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You know you’re made for more, and you have big dreams, but how do you get past the overwhelm of putting yourself “out there”? What will people think? What will happen if you go after that big dream, you write that book, you put yourself up for the promotion, you speak up and start leading with your ideas … and people don’t like it, or even worse, like you? If you want to have more confidence when it comes to taking the emotional risks involved with leveling up your life, this podcast episode is for you. I’ll teach you why standing out and being extraordinary is easier than you think and I’ll share 5 strategies I use to manage vulnerability and risk hangovers so you can use them successfully too.

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re coaching on:

  • How to have the courage to stand out and take risks
  • Why standing out / being extraordinary is easier than you think
  • 5 Strategies I use to manage vulnerability / risk hangover

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“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” – Oprah Winfrey

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood…” – Theodore Roosevelt

“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” – Roy T. Bennett

Messy, mundane, magical.


Big things are happening in the College of Confidence this month, as we dive into DOUBT DETOX month to prime our minds and hearts to enter into 2024 in a state of TOTAL BELIEF AND SECURE CONFIDENCE. (Not total confidence because there’s no such thing!)

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Sandra got a big promotion, a big raise and a brand new company car.

Courtney sold out her retreat, with her largest group to date.

Monica sold out her retreat too

Malorie got a level promotion at her company (and a raise)

Amber got a raise and mapped out her student loan set payoff

Rachel worked her mindset and health to stay positive during two years of infertility and recently found out she’s pregnant with two healthy twin boys

Taking Risks with Confidence. Announcement


Be willing to look like a fool, to be made fun of, to be teased.

Because people will talk, until your walk and your talk make them admire you.

It’s easier than you think to stand out and be extraordinary.

Be energetic.

Be reliable.

Be of integrity.

Be positive.

Be consistent.


There’s no such thing as a guarantee or a perfect decision.

Your commitment to a decision is what makes it perfect and good. 

No risk, no reward.

Be willing to be different.

Be willing to create a different life. 

Don’t fear putting yourself out there, because there’s no risk if you are this type of person. 


(1) Know what to expect, and what’s normal.

(2) Connect to the person you want to be.

(3) Prioritize your core values of success and affirm yourself.

(4) Remind yourself why you are showing up and taking risk (what life do you want)

(5) Be proud of your discomfort tolerance – and take note of it. 


What “more” do you want in 2024?


