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Negative self-talk can send us spiraling about ourselves, our lives, and our futures. Once the spiral starts it can feel hard to stop but doesn’t have to continue to keep you spinning in helplessness. This episode teaches strategies on how to effectively get out of the fog of mind drama, how to neutralize your brain when it feels overwhelmed with negativity, and how to anticipate and exit negativity spiraling so that it stops getting in the way of your growth, your goals, and your breakthroughs. Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/522

In this episode we’re talking about:

  • Mind Drama and Negativity Spiraling 
  • How to Neutralize and Question Your Thoughts
  • Affirmations to Speak Over Yourself as You Build Your Mental Boldness


Jordynlee555 Best Gym Motivation!

I started listening to your podcast while working out. I’m relatively new to the fitness journey and having this podcast to listen to not only motivates me to get to the gym but also lends me the confidence to push myself harder when I do! I’m so grateful I found this podcast on my confidence journey. 

Happy Almost-Thanksgiving!

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Recent example –

My brain got lodged in a warped image – a sensitive point.

For 48 hours I was flooded with shame, disappointment, and discouragement.

In the past, at these times, I would binge or numb. But remember, binging and over-eating isn’t actually an overeating problem or a food problem, it’s an under-feeling problem.

Now I know how to feel – and it hurts. Sometimes it passes sooner than others.

At these times it doesn’t matter what you can logically tell yourself, or what others reassure you – if you don’t believe your own brain of your worth, it feels devastating and unsafe. The intensity of this cannot be underestimated. The thoughts I think about myself at these times are unspeakable and cruel. 

And I allow myself to be sad as I notice them.

Neutralize What’s Happening:

You’re not alone. You’re not broken. You’re not crazy.

Your brain is just doing what brains do, but on supercharge. 

You don’t have to believe everything you think.

Notice What Action Results

Do you overeat? Do you overdrink?

Do you seek external validation? 

Do you recoil and try to hide from the world?

Do you double down on the pain and indulge in comparison and scrolling?

Do you spiral into a pity party and focus on how hard your life is?

Learn to Question Your Thoughts:

The Tea Method

Thought Discipline

Become a watcher to your thoughts – an observer, not a judger. 

Decide and Declare Freedom and Healing

You do not have to stay prisoner to the self-criticism that haunts you.

Fight for Your Thoughts:

  • Sometimes this will be easy, other times it will be like a battle.
  • Sometimes it takes 1 reframe for me, and sometimes 101 reframes.
  • Sometimes I can find breakthroughs and light via one good reframe, journaling session, or affirmation, sometimes it takes an hour of a pen to paper, tears cried and prayers wept to the Lord as I seek understanding and fresh eyes.
  • Don’t do this on your own. God is with you. 

The more intense the fight, the deeper the groove of healing I seal up. 

Affirmations for Mental Boldness: 

Sickness is not my story, healing is.

God will use my struggle for good – to fortify me and to fortify others. 

Every day my mind is being renewed and transformed.

My brain is different today than it was yesterday – I am on my way.

I am mentally strong and brave enough to battle every thought.

I have the power to neutralize a thought and talk back to it until it is properly replaced with truth that brings peace.

Goal Vision:

Develop from being a person who thinks a lot to becoming a person who thinks on purpose.

Over-thinking >>> Intentional thinking 

*Surround yourself with people doing this work.

*Also, surround yourself with other people doing vision work – which is what we’ll be doing in December all month in the COC.


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