful. What would that be? And tell someone bought it because when you tell someone about it, all of a sudden, it becomes way more real. All of a sudden, it becomes something you're able to do. Or something that at least you got some some skin in the game and that you're gonna do. Number five know what's at stake. What's your loss risk? You know, I think it's so interesting. We, we want to succeed, but we we often lose sight of what's at stake if we don't. And I like to consider this as reverse motivation. You've got to remind yourself like if I don't push myself if I don't step out of my comfort zone, what is that risk? stagnancy? Or maybe is it the debt isn't gonna get paid off? Like what are you risking by not taking action because if we're going to be people who are compelled to be massive action takers, which is the way we get results in in, in life to be massive action takers, we're going to have to take action when we don't feel like and one of the ways to take action when you don't feel like it's to know what's at stake know what you're fighting for know what your loss risk is if you don't take the action.

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Which leads me to number six number six is something again, we did in our do more in 20. 24 and we plan to four zones of discomfort. Now you've heard the phrase, life begins outside of your comfort zone. And I really think success begins when you start pursuing zones of discomfort. I'm going to say that, again, success begins when you start pursuing zones of discomfort. And what I'm going to advise you is to do is to create some intentional zones of discomfort when you think about that big goal of yours. And you think about what kind of things you would need to do, how would you need to stretch yourself to make that possible? Is it you need to get more comfortable public speaking? Is it that you need to ask for a raise? And is it that you need to have the uncomfortable conversation of budgeting and seeking out some investment helping you really get your finances under control, it's all uncomfortable, but let's plan for it right out seven zones of discomfort that you can say these, this is zone one, Zone Two, zone three, zone four, I'm going to preemptively plan on stepping into these discomfort zones, because I think sometimes we we like want to get a little pushed into it. We're like, Oh, I'm in my own comfort zone. Literally, like confident people successful people intentionally step in to the zone of discomfort. But in order to know what where to step into, you first have to define it. So think about your goal in mind. And, and then think about what is separating you What is it you typically there's some uncomfortable things, there are some things we don't want to do, it's time to write those down and decide ahead of time, this is the year I'm going to do the things I don't want to do. Because success is the willingness to do the things you don't want to do is everything you want is on the other side of what you don't want to do. Number seven, commit to 90 days of journaling is game changing, 90 days of journaling will change your life. And I'll remind you that journaling can take three minutes. I've got tons of journals, check on my website, I've got tons of journals, I sell them on Amazon, they're super cheap. If you don't know where to start, if you don't, if you really want to master journaling, come and join us in the college competence. We have courses and workshops and I'll walk you through all the process of powerful journaling. But I tell you, your life will change if you commit to 90 days of journaling. Number eight, create thought plans. Now a thought plan is amazing, simple process of writing three to five sentences. These are our planned thoughts that we will have for when we will be discouraged. So these potholes on the road of success of discouragement. We're going to we're planning for us to experience I'm planning to hit the pothole. And so I'm going to have written out a thought plan of why it matters to me of why I'm still going to why I'm on the way to writing out what you need to tell yourself when you're discouraged ahead of time. And maybe it's not discouraged. Maybe your pothole is intimidated. Or you're really breaking the pattern of self critical thinking and self criticism, and perfectionism. And when you find yourself falling into default thinking patterns, and beating yourself up or feeling like it's a lost cause what will you say to yourself this thought plan is your mental battle plan? Is your game plan to speak truth and be a friend to yourself? And it's, it's different than reframing because you're pre framing your pre framing the thoughts that you know you're going to have. So what is it that you're going to need to say to yourself this year, take a moment today this week and write out a couple power thoughts that can go into a thought plant encourage yourself now, this all feels very overwhelming. And this is the work that we are doing this this month in the College of confidence. I'm walking people through thought plans. And we're doing this in new you week as well. So please come join us we'll help you customize some thought plans based on your goals. Number nine is the 333 method. The three three method is my three minute journaling process that I teach I absolutely adore takes three minutes at night. And the