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Are you an ambitious, driven high achiever? Do you strive for the most challenging goals and take on the heaviest burdens to achieve success? If so, chances are that you’re familiar with burnout. As hardworking people sometimes we go too far – overloading ourselves with tasks until our performance deteriorates or even collapses altogether. But it doesn’t have to be like this – there are strategies and techniques you can use to fend off burnout before it overwhelms you. In this podcast episode, I’ll share some easy-to-apply advice on how to beat burnout as a high achiever.

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re chatting about:

  • The root of your burnout – and what to do about it
  • 3 antidotes to burnout that you can apply immediately
  • How to shift and reframe your perspective
  • 15 things you can do right away to decrease burnout


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Beating Burnout and Recovering from Burnout


Exhaustion / Cynicism / Inefficiency 
Mismanaged Emotions 
Hustle Pressure
Flawed Prioritizations 
Overattachment to External Worth / External Validation 

The Antidote:

 Change your 24 hours and you will change your life. -Eric Thomas


Decide on the emotion you want to fuel your day.
Decide ahead of time on anchoring thoughts to guide your day.
Decide who you want to be in your life that day.
Decide to slow down and work on your thoughts.

 What does “work your thoughts” mean?

  • Identify the thought that’s causing you emotional burnout/frustration/cynicism or the dullness of inefficiency. 
  • Get curious about why you’re thinking the thought
  • Ask yourself what a better (but believable) thought could replace the other thought.
  • Write out an additional powerful thought to support the new thought shift. 


1. Get plenty of rest

When you’re burned out, your body is telling you that it needs a break. Make sure to get plenty of sleep every night, and try to take a nap during the day if possible. Your body will thank you for it.

 2. Eat healthy

Eating unhealthy foods will only make you feel worse. Make sure to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

 3. Exercise / Get Enough Exercise 

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress and improve your overall health. Even just a brisk walk around the block can make a big difference.

4. Take breaks during the day

Working non-stop is a surefire way to burn out quickly. Make sure to take a few minutes each hour to take a break and relax. Step away from your work, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths.

5. Avoid multitasking

Trying to do too many things at once will only make you more stressed and less productive. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, focus on one task at a time and give it your full attention.

6. Simplify your life

If your life feels like it’s constantly in chaos, it’s time to simplify things. Get rid of anything that’s not absolutely essential, and learn to say “no” more often. You’ll feel much better for it in the long run. 

7. Find a hobby / do more things you enjoy

Do something that you enjoy for fun, without any ulterior motives or pressure attached to it. It can be anything from playing an instrument to hiking to painting—whatever makes you happy.

8. Spend time with loved ones

Spending time with people who make you feel good is crucial when you’re dealing with burnout. Surround yourself with positive energy, and let them help you through this tough time.

9. Seek professional help

If you’re struggling to cope with a burnout on your own, seek professional help from a therapist or counselor

10. Get enough sleep / Prioritize a healthy sleep schedule

One of the most important things you can do to recover from burnout is to get enough sleep. Most people need around eight hours of sleep per night, but if you’re dealing with burnout, you may need even more. Consider going to bed a little earlier than usual and aim for at least nine or ten hours of sleep per night.

11. Set boundaries / Hold boundaries 

One of the best ways to prevent burnout is to set boundaries in your life. If you’re always saying “yes” to every request or demand made of you, it’s time to start saying “no” more often. Only commit to what you can realistically handle without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. This may mean saying no to social invitations, work projects, or other commitments that are not essential in your life

12. Speak up for yourself.

Often burnout comes from not feeling like your voice is validated or that it matters. 

13. Create a habit of journaling / Practice mindfulness

Journaling gives you a place to express yourself, and a safe place to explore and understand your emotions and your feelings. Once you know how you feel, you can then work to shift the feelings by choosing your thoughts on purpose.

14. Spend time on your life outside of work

Prioritize your free time and time margin, and make sure you’re using the time margin on purpose. If you love your life outside of work, you’ll feel invigorated and recharged. 

15. Decide on what “showing up with excellence” means

Your attitude is everything, but sometimes it’s hard to have a good attitude when you’re burnt out. Decide what the current, most excellent version of you would look and then get curious about how you can show up as that version of you. Don’t pressure yourself with unrealistic expectations and work from where you currently are to create an attitude of excellence. When you are proud of your attitude, you will feel more fulfilled after a day of work, no matter how that day went. 


Hey Trish! I just wanted to say how much I love your podcast and how beneficial it has been to me even as a young adult going into my 20’s. You give such amazing advice that really makes me think and gives me different perspectives. I especially love that you incorporate your faith into your podcast as well. I am currently in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend with whom I’ve been dating for a year and a half. He is the sweetest person and is so supportive with everything. I am the same way, but I’ve come to find that I have been dealing with a lot of relationship anxiety and worry. I always try to ground myself with scripture and whatnot, but still I can feel this anxiety building up. So I would love for you to make an episode on your podcast about long distance relationships, finding yourself through them, and how to deal with relationship anxiety. Thank you so much!


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