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You know, you were made for more, and you have big dreams. But how do you get past the overwhelm of putting yourself, you know, out there, of being vulnerable? Of trying and potentially having public failure? What will people think it's that question that holds us back, or even what will happen. If you go after that big dream, you write that book, you put yourself up for the promotion, you speak up, you start leading with your ideas. You launch that side hustle, you decide to change your your habits, your lifestyle, your friend or group. And then people don't like it. Or even worse, like you or even worse. They make fun of you. If you want to have more confidence when it comes to taking the emotional risks involved with leveling up your life, this podcast episode is for you. I have walked the walk and through the mud and dealt with all the internal turmoil of being vulnerable of being publicly vulnerable and going after a dream with lots of public failures. And I am really excited to share with you the five strategies that I have used that have helped me manage what I like to call vulnerability and risk hangovers, so that you can successfully use them to as you start taking more risks. As you chase your dreams. I'm also going to teach you in this episode, why standing out and being extraordinary. And honestly, creating an extraordinary life is easier than you think. So let's dive in. Throw into the show. Here we go. You're listening to the confidence podcast, the go to coaching podcast, oozing with motivation, and easy to implement steps that help you to be bold, and confident in life. I'm your host, Trish Blackwell internationally recognized competence coach, best selling author, and founder of the College of confidence. I teach go getters in life, how to master their self talk, turn down the volume of self doubt, and get more results in life. So that you can be the difference maker and world changer. God created you to be you were made for more. And today's episode will help you tap into it. Let's go. Hey, if you are new here, welcome to the confidence podcast. My name is Trish Blackwell and you're listening to Episode 576. putting yourself out there and taking risks with confidence. In this episode, you already heard it, we are going to be talking about how to have the courage to stand out to be different, to choose a different life to dream bigger than the people around you to take more risks professionally. Or even personally to go after your goals. No matter the age you are. We're going to talk about why standing out and being an extraordinary or building an extraordinary life is actually easier and more accessible than you think. And I'm going to share with you five strategies that are used to help me manage my risk aversion national actually my my vulnerability hangover, the fear of, of what if and these these are strategies that are very practical and easy to put into practice. So that you follow through that you stay consistent and you do really go after all that is in you you have been given gifts and talents by God. And I really believe it is our job to steward those water them grow them and let them flourish. Multiply what has been given to you don't sit on it. We settled into this life of averageness of mediocrity and you were made for so so so much more. So before we dive in our review of the week is well it's a kind of note from Gabriella or the veteran that she reached out to me on Instagram and she said, Hey, I hope you're doing amazing. And having a you had a good time. Jackie and blackberry go with your family. I know your love language is affirmation. So I wanted to let you know that you've been an amazing blessing in my life. I've been listening to your podcast since the pandemic and it has been life changing and blessed my life in so many ways. I'm so grateful to God that he got him into your podcast. You are so amazing. And I'm grateful for you and I think God for you. I've never written a review before. But I've always been wanting to write you on how you've helped me change my life. And you helped me restore my connection with God forever grateful to this day. Your podcasts are part of my routine. And from Puerto Rico Gomutra mod. Gabriella, thank you so much. I am a words of affirmation person. It is the greatest way to love on me. So thank you. The other greatest way to love on me if this show has ever resonated with you is to share it with a friend hit that forward button. And if you're encouraged by any episode, share it with two friends. It's just such a difference maker and you I know that my life has been changed when people recommend a podcast In a book, a TED talk there, there are things there moments when a friend has sent a resource. And it changed my entire way I, I took a path, entire thinking or methodology, you can be that person to somebody else. So, as we warm up for this concept of what does it take to put yourself out there? And why do so many people hold ourselves back? Honestly, I think we just stay so busy, that we can make excuses to not take action. You know, we just came off of a month in my group coaching program, the college or confidence called No excuses. November now we're diving into a new topic this whole month of December called doubt, detox. But I diverge because we are preparing to detox all of the doubt that might be holding us back so that we can go into 2024 with massive confidence, as we just go hard out for our goals and dreams. But in no excuses. November, what came up was one of the sneakiest excuses that holds us back is the reality that we're busy. We're busy, we cram a lot into our schedule, we very rarely slow down to take time to think. And we are so busy and we already a little bit over capacitated. Because we're mismanaging our time and we're taking everybody else's priorities. We're just rolling with time and letting time happen instead of making time work for us, which, of course, in the college competence if you're in there already, you know, we coach all the time on time management and priorities and how to get more done in less time so that you can achieve what you want in life and do some amazing things, but also have time to live your life and enjoy it. And that said, we often say yeah, yeah, I mean, I'm go after that. Yeah, I'll put myself out there, Alex, I'll take a risk. But we so conveniently keep ourselves so busy, that we never prioritize doing the thing. And the risk that you might be taking might be expanding your social circle, trying a new church, trying a new sport, launching your business, taking your business more seriously. Putting your art into the world. Labeling yourself and branding yourself if you are pursuing a music career or acting career, taking your dream your gift seriously and starting to show up in the world as if you are taking yourself seriously. It takes risks if you're an entrepreneur, putting yourself out there consistently, and, and passionately. takes effort and intentional risk. And I have a couple quotes who are most up Oprah Winfrey said this, the biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. And Mark Twain said 20 years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. But what why don't we take action, because we're afraid of looking like a fool. We're afraid people are gonna laugh at us. And here's the deal, I was just coaching someone on this the other day, think about the type of person who laughs at somebody else that stepping out and trying something new. That type of person I don't have a lot of respect for. And yet, until I separated that, in my mind, I was held back by that person, right. And so if I realized the person that I'm afraid that would laugh at me, for putting myself out there for daring to dream for daring to go after something for daring to not live a life that is status quo. The people who might laugh or say Who does she think she is actually the probably just sitting and sitting on their dreams, settling for less than what they can. And they're commenting on other people's lives rather than, as Oprah said, taking adventure with theirs. It's very much in line with what Teddy Roosevelt said, the famous critic who counts quote, which is this, the Man in the Arena is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who was actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood to be in the arena and make a decision today, that in your life, you're going to be in the arena, you're going to go in. And it's the valiant effort that you are saying, here's the life I've been given. We know that life is too short. Life is too short. And it's very unpredictable. And so the gift you have been given, what are you doing with it? Are you waiting for the perfect time or you're waiting for kids to be older? Are you waiting for your body to be at a certain weight before you start going after that? Like what are you waiting for? And if the answer to that question is truthful. And you like if you actually can answer that realize that what you're waiting for