simple beautiful thing here is I have a one page worksheet, I teach you the process in a 10 minute video, and it's absolutely free. I'm gonna direct you to go check it out at Trish blackwell.com Ford slash 333 method and you're gonna get your free download of it. And I'll walk you through the process how to make it really really effective. It is the I think the best tool to reduce stress and increase productivity that exists and it takes three minutes a night you write three gratitudes three wins of the day and you you decide on three wins of the day ahead of time and then there's the bonus little journaling prompt unintentional emotion creation that I can't wait to teach you. That is all in that training video. Again, go to Trish blackwell.com forward slash 333 method. Okay, we're on number 10 Number 10 is your first thought positive thought you guys have heard me say this before on an actual I believe we've had a whole actually it's episode 563 It's called first thought your easiest hack for increasing confidence. So I want to direct you to go listen to that episode, because this is such a game changing Calm, calm. But if you want to succeed in 2024, you got to make your first thought a positive thought you got to make that first thought when your feet hit the ground from the bet. You insist on it being a powerful thought, go listen to five 563 You can listen by scrolling back in your podcast app or going to Trish blackwell.com Ford slash 563. Okay, number 11. Success secret. Cut your screen time in half. I'm not kidding. See what happens in the first 30 days of your year if you cut your screen time in half. And how do you just go into your phone settings, see what your screen usage is. And just see if you can cut that in half is really interesting to see how much time how much we say that we don't have time. And yet how much time we spend on our screens are so much more available to you. We, I believe me, myself included fall into some mindless habits of of wasting our attention or attention is not needed. Because you the successful living version of you has to be obsessed with your goals has to be obsessed with the life that you're creating the life that you love this, this life that is worthy of living in it's so beautiful, and it's not found on a screen. Number 12. Prioritize your life ethic, as much as you prioritize your work ethic. Now, you've probably heard me coach on this before, but if you haven't, we often especially in the high achievers, you know, driven person world type a perfectionist like work ethic, it's very easy to kind of all agree that we admire and respect people with good work ethic. And I know that for so many years, my life I draw drove myself into the ground with hustle culture, based on work ethic. I took pride in my work ethic, but I didn't take pride in my life ethic and life ethic is the ability to live a beautiful life intentionally as well as equal to the Billy live and work of integrity in my work life. So it's a life of integrity and as well as a work of integrity. Because I thought about it. And I realized I don't want people to look at my life and say, Man, that girl worked hard. That girl had great work ethic, I want them to say that girl that beautifully. She poured her heart into anything she did be at work, or life. And it's a game changing shift. I just challenge and invite you to start thinking about that. Number 13 schedule, more fun. This goes. This is the next step to life I think but a person who has fun ends up succeeding more, you can see this in athletics, the athletes at high levels that still love what they do and to have fun while they play or while they compete tend to outperform people who take things too seriously. Now I am massively massively guilty of taking things too seriously. And so one of the things I've had to really prioritize to increase my success is to have more fun. And because I'm so so driven, I have to schedule it for myself. So look, there's no shame in that game. Schedule, more fun, prioritize it. Number 14. Write down your identity. Who is it that you are going to be? Who is it that God says that you are? Who are you? Who do you want to be it start to time to start creating a list of power phrases about yourself about your capacity? I love even this that that statement, I'm a woman of high capacity. I'm a woman who enthusiastically lives her life and creates impact. I'm a badass female powerhouse, what is it that you want to say write it down. It is so critical that you remind yourself of who you are this year all year long. And that you can open up to it in your journal, or look at it on a posted on your mirror or by your computer every day. Because we live in a world who tries to make us forget who we are we live in a world that waters this down, that wants us to to be like everyone else. And that we start to question do we need this to be happy? Should we buy that? Should we get that to be happy? Like where are we lacking you we spend so much time focusing on where we lack we forget to focus on where we are so good, so strong, so powerful. So write down who you are. And and remind yourself daily number 15. Practice the future you daily. This is critical. You have to decide who is it that you're going to be who is that future version of you? And then start getting really curious about that version. How do they how do they show up? What are their habits? Well, I like to think about my future self and I go What kind of clothes does she wear? How does she shop? What are well how much time she's just she's spend doing certain things? What kind of food does she How does she eat her food? How quickly or slowly does she drink a glass of wine? What

