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 In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re chatting about:

  • How to know what your potential is – and then how to go start taking steps of action towards actualizing it
  • Believing in bigger things in your life this year
  • Live coaching session with Trish 



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A good review from the listener . How to Know What Your Potential Really Is


You're listening to the confidence podcast, your favorite coaching podcast oozing with motivation, inspiration, and confidence to help you boldly take action on your dreams. I'm your host, Trish Blackwell, internationally recognized Confidence Coach, Best Selling Author and founder of the College of Confidence, the most encouraging place on the internet. I teach go getters in life, how to take your thoughts captive, how to step out of the shadows of self doubt, and how to courageously step into their purpose. With competence. It's time to pump our competence muscles and train our thoughts, y'all. Let's get started. Hey, guys, it's Trish Blackwell, and you're listening to the confidence podcast. This is episode 528. Oh, my gosh, the first episode of 2023. Can you believe it? Happy New Year. Happy New Year. This is episode 528. And we're talking about a topic that's going to start your year right? How to know what your potential really is, how to know what your purpose is, we tap into our purpose by starting with your potential and your potential friends. It's limitless. But here's the thing. When we think about our potentials, we all we often have such a narrow sense of understanding about ourselves and what is possible when it's within us, which is why I'm doing something I've never done before. I'm going to share with you what live coaching one on one with me looks like so I had a couple of volunteers. I pulled some members from the College of Confidence and we offered what we call potential audits. Because this month in the month of January, we're dedicating our coaching and our workshops and our learning to potential and possibilities we're starting the year with with the seed of potential and the process that we're going to be coaching my COC members and students on throughout the year is how to water that potential how to believe in it, how to nurture it, how to protect it, how to show up for it, how to feed it, how to grow it, how to keep it how to how to garden, your own garden without worrying about what anyone else is growing, how to maximize what God has given you. Right you've heard the adage said we're what God has given us is our his gifts us the potential the seed of possibility within you your gifts or talents, your aptitudes or personality, your story. What you do with what you are given is your gift back to God. To me, there's nothing more egregious and devastating than people who don't pursue their potential, who settle for less who play small. And what happens when you settle for less and you play small is that you end up leading a very unfulfilling life you you hit, you have that small, nagging sense and longing for more, and you look at your life and you know that life is good. And yet, you know, there's more, you know, you're being called to something more. And so if that is you, this series is going to be for you, I'm going to challenge you to say the college your confidence this month is your month, this is the month now, you've heard me announcing this is the last week, this is the last week I say it again, this is the last week, this is the first week of January is the very last week that you can get in at our lowest rate our rates are going up. After this week, it is still the most affordable life coaching that exists anywhere, it's still what I our members pay, I deliver 10 times worth the value without a doubt. But the cost is going up I want you to get in now and get access to this the the coaching that you get the tools that you will get the way I help you access your potential, and tap into it, believe in it and start showing up briefly for it. And well, it's gonna make achieving what you really want. more doable, easier, more enjoyable. And then you'll start realizing that you actually can achieve way more than you even gave yourself credit for. So you're gonna see in these conversations that so what we did is we announced that we're doing these potential audits, and I had volunteers and they agreed that they knew that these recordings were going to be shared. So thank you to my volunteers for the transparency. And you'll see the structure was a 20 minute coaching session. Based on three concepts, three huge questions. The first question, I wanted my I wanted them to tell me what they think their potential is. And I want you as you listen to imagine me having this conversation with you. What do you think your potential is? Now you can think about this in a professional perspective. You can think about it in a personal perspective, you can think about it, but or in a general concept, the potential of your life but just come up with one answer start what is your fullest potential? What are you capable of? And then And what I think your potential is, if you and I were sitting over coffee, what do you think I would challenge you on? Where do you think I would say, You know what, I think you're playing small, I don't think you see what I see in you. My husband told me that one of my greatest gifts, and this has always been true, this has been true since I've been a leader in high school, and through my my collegiate experience, and then there, you know, in into my professional life, I've always been a leader and why I've been a good at the influence of leadership. And the natural leader personality is that I see things in people that they don't want to see in themselves. And my husband says, I don't know how you do it. He's always marveled at it. And it's just, it's a gifting, right? It's just how God wired me. Now, this is why I do what I do is, it's how God wired me, and I want to maximize it. Because the wiring and the gifting is what Brandon says this is he says, I've never seen anyone else be able to just look at somebody, talk to them, and then help them see how much more they're able to help them not just see, but believe in a potential greater than they thought and then start showing up for it. He says you pull out and inspire people to their fullest potential. And that's, and that's why I wanted to share these conversations with you. That is what the work we do in the College of confidence to go are you were created to be a world changer and a difference maker. I know that without a fact without a doubt. Are you showing up for it. And when you step into your potential in the pursuit of your potential, it is the most invigorating, exciting, fulfilling journey. It helps you separate it's it's what gives you the ability to go this the destiny, you know the whole adage, it's not the destination that matters. It's the journey. Well, this is how to stay focused on the destination, but really jam out on the journey along the way, because it's so satisfying. So what we're gonna be doing is, I'm gonna be sharing you a recording of a live coaching session that I had with one of my college competence members. And we do these periodically, and we're going to be walking through this even more, and then you'll hear the conversation, I want you to ask yourself some of these same questions before that if you are ready to join the COC and not overpay, make sure you join this week. Even if you've just been curious, come try for a month it is the easiest cancellation process you can cancel within two clicks of a button from your profile. We have a policy that if you are not absolutely wowed within the first 14 days of you joining we refund your money. There's 100% money back guarantee no risk, easy cancel, we make saying yes to investing in yourself. Absolutely. No risk free, so easy. And this is the week to do it. Even if you've just maybe you've listened for years and you've thought about it. You're worth it. This is worth it. Your future is worth it. So yes, go to college confidence.com. Before we dive into our our coaching experience, I'll share it with you in just a minute. But I want to say thank you to TAS Hughes, who wrote an amazing review on iTunes. Thank you. She said this essential part of my journey five stars. Every time I'm stuck something in this podcast motivates me to keep learning and keep going living my own life. And not someone else's and trusting in God's plan. Sometimes I'll read the title and my brain will already think that I know about that and for all about that information, and that you don't have to listen, but I choose to anyways and without fail. Trish always gives multiple beautiful, inspiring and applicable lessons that grow my life even more and more. Thank you endlessly casts. You got me with that. Thank you endlessly, I say thank you endlessly back to you for taking the time to help us grow the show. That's what these reviews do. They they help reach more people within the podcast algorithm. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us build a reach and inspire more people. Alright, let's dive in to the coaching. Rachel. Hi, it's great to meet you face to face. No,