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is never going to come, then you will take action today. I like I like this quote also by Roy T. Bennett. He said, Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind be led by the dreams in your heart, y'all. Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind, be led by the dreams in your heart. There's this progression that I learned from Tim story. I was listening to his book the other day. And he talks about there's there's three different categories, three different approaches and phases of life that people find themselves in the messy, where life is just chaotic. Maybe your work is chaotic, your house your your family dynamics are chaotic, there's messy, then there's mundane, where you're organized, things are progressing, you're successful, it's good, but it's boring, it's Monday. And the third is magical. I want to invite you guys into that next level, messy, mundane. Magical, call it magical called extraordinary love the concept of it being extraordinary. And I want to invite you just for a moment. Before we continue, I want to invite you in to the extraordinary if you haven't yet heard this coming December, December 13 and December 20. And we have a bonus VIP session happening. This is the ultimate vision mapping. Mego workshop that exists, we have offered this in various different ways last couple of years. And it is some of them, we get some of the absolute best feedback on how life changing it is. It's called the do more in 2024 workshop. Now, in this two day virtual experience, I'm going to teach you how to set 10x goals and then actually believe that they're possible, we're going to build an action belief, Courage roadmap that will guide you step by step to achieving what you want, because we're also going to identify why you want to achieve what you want. And I'm going to help you see that it's not just an idea, not something you're hoping for. It's something you've decided to do my I specialize in my coaching, helping you come from get an ideation, into actualization into believing that this is what you were made for. And we're gonna I'm gonna share with you the three biggest mistakes that high achievers make when pursuing goals that ends up blocking their success and how to avoid them. And we're going to create a sustainable approach to stretching your comfort zones, so that you push your limits and we're actually calling this intentional discomfort zones, we're going to pre map out month by month some intentional discomfort zones so that you can expand your discomfort tolerance. Because your willingness to stretch yourself beyond your certain current comfort is what's going to set you up to step in to a life that's extraordinary to results that are extraordinary to success and change that you maybe hadn't previously considered possible. Remember, this extraordinary things are done by doing ordinary things with extraordinary consistency. So the do more in 2024 is a four hour two day virtual recorded by the way, so you can watch and rewatch and I'm not sure how many pages are workbook is going to be right now. I think we're at 25 pages, it's epic. If you want to ensure that you have the best year of your life in 2024. This workshop is for you. If you want to make more money, if you want to do more, if you want to live more if you want to achieve more. If you want to have more time, if you want to enjoy your life more, do more in 2024 is for you grab your tickets, we have a cap of 100 people to participate in, the tickets are selling out, go to Trish blackwell.com forward slash do more to get your ticket. So back to messy, mundane and magical. I just here's what's kind of cool. I want to invite you into the magic of this this extraordinary concept that putting yourself out there is actually easier than you think. Because if you're willing to look like a fool, if you're willing to be made fun of if you're willing to be teased and you realize that the people who would be making fun of you the naysayers, the haters, the keyboard warriors who sit behind screens and make negative comments or just see your posts and scroll past. Those are people who would just have opinions, and their opinion is one of millions. And when you're able to look at it in the context with a perspective that's pulled back to say, their opinion doesn't matter. I'm gonna stop living my life based on other people's opinions and instead based on the opinion of the life I want to create of my own vision of the vision that God has put on my heart, because here's the deal. People are going to talk to you. But when you're walking your talk are consistent