Happy 31st birthday to me! Here are 31 quick confidence boosts as my gift to you! 




  1. Decide to pursue confidence
  2. Decide to be the best version of you possible
  3. Decide to be compassionate towards yourself
  4. Decide to be someone who does what they say they are going to do
  5. Decide to live life to the fullest
  6. Decide to believe that you are not defined by your past
  7. Decide to start training your thoughts
  8. Decide to love yourself for who you are today
  9. Decide to surround yourself with people who inspire you
  10. Decide to live with joie de vivre
  11. Take captive toxic thoughts
  12. Take your own self-care seriously
  13. Take notes whenever you are around people who inspire you
  14. Take yourself seriously
  15. Take adventures
  16. Take note of what you love to do and of what makes you feel most alive
  17. Take your nutritional choices mindfully
  18. Take a bad picture or a negative comment less seriously
  19. Take life like an adventure at your fingertips
  20. Take your good and make it great
  21. Take heart and remember that life is about the journey
  22. Take compliments
  23. Be yourself
  24. Be the type of person today that you want to be tomorrow
  25. Be congruent
  26. Be okay with your imperfections
  27. Be present
  28. Be an optimist
  29. Be enthusiastic about the possibilities of life
  30. Be a person of integrity
  31. Be grateful

Thanks for celebrating my 31st birthday with me!

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