it's so nice to see you. Thank you. Opportunity.


Welcome. I'm excited. I just had one before you and I'm on fire about what these potential audits can be. So we're gonna die. And tell me so the way we're structuring this is a sort of a 15. If I'm we know I'm chatty, it might be 20 minutes, where I want to talk to you about your potential, what you think your potential is,


okay. And then and then what


I can see beyond that, and then what you should start doing to better access your potential. So I'll tell you, when you because I asked you some questions to think about what is in the next three years that you really want to see. Open up and flower in your life. What is the potential area that you're most interested in right


now? I think I'm like self


development. Okay. I teach so I think I'm having this like I want to move from a teacher to like Coach,




I like coaching. And like you is like, what is just like, I can't stop pulling up? Yes, that's like totally me, you know, positive. I'm like podcasts like, I listen to podcasts. And I'm like, that could be me one day like, I listen to your podcast and like, I would love to be trashed. And then I like, I'll listen to like Ed my let interviews or like, oh, I want to me and my left one day, like, That's my ultimate goal.


So why why haven't you started? Why not? You? Yeah.


i Yeah, that's how I feel. I think what's happening is what I just kind of wrote, I wrote down before we came on, um, I think I'm looking like you said, it's like a lot at others. And like, what I'm craving and wanting and like, I love what you do, like I love, I love all this. And then I kind of wrote down like two things maybe I need to start doing was last time. I don't want to jump ahead. But like, oh, go girl. Let's


do it. I like it. We go up and down. Our timeline is good.