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kind of wine does she drink? How much money is in her bank account? How generous is she with others and start really writing that down and getting once you identify who that person is. Practice being her practice being him. And what that looks like, is just finding a thing where you say, oh, I can see that I'm not yet that person I want to be. And you're gonna dip your toe over the line, and say, today, I'm going to practice being my future self. And that might just be, maybe you're going to be a little bit more proactive in your social circles, maybe you're going to be the person who sends the texts, rather than waits for the text, maybe you're going to be the person who does the math and doesn't avoid the financial task. And instead, does it right well, practice being that future self, you will see that it shifts the way you see yourself and the level of success that you self identify with. Number 16, identify your glass ceilings, that means really no and look at, you have glass ceilings that are self imposed. And it's really critical for you to be massively successful and 2024 for you to know where you're limiting yourself. Because your definition of success. First and foremost, we have to define what what would make 2024 successful? And then what if, what if it's higher than that? What if you could do more than that? What if you're holding your self back? And really ask and identify? Where am I holding myself back? Where am I still playing small? Where am I thinking small? Number 17, I want you to question your past stories. That means really just the stories you've told yourself about who you've been, and what's possible and what your skills are, and talents are it's, you know, doesn't your past, your past, it's part of who you are. But it's not what happened in the past that matters, but it's what you make it mean. And we are sometimes locked. And blocks with glass ceilings based on stories we told ourselves about how we are what we're doing to or destined to, or what patterns we fall in, stop defining your present and your future by your past stories. Instead, start to question those past stories. Number 18. I want you to prioritize your connection with God this year, spend time spiritually connecting with God. A good question to ask yourself is what will be different about your spiritual habits this year than last year? How can you spend more time in prayer and meditation in the word in Scripture, but make it a priority? And you will see your relationship with him at change? Number 19 scale your daily habits? What are you by that? I mean, I want you to look at what are the habits that are working well for you? And how can you stack some other cascading habits on top of that. So if you have three morning routine habits that are working really, really well add a fourth, scale it if you have two happening at night that are really kind of like rocking out as a third, you want to look at what's working, and how can I make it work even better. Number 20 burn the boats. What I mean by that I want you to give yourself no choice but to make it happen. You've heard that phrase before, like go all in. And this is why coaching in the college confidence is so critical. It's a small investment of money on a monthly basis. But by simply spending a little bit of money you are saying I matter. I'm committed. I'm burning the boats. I'm going all in. I'm going to make this work. I'm going to create success this year come what may. And you have to give yourself no choice but to make it happen. Number 21. be obsessed with positive thinking, be obsessed with creating a positive, winning victorious mindset. I want you to be obsessed with a victorious mindset. And it's interesting you can either be a victim or you can be victorious. Victorious thinking is a choice as Joyce Meyer said, It's my one of my favorite quotes you can be you can be pitiful, or you can be powerful, but you cannot be both. be obsessed with your mindset. And that starts with listening to shows like this journaling writing daily power phrases, being mindful of what you put into your mind what shows you watch who you hang out with what you say whether or not you participate in gossip, be obsessed with creating a powerful mind. Number 22 Invest in coaching I you've heard me say this before, investing in coaching was the best thing that I ever did. And I still continue to do for myself. It changed my life. It was the line in the sand of what I was hoping for change. And when I started creating change when I started seeing myself worthy of an investment. You have so much potential, it's time to invest in it. Number 23 Surround yourself with positive people. You want a positive vibe. Do you know our emotions and our mindsets are contagious? And so you could say all you want be like it's okay, I have some negative people. I know a bunch of cynical people, my friends are kind of negative. I'll just be the positive one. That's cool. It's exhausting. You need positive people. You've got to go find them, find a