enough and you start getting results. They will admire you if I could tell you how many of my friends tease me when I started my business. You would. You'd be surprised I my friends again friends teased me about blogging about podcasting about passive income about a lot of things. And now they're my biggest supporters. Because if you're consistent enough, and you have enough, stick with it pneus and willingness to, to keep going, when it's not easy, you will gain supporters. And here's the other thing, it's easier than you think, to stand out and be extraordinary. The other day, I was sitting in a cafe, and there was this as a cafe I go to often and there was this new employee who was just I heard her from behind me, and I was like, Who is this? Look at this girl. And she just was happy. Her happiness and her joy and her energy was so extremely different than anyone else in that cafe. I wanted to find her supervisor and just say you have the best hire of this entire in this, like, entire building. She was extraordinary. And I thought about it, what is it that makes her extraordinary. She was willing to go just like 1% more than her other coworkers. Her energy level and her authenticity with which she connected with customers was just like a teeny bit more sincere. She had a clear desire to be helpful. And I it's just so exciting when you realize it's easier than you think to be extraordinary. Because all you have to do is be consistent, be authentic, be energetic, be honest, be vulnerable, be humble, be reliable, be of integrity, be positive. And be consistent. It's so interesting. And I hope that encourages you today, it is easier to be extraordinary, than you think it is more valid available to you than you think most people have, don't manage their attitude. Most people just get through the day. Most people just check the boxes. If you decide to actually live if you decide to go after things, and work on them with your whole heart, you will stand out. And people will notice. I think the core difference maker is to decide to be a person of excellence, decide to pursue life with excellence decide to be somebody who says I will make the ordinary of my life extraordinary. And we do that through gratitude. We do that, through being aware of what we are the skills we've been given the gifts we haven't given the blessings that are surrounding us. And the ability that we have to choose our thoughts on purpose to reframe thoughts to to set the the atmosphere of our lives based on setting our attitude, setting our emotions on purpose being on fire for life. And so with all of that, now that you know that you have it in you to be extraordinary. The it's it's not on who's the most talented, who has the best education who came from the right family, the right country, the right background, none of that actually matters. What matters is the decision that you make today, the belief that you say that I am a child of God, I've been given great gifts, and I have a difference to make in this world. That makes me extraordinary. And I've decided to live an extraordinary life to make an extraordinary difference. And to be a person of excellence, that right there means you have so much more available to you in this next year than you would even considered possible. It's all attitude. It's all attitude, and then decision and then consistent follow through an action. So how do we take risks with confidence? Well, here's the thing. There's no such thing as guarantee, or a perfect path. And I think that's the thing. I think we overthink, we get in these overthinking loops and cycles where we really want to perfect decision, we want to know for sure this is the right path to take. And then we never take action. So there's delay and therefore the decision, you miss the opportunity. There's no such thing as a perfect decision. Your commitment to decision is what makes it perfect and good. And remember this without risk, there's no reward, no risk, no reward. If you if you're willing to be different. If you're willing to create a life that's different than the status quo. You're gonna have to take risk. And you have to ask yourself, Do I want a life that's different than the status quo? Well, the status quo is people don't really like their jobs. They live paycheck to paycheck, they have average relationships. And they will live for the weekends. I made a decision about 14 years ago, I didn't want that I wanted to be different. I know. And I knew that in my heart that we had so much more available to us. I knew that life was a gift and that I had found myself kind of on autopilot and that status quo autopilot.