Okay, so setting time aside at a coffee shop to do this work. There's a coffee shop like right around the block from my house. Sometimes I'm just in the house. And I think I just get distracted or I don't treat it as something that's like big. I'm like treating myself help to like help me. But I'm make that switch to like really put on his? Yes. And then I was like, Maybe I need like a journal or a binder to like, kind of start my work and treat it like a job.


I 100%. Can I tell you and I know you're you. You've been a long member in the College competence. My the college recombinants we are entering we'll be beginning our sixth year here in January. Yes, the COC was birthed in a coffee shop. It was


Yeah, your whole story behind it was actually pretty phenomenal. Yeah. Coffee Shop,


Carolina Beach. And, and on the back of a napkin, my husband, I were like, Wait, we will and like that was it? So yes, I honor that. But what we're doing is honoring our space. Yeah. The reason ritual wise, so many people go through life and we settle for the Sask. Well, we we and we affirm ourselves with the status quo was really normal, do what normal people are doing it because we're so busy that we don't have time to make your time work for us to sit down and think what is it that actually want? And what is my definition of success? So you're right, and I think we people have heard up, but they're like, Well, what does that look like? Really? actualized? And you just said it? Right? It's writing and I want you to write it on your calendar to say this is work time,


okay? Or


dream time, whatever you want to call it. I even heard people who are listening who are going to if this is before your business, even this officially be like business time? Because if yes, speaking to what is becoming before it becomes it will become more quickly. Absolutely. So you just say this, these are my business hours? Yep. Because you have a you are in education. So you have work hours, and then you have business hours.


Absolutely. And I'm noticing I think I saw I don't have my long commute anymore. And now much earlier. And I'm like, losing it, I'm losing it a little Oh, I'm getting into like these like little like, not where I want to be. And whereas I feel like I'm spending a lot of time scrolling by others looking at others and thinking like, oh, I want that. But like I'm not doing anything, or I am doing a little bit. And then I pull back and pull


back. Right? And you kind of tell you why it's often you're doing repeat we all fall into this. We do a little bit and then we pull back because you don't know yet. You haven't taken the time to sit down and write down exactly. What would just blow your mind. What would knock your socks off? What would make you pinch yourself. Like I do sometimes and go I can't believe that I'm living the dream. Yeah, you're gonna dream? Yeah. Yeah. Like, and it's fulfilling in every sense of that. And it's hard some days to but it's very deeply fulfilling to get here.


And so let's say because you said look,


I'd love to be in coaching, right? And use myself what I've learned to help others. Let's work I want to talk to you about how an idea I have for you. But I'm beyond that. Like, let's just say five years, five years now if I looked in the future, and I said Rachel, you've done it. You've done it and you and I are having conversation you're like Trish I cannot believe this five years goes when we talked and this is exactly how it'll play out. What would that five year mark from now it's so that's that be the 2027 end of the year, and you're like I made this much money. You don't have to give me the number but if you want to let success be because we're talking about A career what's successful? Oh, girl, I've made it.


I think for me, yeah, I think leaving teaching, okay. And like, obviously making like a higher salary than like what made arranged,


let's put numbers to it because if we're still higher salary is very, very vague I just want


to be. Right. So. So


you can say 90 to 110. You can say 100 250. I mean,


but I'd say like 150 and up or like, in five years, though I would even up that to like, minimum two or like, okay, 100?


Like, what would you tell them? Look, we're just


deciding now what


you want to make? Three will say, right? Like 253? Which one, three? Okay,


three $300,000, you are going to start writing down, I am going to build a business. That makes $300,000 year I am a woman who makes $300,000 a year. Now we start getting behind the belief that before we need to know the how I don't need you to know the how yet we just have to start working the belief. And that's why when you're scrolling on social media and looking everybody else, you're like, girl get focused, you got work to do, because that's where it pulls Yes,




Setting a very specific tangible financial goals for myself. And I also do tangible numbers, like I have very tangible numbers about my Google Analytics, and my podcast downloads. And there's a lot that I can't control. But there's some things I still can do. And sometimes it works. And sometimes it doesn't. But if I'm committed to the end goal, I gotta be committed to the numbers and showing up for when they work. And when they don't work and still showing up anyways, I knew what that does. When I start going down the rabbit hole of social media or the the lure of oh, I should mop my kitchen instead of doing this. I go girl, do what you know is going to move the needle forward. And if you have a clear focus on what the forward is, then drive you to take some bolder actions.


