Your inner superhero is waiting to be channeled! You have superpowers, you just have to unleash them to be the best version of you possible!



1). Decide what you want to accomplish

 -Find your purpose

-Find your power

2). Determine your persona

Your alter ego can be whatever you want to it be, so dream big!  This is the ultimate fake-it-till-you-become-it! When you think of yourself as a superhero, you have big plans to pursue and you won’t be as easily detracted by all of the unnecessary noise and static that typically distracts you from living the life you want to live.

Make a superhero version of yourself to do the things you are afraid of struggling with.  Superheroes exist to do stuff ordinary people wouldn’t do.  You aren’t ordinary, so stop living like you are.

3).  Pick theme music

Pick a song or type of music that pumps you up or brings you peace.   Whatever your goal, create a playlist or Pandora station.  Know your different personalities/goals:

For me:

-Hard workout: Pitbull on Pandora

-Peaceful run: Elevation Worship Soundtrack

-Writing: Classical

-Cooking: Traditional Italian

-Cleaning: 80s/90s Pandora

-Confidence: Rap / Aloe Black, “You’re the man”

4). Decide what you stand for

What are the things in life you will fight for?

What causes will you champion?

What type of character would describe you in Wikipedia?

Decide what you stand for and be that way all the time.

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