way to make them find them. You can find them in the College of confidence, you can find them. By changing your feed and your algorithm and who you follow. Maybe you need to unfollow some people on your social media platforms. Maybe you need to come and join me in the College of confidence. Maybe you just need to change your friend group, but Surround yourself with positive people who you want to become more like. And you will see, though that together, you will rise. And then number 24. Sign up for new week. Sign up for this week. This amazing week starting January 8 of coaching new week go to Trish blackwell.com, forward slash new you. And as we close this episode out, as we talk about the scalability factor of confidence, confidence is this, the more you work on your competence, I really believe it's the core foundation of everything else. And if you enter this year, with a committed level of up level committed committed desire to up level your confidence, you are up leveling yourself in life and in what's possible because with confidence, when you increase your confidence, you increase your courage. When you increase your confidence in your courage, you increase your capacity when you increase your confidence or courage and your capacity, you increase your capability to step into your calling to do things to move the world to know that you're capable is one of the greatest gifts of all I was walking the other day and I just had this aha, that capability to believe you're capable is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. So say that power phrase with me, I'm capable, I'm capable. This is what I'm capable of. I'm capable of anything I set my mind to. So before we close this episode, I absolutely have to share my favorite New Year activity. And it's something my family and I have been doing now want to say seven years in a row. And we buy extra large plastic clear ornaments, Christmas ornaments, and we're honored with a sharpie we write on the outside the year. And we sit as a family around the table. This started of course with just me and Brandon. And then it added, you know, we would have a baby at the table and then a second baby and a couple of years in LA was able to write and Baker just babbled and we would translate. But we gathered for about an hour, well segments of half hour over the first last week of the year or first week or two of the new year. And we have little strips of paper of of you know just creative paper, different colors, and pens out and we dream together we dream about what we want. But we we daydream about what the past year had we we talk and list our favorite memories of the year big and small. And then we crinkle them in and push them into the the ornament and hang it set it aside to hang on the Christmas tree for the next year. Now I think that as we hang them out for Christmas, after Christmas, it's redo to prep our brains for what we're going to do in the memories that we're going to write down together. We pull down one year, we just actually did 2021, we took 2021 took the little top of the Christmas Ornament off took pliers in and pulled out these probably 60 to 70 pieces of little paper that were crunched up and crinkled up and have all of our memories and their memories down from you know, I remember when I did this and this or won this award or when we saw that thing at this place or when so and so had cancer but the we prayed and the cat she's now cancer free. And we remember life in a way that is so enriching. And you know, Brandon and I started this together with like a one year old at the time. And now that Ellie is eight, and can write and remember and my son Baker who was six can can write now and he's writing in sentences and he's reading the past memories. What it does is it slows down, it helps us slow down as a family and say what is what matters to us? What are the memories that we cherish? How can we celebrate one another throughout the year? What what when we go through this next year? What are the highlights that we are going to say to ourselves as we experience it and say Oh, this is going in the memory of all for sure. And how much richer will our family memory be because of this tribe tradition. Now the reason I wanted to share this is because someone shared this tradition with me. It started with my friend Sam who gifted me this original Christmas ornament. And he said to my husband and I hate his wife and he did it and they loved the tradition. And it has been such a blessing and even more so now that my kids are participating in the way that they are. But we are spending so much time gathered around the table laughing telling stories as and as you write one down, you read out loud and no one else writes a duplicate and and sharing and reminiscing on the goodness and the richness and the memories and the growth of the year prior that we just experienced, and there's so much to be said to launch you into New Year to first slow down and acknowledge the goodness that you've experienced. Now, if you haven't, you don't have a Christmas tree or you don't want to do the exact same way of gathering memories, I do encourage you to sit with your family, and just go Alright everyone, top 10 favorite moments of the year, top 10 things, make some, make some lists, share some memories, spend time gathered together, connecting. That will be I think, truly, truly game changing for you. That is my favorite tradition. And I want to close out with a special announcement. We're bringing back the confident mom podcast. That's right. You heard me right. Check it out. The competent mom pug podcast is a show that I did. When Ellie was one or two, one and a beat. I think 2015 It was when she was a baby. I have 18 episodes specifically for confident moms. And then I took a hiatus. And now I have recorded season two, there gonna be 12 episodes, I'm launching it. Hopefully it's going live this week. So check it out, go follow the show, you can get the old episodes now. It's a show that has a lot of five star reviews. 