Yep. So let's talk


about you said very loosely, I just think it's amazing the background you're coming from. And I have another client of another private client I'm working with who is in the educational aid education system. She's a principal and she's also very, very passionate. You with coaching, and she just said to me, Trish, I kind of want to be a coach, and I was like you were made for this. Yeah. And here's the thing you are made for this in the same way she is, in a way. I am not. And I want to be really clear. Because I'm not saying you need to niche to this. But with your experience in education and with teaching.


There are teachers who don't know what life coaches are. You're right. Absolutely. There are


teachers that will I think anybody who's ever who's we could agree with this. There is a teacher shortage everywhere. Why? Yeah, yeah.


Why the teacher shortage is happening. Because we're all unhappy. Yes. Yep.


Unhappy, burnt out, overwhelmed, exhausted, undervalued, moved around by bureaucracy, not like so we've lost our voices, we feel taken advantage of, and we're exhausted. I'm calling myself one of you. We are right. But that's but that's how we that's how he is an amazing


market. Yes, you're right, that is a goose serve them go create a college of competence for them. Yes,


I burn out something for them. That is, that's, that's affordable for teachers where they go, I'm going to be I know, I'm going to get everything you need. So when we when we start going, when you started this, when you think about the potential of the new business, you will always want to ask yourself,


what is the problem I'm solving? What is the solution?


What is the process? I'm going to take somebody through? And then what result will they get? I would not worry about the second two as much but the


what's the problem? Because at the end of the day, people just want to know, well, can you help me? Yes. And


and especially for you coming from the education world to if you serve against is just an idea of what I see your potential as you have asked how many millions of teachers are there in the United States alone? Yeah, a lie a lot. A captive audience? It is. And so that, that that many people were you're gonna be able to say, I get you. Not only do I see you, but I get your struggle.


I've been in those meetings. Right? Who those children? Yep, I've


had the curriculum change or, you know, I don't know if my kids are second I'm second grader so far. But right, you got curriculum changes, you got system changes you got you got something new or something new. So,


um, if you could reduce teacher burnout


and by the way you could, you could sell coaching to individuals or you could sell coaching to school. So you could coach, you could coach the leaders in schools, where you could offer something for teachers individually. I just think you have limitless possibilities here.


Yeah, I feel like that and I know someone, I don't know exactly what she she branched off though working for, like a big agency working for a big curriculum that all the schools by and now she peatlands is like she's on her own. So it's not even sure what she does. But you know,


she just made it up, girl. And that's what you that's what she do get to make your so when I started entrepreneurship, and this is for anyone listening to that you go, like, when you think about your potential, it feels really exciting. You're looking at this, like mountain range, and you get to the forest, you start walking to the forest to get to the like, to this to this beautiful view. And you're like, well, there's like us, it's not very clear path, like which way do I go?


Yep, sort of bushwhack your path. That's what


is. And so when you come up with ideas for us to figure out what is the real potential here is, you're gonna have to try be being willing to try something, okay? To fail. So you might try to start and go, I'm gonna I'm gonna serve the teachers individually. And it might and you're and you try for your you try for a year you try these different things. You try podcasts, you do YouTube channel, and then you offer a course and then


it drops. Okay, like, Okay,


let me try again. If I really think this is my target market and try something else, I'll try new product. Maybe I need to try to reef rephrase the whole way. I said that thing. Maybe I didn't get it right. Maybe I need to change my emails, like other so many times. It's just a giant puzzle. Yeah, to not make this very clear that I'm helping them with a solution they've been looking for. And maybe even being open to go, oh, it's because I was selling to the wrong people I need to sell to the principal's or I need to sell


to the PTO of each school. Like


there are so many ways know where most people go wrong. And they squash their potential as they get to know or they put their heart into something for hours, weeks, and then it doesn't work. And they go, I guess meant to be right. I could tell you how many hours I've wasted how much money I've wasted on dumb. I've not done that. To my credit at the time. brilliant ideas. Yeah.


