Podcast #553



In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re talking about:

  • How to know that you matter – and then how to believe it
  • 12 steps that you can implement to strengthen this belief
  • Deciding to create a remarkable life


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Inspiration for this episode:

From my own experience of being overwhelmed by the world.

My thoughts were that I was forgettable. My childhood experience of feeling like the ugly duckling, even though I was an extremely cute kid – comparison to my brother.

From my amazing cousin Karen who specializes in working with teens – and when I asked her what the biggest challenge for young people now is, she said this: knowing you matter. 

The more you appreciate what others do for you, the more you will appreciate that the good you put out in the world, and the way you contribute by being yourself, adds massive value.

We are so distracted by the digital world and by a culture of comparison that we lose sight of what matters.

-Like the friends who send GIFs that make you smile at random times of the day

-Like the strangers who exhibit unnecessary kindness and generosity

-Like the person who helps you in a time of need (changing your tire – Bragg Hill story?)

-Like the handwritten note that someone keeps for decades

-Like the way your grandma would make your sandwich with extra juicy tomato slices and bring to the beach 

-Like someone who remembers your name and shares enthusiastic energy

-Like the unsolicited compliment

-Like the investment of belief that someone pours out over you

-Like the example of what is possible that someone you admire demonstrates for you

-Like the feeling of being understood and heard that a friend or companion can give you

-Like the encouragement that you receive from someone who listens to you vent and makes you believe that it’s going to be okay

-Like the coach or teacher from twenty years ago who’s example of how they lived in the world or the few things they said to you still inspire you 

Don’t dismiss what matters in life – the little things.

The things that seem “impressive’ or that get “likes” don’t necessarily make someone happier or their life matter more. The inner experience of life determines your happiness.

There is a battle for your attention and for this belief that you matter.

It’s a spiritual battle.
If the enemy of your soul can get you to believe that you don’t matter and that nothing matters, you get taken out of the game of life – figuratively or literally. 

Fight to believe you matter.


You are here.

That in itself is a miracle.

Whatever your faith background – there’s universal agreement that this fact is evidence of purpose, worthiness, something bigger than you and belonging.

Do this with these steps:

Tell yourself that you matter.
Read what God says about you in the Bible
Practice consistent daily gratitude
Be a difference-maker
Tell others that they matter to you
Create goals that inspire you
Celebrate little differences that create big differences
Ruthlessly reduce your screen time
Guard your mind
Choose your thoughts on purpose
Be generous
Put yourself around people who inspire you and build you up


Even if you feel like you don’t matter in the circles that surround you, you do.

It’s your thoughts that need to change.

Often we misinterpret how the world views us because we are pulled back from the world, disengaged, a false version of ourselves or we hide our real selves – so we aren’t even giving our circles the opportunity to connect and be supported / known.

The more you feel like you belong, the more you will feel the feeling of mattering. 

Get curious:
-What does the feeling of “mattering” feel like to you?

-Where do you feel it in your body?


We sometimes lose sight of contributions.

We despise small beginnings and lose the forest in the trees.

The more gratitude and appreciation you cultivate for the things in your life, the more appreciation you will have for the contribution you make in your life – the more grateful you are, the more full you will feel with the way in which you engage in life.

My gratitude practice is the most significant habit I have instituted in my life.


Notice that it’s happening and recharge.

-How do you most effectively recharge?

-Understand your warning signs

Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.  (Heb 10:23) “Let us hold unswervingly” “Let us seize and hold tightly”


The quality of your life is determined by what you decide you want.

You can create a remarkable life.

You can make a remarkable difference.

But first you have to decide, and then you have to feel secure in the truth that YOU are yourself already remarkable.


Stay in your life.

Create beauty in your life.

Don’t let your mind be unmanaged or overwhelmed.

Do things that make your heart come alive.

Connect with your Creator. 

Ask yourself what would make you proud.

Challenge yourself – and stretch yourself.

Being remarkable doesn’t mean being the best. It means being fully alive.

The fully alive version of you is remarkable.

You can’t access or step into this version of you if you’re looking around and comparing yourself. 

When’s the last time you said “wow- that’s remarkable”?

-to a sunset

-to a triumph

-to a sporting replay

-to a creative idea


Here are ten affirmations that you can use to reinforce your belief in yourself as a masterpiece, remarkable individual, and someone created by God with purpose:

  1. I am a masterpiece, intricately designed by a loving Creator with a unique purpose.
  2. I embrace my individuality and recognize the remarkable qualities that set me apart.
  3. I have unlimited potential and possess the power to make a positive impact on the world.
  4. I am worthy of love, respect, and success, as I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
  5. I trust in the divine plan for my life and believe that every experience has a purpose.
  6. I radiate confidence and inner strength, knowing that I am divinely guided.
  7. I am open to discovering and fulfilling my true purpose, aligning my actions with God’s intentions for me.
  8. I embrace my flaws and imperfections, knowing they are part of my unique beauty and journey.
  9. I am grateful for the gifts and talents bestowed upon me and use them to serve others and bring joy to the world.
  10. I walk in faith, knowing that I am a living testament to God’s love, grace, and intentionality.

Repeat these affirmations regularly, preferably in front of a mirror, with conviction and belief. Internalize their meaning and let them inspire you to live a purposeful and remarkable life.


You have helped me change my life. I has always struggled with my mental health. I have depended on anxiety medication for numerous years (I am a notorious over-thinker) and I have found the courage and confidence to help manage my mind, and that is largely because of you. 

Your podcast, and now my membership within the COC has helped me identify so many factors that have contributed to my constant negative mind spirals. I do the work everyday because I truly love all the content you are offering. I feel connected to you, even though we haven’t met. Being a 35 year old, married, mother of two, I have never had so many uplifting and happy/emotional moments since I have discovered your podcast. 

I am so grateful to you Trish. 

I also have found great joy in encouraging others (being happy for them) since I have been doing the work, therefore, one thing I also wanted to share or tell you is that OMG YOU ROCK! You’re an inspiration! I hope you always remember how much you’re worth. 

Thank you Trish,

Yours truly, 


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