61 five star reviews for a show that was, you know, seven years ago, it's time to bring it back. So hey, if you love this show, and you're also a mom or you want to be a mom or you know a mom, you're going to like the confident mom podcast. We're talking about international travel with kids how to raise resilient kids, just some parenting things that I have been learning through the lens of trying wanting to be a confident mom and also wanting to instill confidence in my children. And by no means am I a parenting expert, I sit at the feet of other parents in every season of life who were behind me in the seasons of parenting ahead of me a parallel to me because there's I believe there's something to learn from everyone. But if you are in the parenting game, this is going to be a show that you're going to enjoy that will supplement your episodes here now there's only gonna be 12 weeks. So there's season two, we're gonna be seasonal on that show versus this is your you can count on the confidence podcast, to always be delivering an episode we've been going every week for 11 plus years, it's not going away. I'm just creating some supplemental content that's specific to parenting. So you can check that out at the confident mom podcast, anywhere you listen to podcasts. So our listener the episode is actually Julia, she sent me something she said I hope you reach your 6 million milestone this week. And by the way I did. Thank you. She said, I know finding your podcast was life changing. For me when I was going through a rough patch. I went all the way back to your oldest episodes and saved the ones that spoke to me so I can listen, during my commute to work. As a mom, I'm always looking for ways for my kids to thrive. And I came across a few episodes for girls in the title. And more specifically, as a boy, Mom, I was skeptical if these could benefit me and my family. And I'm happy that I gave them a chance. And Julia, I just want you to know that that was a good prompt. You've you are one of just dozens of people who have said Trish, where are the parenting podcasts. And you're gonna love the new show. And please know that the content is good because I'm a boy mom and a girl mom is relevant for both. Although I do think that boys need certain things from us that girls don't need and vice versa. The Confident mom podcast is going to serve all of that. So that's the new exciting news. I

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hope to see you in the new week. You ready to make this year absolutely transformational. Come join me I cannot wait to coach you and mentor you and I truly mean if it is not a week that you feel makes a shift and creates change and you just let me know i This is this is I will happily refund your money for your enrollment. I just I know that my life changed when I started putting some skin in the game. And this is your first opportunity to do that just one payment of $47 Come on over. We are live right now January 8 through 12. The replays are all going to be available for you go to Trish blackwell.com forward slash new you Hey, happy New Year 2024 is going to be more get ready hate next week we're talking about the confidence gender gap and what to do about it is episode you do not want to miss I will see you there. Make sure you're following the show. Make sure you write a review make sure you come say hi. I'm just such so so so deeply delighted that I get to be a voice of encouragement and consistency and belief in your life. I believe in you. You're so capable. You have so much that the world needs but you have to shine bright you have to be you have to be who God created you to be honored my friends. Let's go. Thanks for listening to the confidence podcast and allowing me to be your coach today in your life. If you love the show, please let us know by leaving a review in iTunes. are you encouraged by what you learned? share this episode with a friend and let us know that the show was changing your life by saying hi to us on social media. Instagram, Trish_Blackwell are on Facebook Trish Blackwell coaching, ready to take what I teach and really take it to the next level. Join us today in the College of confidence. It's my group coaching program that you can join risk free and cancel anytime. In the COC you'll scale your confidence, your courage, and the changes you make in your life is the coaching support and community you've been looking for. Go to www.collegeofconfidence.com to get started. If you love the podcast, you will love the College of confidence even more, and see even more transformation in your life. Come and see for yourself. I'm cheering you on friend. See you soon

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