And they just didn't work.


But the reason I'm successful now is because I just kept going. That's right. Okay. And I mean, I had ideas that were not even related to the coaching industry ideas in the app development industry. And some of those ideas work, they made some good money, and then it didn't make money. And so I want you to embrace like for you to untap the fullest capacity or potential. One, we start saying I'm a woman who's going to create $300,000 in one year. Yes. Brain


and just helping people. Yeah, that's, that's my thing. Like


I need creating a solution that is needed.


Absolutely. I used to want I want to be like with people more and like, I love kids. I'll never like I love kids so much. But like, I want to be with people and my husband to like on a side note. He is an amazing chef. Oh, yeah, he's not a chef chef. He's a chef in the firehouse. But I keep planting that seed in his head like that. Open up a restaurant.


So can I offer you an idea for him? Can we talk about I've been honored like private chef hire.


Yes. You know,


there's I mean, that's a service I'm looking to. It's a service that my cousin uses where there's a private chef, they come in for to your home for two to four hours on the week on a weekday and they make your meals they package up your meals if you would have some repeats but you know, my I want five lunches and five dinners for my family and you pay for the chef's Yeah, that's like a really popular service where I live. I think that's way that's way better start to get your if you start building a clientele like opening your restaurant, shoot and the percentage is very, very high.


It is sir. Bootstrapping something. Yeah.


Like chef has no startup costs.


Yeah, that's pretty. You probably just


that's an idea for his potential there. I get excited about what that would be what that could be. No, so tell me what your number one is, before we close out. Since this is a micro session, what is your biggest doubt about this idea that we're going like, what's the biggest limiting thought you have? What is your brain saying and resistance to me now?


I would say like, um, I think my limiting is like the working full time and like that business and like,




like, you know, I'm lucky that I have all those breaks off I have the summers off. So like I could probably handle both. But you know, having the career and then like having this so I think That's what you know, it's like the crane is trying to create a problem. Like, my husband's not gonna be like, yeah, you could just quit and have no,


like, your brain is trying to create a problem that doesn't have to be there, here's what I want you to tell yourself, I want you to tell yourself that you're a badass at managing your time. Yeah. And that you will do whatever it's needed to scale your time right now for this season. I'm not using the word hustle, I'm using the word scale the time so that you can maximize your time for a short period that might short period might be three months, it might be three years. But forever, you might have heard me say this before, when I started just scaling my time, I was working 50 hours a week in my, my, my corporate job in the fitness industry. And then I was training 20 hours a week for my Ironman. Now, I did not have kids at the time. But I was training 15 to 20 hours a week for my Ironman that I was training for. And then I started my coaching and my podcast and my writing and my platform building at the same time. Okay, and other kind of hours a week. So I want to say this, if I can do that, you for sure.


I agree.


I you for sure can. And I was just going at it, I didn't have anybody saying you can do this. haven't managed there. And what I recommend to people in your position is to be very, very clear set. So the way I did that, I mean, I was meticulous about my time management. At the beginning of the week, I want you to go back and rewatch the deliberate daily design workshop in the COC. And you become the master of your schedule. We tell time how to work for us. And I want you to know you are creating financial wealth in your life with this vision right now, even though you're about to get pinched. If we take this seriously, and we take action, I want you to tell yourself I'm creating. I live in time wealth right now watch how wealthy I am with my time I'm going to spend it here. I'm going to spend it here. I'm gonna spend it here. And I want you to put really very front lines about what office hours you're going to be working on this business idea of growing this and moving


it okay.