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It didn't have to stay that way for me and it doesn't have to stay that way for you. Or maybe the status quo that you're fighting right now is a glass ceiling that you've put over because you are successful. You are high achieving. You are in a highly coveted profession, but Do you feel you know, inside that you have so much more available to you, you know that you can add 100,000 or even 200,000, to your to your salary to your income to your bonus structure, if you were to go into that next step of leadership or expertise in your field, and but everyone around you says you should just be happy with what you've got, you're already doing well. But maybe your goal is to be able to start a nonprofit or to get more involved or have more free time and negotiate three months of the year off for yourself, like, think outside of the box, y'all. It is so exciting when you just give yourself permission to mentally play with the possibilities that would happen if you had the courage to say what if I could live differently? What if I could live differently than I ever had before, that's another powerful way to look at it. Ask yourself. And this was so helpful for me when I was stuck in certain patterns of my life, and really rock bottom and able to look and say, I can make a decision that I can live differently than I did in these these years. Just because I had this pattern doesn't mean I have to keep living that way. And so look, in life, you only get what you're willing to ask for and go after, don't be a person who waits and wants and wishes be someone who creates whimsy and magic. If you're an entrepreneur, I want you to know that working for yourself and being location independent is a dream. But it starts with risk. I have a lot of people who asked me how did you start i i am now have a coach, if you don't know I have a coaching certification program that our next cohort actually is, is coming up in February, I'll put the show the link in the show notes if you're interested in learning my coaching methodologies being methodologies being certified in teaching life coaching and competence, using my frameworks and my tools, and having the permission to use my intellectual property. And so if you want to learn how to create a location independent business, that creates impact and income, check it out at confidence coaching certification.com, our next cohort starts in February. And so we have a waiting list going already. So but look, I made that decision to say this is the dream. But it starts with a risk, I had to leave a six figure job I had to build and hustle and work in the margins to create momentum. And I had to be consistent. The thing is about putting yourself out there going after a dream and taking risks is knowing that there are going to be peaks and valleys. And when you're in the valley, when you're discouraged when you want to throw the talent, that is when it matters the most to keep going. Just keep going. When there's uncertainty and it feels unknown and it feels ambiguous. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other because the consistency is what creates the breakthrough. And the payoff is worth it. Your willingness to try new things to put an effort to try without a guarantee will result in positive breakthrough and changes. I have found that that's that's where most people get get caught up. They they go I want to do this. But I want to be sure it's going to work well. There's no way to be sure. I mean, think about marketing. This is one of my favorite ways to think about it. Think about the Super Bowl. For those of you here in the US the Super Bowl, the one of my favorite parts of the Super Bowl are the ads. And every year major companies like Coca Cola and Toyota and huge companies with massive marketing budgets, spend millions and millions and millions of dollars for 32nd ad spots at this highly watched live event. And every year at the end of the Super Bowl, there are always dozens of articles ranking the ads. Effectiveness, there are some ads that people like That's hilarious. It's a funny thing, funniest thing ever. And there are some ads that people go what a flop. And if there's a Superbowl ads who have who have entire marketing teams being paid full time, probably for months with research, analysis, and millions being spent on the spot and there's those experts in marketing think oh, this is gonna land this is like the best idea ever. And there's flopped there flops look. And that's a reminder that you don't there's no such thing as a guarantee. But you have to try. We really never know what's going to work until you try it. So there's risk and anyone who tells you that they have the exact path to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true is lying because every path is an experiment. Every success takes the initial investment of risk and fear and courage. And then the other thing I want to speak to about taking risks and putting yourself out there is in friendships and in social situations. Look, if you want to be a person who has an