And then that way when your brains like Yeah, but we're tired. Yeah, but we don't have time you go. Yeah. And that's what people who don't achieve things, say, and I'm not that person, right? Don't be alarmed when your brain offers you all kinds of excuses. Just feel like most people believe that and that's why they stay in the status quo.


We won't. I love that. Love that guy. What's your biggest takeaway from today? Okay, my biggest takeaway. Huh? Biggest take?


I will I feel like that you got me. Like, well, we just talked I told you like I started with like podcasts and coaching and talking about $300,000


Did you think?


Yeah, I've done like that talked about, like, I like the financial wealth and like, now I'm seeing like the bigger picture now. It's like ringing my bell. For the conversation. I was like, Alright, I want to podcast and coach. Okay, maybe work in schools now. Like, I could talk to principals, I could dress. Did you all I could make this money and I am going to be so good at my time. Yeah. Yeah.


Okay, so good. Okay, I will see you in the COC. Yes.


Thank you. Bye, bye.


I hope you enjoy that as much as I did. I love what happens when we start asking ourselves different questions. And thinking about things in an expansive way. You guys, it's time to start tapping into your potential starting to start getting excited about the possibilities that this year holds for you. And if you're ready, I want to tell you, the workshops that we have happening in the college confidence, we're doing a whole hour of live coaching this month on personal potential, how to know what's within you, then we have a whole hour of a workshop. Again, every workshop comes with a workbook. This is what the difference between the podcast and the COC is that we do the work we do the workbook together, we walk you through the exercises and we slow down to get to soak the information and the application of the information into our bones because knowledge is not knowledge unless it is applied. And I the I what we do in the COC is I help you stop thinking about things and start doing the things that you're thinking about. So we have an hour workshop on personal potential How to know what's within you, then we have a whole workshop on impact potential, how to know what difference you can make. And then I love this we're going to do a whole workshop on free time potential, which really is how to create more time margin in your life. And then of course, we have our traditional every month that we have our open q&a, live coaching where I spot coach on anything going on your life that you want some coaching some feedback on and then we have another potential workshop, not a potential like maybe it will happen but a workshop on the concept of potential. We have a change pitch Henshall, which is really interesting, because it's how to believe in transformation and change how to believe that you're becoming the 2.0 version of yourself that that the circumstances of your life, that you can create a narrative that changes how you feel about your life, how your life looks like how effective your life has helped beautiful it is to believe in change, then one of our actually most looked forward to or workshops for this month is income potential, how to expand your financial possibilities. And then of course, we have our monthly money mindset and business coaching, which is for those who want to work with their abundance mindset, and their business mindset, entrepreneurship, mindset, openness, mindset. And then we have a workshop on Adventure potential. Meaning how to live a life that fires you up that you're not just going through the actions for the you're not just taking steps for so all of that is happening. And we also have an accountability call. That is what you get every month in the COC. That's what we have coming up. So again, this is the last week to get in at our lowest rate. Go to college competence.com. To get started, we're going to close today's episode out with our listener of the episode. It's Sherman, and Sherman is in the COC. And they wrote a message they wrote this on our Facebook page. I gotta tell you, I it was in response to something I wrote to a question and they said, This is excellent. The COC is a third of the price of therapy for me and 10 times as helpful with feedback. Thank you for making this so worth my time and my money. You guys. That's it. I'll see you next week, we have a lot more potential concepts coming up on how to open yourself up to creating the best year of your life. I am so proud of you for just listening. Considering how this applies to your life and starting to put it into action. I'll see you in college confidence. And I'll see you hopefully next week here on the podcast as well go out there today go be more who God created you to be.


Be you. Be free.


If you loved today's episode of The confidence podcast, I invite you to check out the College of Confidence at www.collegeofconfidence.com. The COC is where your next step is. In the COC we cultivate confidence create courage and spark change. It takes everything we do here on the podcast to the next level and our members get crazy life changing results. I'm so confident that you will find that the COC is the most encouraging place on the internet, and that it will so wildly exceed your expectations that it comes with a money back guarantee. Hey, joining is completely risk free you owe it to your future self to take your growth to the next level by coaching with me in the COC. Join me today at www.collegeofconfidence.com

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