extraordinary life, that means you're going to have extraordinary connections with people now depending upon your personality type. You might want to have a smaller circle or a more expansive circle. But an extraordinary life is one that feels connected and you decide for you and your preferences, what number of people that looks like what types of friendships and dynamics, but really be the person who makes effort. Be the person who reaches out and sends texts, be the person who invites others be the initiator, be friendly person, be the leader, the social leader, even if you're introverted, and you will be perceived as someone with confidence and social comfort. And guys, here's the deal. When you put yourself out there, when you make an effort, and especially in adult friendships, you'll get ghosted. There are going to be people who say, yeah, yeah, yeah. And they're always too busy to grab that coffee with you, or go for that workout or join you for a church or whatever the invite is, keep inviting, don't make it about you. If they can't follow through, be proud of yourself for being the person who says I'm an initiator, I make effort. Because I'm pouring into people and the right people who will connect to will connect back. But it's sometimes it feels vulnerable. Sometimes you feel like, why am I the only Why is it one sided, it is going to take your effort to create the relationship in life you want, we got to stop waiting for people to invite us stuck waiting for people to want to be our friends decide to be a friend, and go love on other people. Now, the thing is about putting yourself out there is you feel vulnerable. And I know that anytime, honestly, even when I post on social media, or when I do a really, really intimate podcasts where I'm sharing my heart of hearts afterwards. And this used to be way, way heavier on my heart when I started 12 years ago. And so I've definitely worked through it. But oh my gosh, I would feel almost like emotionally naked, right? Definitely felt like this, when I put my first book out, and my subsequent books, like anytime you do anything that's outside of the norm, you're gonna feel exposed. Welcome to the zone of discomfort Welcome to discomfort tolerance, we are going to expand our capacity for discomfort tolerance this year. And by doing that, by looking at this, this is just a vulnerability hangover. And so here are five things I have done over the years that really have helped me normalize this, neutralize it and be able to be very have a symbiotic relationship with it. Like sometimes I'll put myself out there and I'll go okay, well, yeah, you feel a little like I feel a little jittery on the inside. And it lasts for me last like two hours. And then I'm fine. Usually I know to go take a walk to something else distract myself and then I'm proud of how I showed up. But if it's too close to when I did it, sometimes I'm I just had that little unsettled feeling. And now I've learned that that's not a problem, that's just the emotion, of discomfort just going through my body. And if you don't make a big deal of it, like when a negative emotion arises up, if you perceive you resist it, it will persist. But if you accept it and allow it to flow through you, and and say, Hey, this is part of the price to accessing extraordinary results, my life, to being of greater service to reaching more people to stretching my comfort zone is going to be uncomfortable. I for anyone who's an athlete, we know this, how do you get faster at running, or swimming, or whatever your sport is, you push your body until it hurts, you push harder, you hold a sustained pace longer. So the lactic acid builds up, and it's like, really uncomfortable. And you hold that you stretch that comfort zone, that discomfort zone and you hang in that discomfort zone for as long as you can. And then you go into a zone of recovery. And that's exactly what we do here emotionally. So you expose yourself, you I don't know maybe you're applying for new jobs, maybe you're in the dating world, maybe you're growing your business and you and you do the you do the zone, you stretch, you're in the lactic acid zone where everything's building up. And then once you want to do stretch to what your capacity is in discomfort, then you pause and go to recovery, which is self care. Take a walk, take a break, do student get yourself an easy one. It's amazing the cycle, how it really mirrors what we do in athletics. So here are the five strategies, one know what to expect, and know what's normal. And that's what I was just describing to you. It's normal to feel exposed. But know that it will pass and it's interesting. It's I want to invite you to get curious about how does it feel in your body when you feel exposed? And this might be you raised your hand in class or in the boardroom and then you're like, Oh, you start overthinking it. What does that feel like? Right? Know what to expect know what's normal, allow it to pass to connect to the person you want to be. What I mean by that is when I when I when I stretch myself in one of these ways, and I don't feel

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good about it. I then imagine the future version of me the one that's five years down the road, and I go that version of Trish. She's so much she's so much more chill. She's so much more competent, so much more capable, so much more confident in her skin and in her expert are teasing in her words. And you know what? Why don't I just pretend on her right now I sometimes just do the brain game of pretending I'm her and saying, actually, there's nothing to be embarrassed of here. This is exactly how that version of me would show up. So I'm just practicing being her now. So connect to the person you want to be. Number three, prioritize your core values of success and affirm yourself. So for me, one of my some of my core values of success are courage and willingness. And then I acknowledge hate. My core values, and especially in the business context, are courage and willingness. And so I affirm myself when I've done one of those things. And I go, Well, Don, you, you're living in integrity, this is what it looks like to live out your core values. And I'll tell you that will neutralize some of the angst or anxiety or vulnerability might be feeling. Number four, remind yourself why you were showing up and why you're taking risk. Why you're taking the risk, why are you stretching and out of your comfort zone? Why are you dreaming big? Why? What life do you want, and I this is where it comes back to, it's so critical to write down your goal every single day, write it down, take the 10 seconds it takes. And I'll tell you when I write down my goal, and my desire, how many people I want this podcast to reach to help to give tools because the tools I'm sharing with you or tools absolutely changed the quality of my life. I went from surviving to thriving and I, I want that gift for so many people and I and so when I go back to I don't, there's certain things that I feel like I'm discouraged. I don't feel like it. This is a lot of work. When I go back to why I'm showing up, why I'm taking these risks, why I want to shout from the rooftops that, that this podcast can change your life. Then I'll do ups and I'm more proud and more apt to take fast action and courageous action that might feel uncomfortable. And then finally be proud of your discomfort tolerance and take note of it. And discomfort tolerance is as the stretching of your of your capacity for discomfort because we know this Hey, life begins outside of your comfort zone. So what does that mean? It means you have a higher tolerance to discomfort than anyone else. Or then your your prior self, athletically speaking, when I am locked into discomfort and I'm willing to stretch myself that is where I became a faster or better athlete. Your willingness to tolerate discomfort and to stretch out of your comfort zone will reflect in the access to success that you will have available to you. Your willingness to feel your willingness to be uncomfortable, will mirror the height of which you will be able to achieve things. And so when you are stretching your comfort zone, I Gosh, please slow down and be proud of it just a head. I wasn't comfortable doing that. Look at me. Well done me. We've got to give ourselves those micro validations that pat on the back. It makes the world of difference. So here are your five strategies again, know what to expect know what's normal, connect with the person you want to be. Prioritize your core values have success and affirm yourself in them. Remind yourself of your Why. Why are you showing up? Why are you taking the risk? Why does it matter to you to be brave, and then be proud of your discomfort tolerance and take note of it. That's it for today's episode. But if you want let you know, gosh, I could not not share these wins from the College of competence big things are happening in the COC this month. As I said, we're diving into doubt detox month to prime our minds and our hearts to enter into 2024 in a state of total belief and secure confidence. So if you've been wondering what type of wins are COC members experience, well here are just a few that have happened in the last. I mean three weeks that I've heard come in. We had Sandra got a huge promotion a big race and a brand new company car Courtney sold out her retreat with her largest group to date Monica sold out her retreat to and got ASPAC at a highly prestigious location. Mallory got a level promotion at her company that also came with a nice raise. Amber also got a raise and mapped out her student loans pay off. And then Rachel worked on her mindset and health to stay positive during two years of infertility. And she's now 18 or 19 weeks pregnant with two healthy twin boys y'all. We make life happen in the COC if you've never checked us out go to college incompetence.com To find out more and to come dip your toes in the waters as a reminder get your ticket now because it's they are going to go fast to do more. In 2024 Go to Trish blackwell.com Ford slash do more. You have never experienced a Mapping goal setting your planning workshop like this. Hey, I can't wait to see you guys next week next week we're going to be talking actually, about time prioritization. And my the art of planning for success, which is time boxing versus time assigning, versus time blocking. You've not heard this breakdown of how to how I manage time ever before unless you're in the College of confidence. You're gonna love this episode to make sure you are following the show. And I'll see you guys soon. Go out there today. Go be more of who God created you to be. Be you. Be free. Thanks for listening to the confidence podcast and allowing me to be your coach today in your life. If you love the show, please let us know by leaving a review in iTunes are encouraged by what you learned. share this episode with a friend and let us know that this show is changing your life by saying hi to us on social media Instagram, Trish underscore Blackwell are on Facebook Trish Blackwell coaching, ready to take what I teach and really take it to the next level. Join us today in the College of confidence. It's my group coaching program that you can join risk free and cancel anytime. In the COC you'll scale your confidence, your courage, and the changes you make in your life. It's the coaching support and community you've been looking for. Go to www.collegeofconfidence.com to get started. If you love the podcast, you will love the College of confidence even more, and see even more transformation in your life. Come and see for yourself. I'm cheering you on friend. See you soon

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