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Trusting yourself to make good decisions, and trusting your ability to show up big in your life in your own personal follow-through changes everything. If you’ve ever struggled with indecision, overthinking or lack of self-trust, this episode is for you.  This episode will teach you how to practice self-trust, how to not belabor or second-guess yourself, and how to get out of the spiral of overthinking.


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re talking about:

  • How to build self-trust, and how to trust big decisions you need to make
  • How to be someone who does what they say they will do
  • How to become a good bet – trusting that your effort will always pay off


The COC takes the podcast to the next level.   . I could have just watched the workshop to save myself hours of listening to podcasts. What I loved about this workshop were the exercises to help evaluate failures, and handle thoughts about future failures. -Trevor F.



Know yourself.

Establish a baseline of friendship with yourself.


  • Write out a list of times when you have made good choices, worthy of trust.
  • Write out another list where you didn’t trust yourself – and why that makes sense. 



I spent years second-guessing and overthinking because I trusted hard – and the wrong people.

Like anything, decision-making isn’t something that just comes naturally.

It’s a skill that we have to learn, we have to practice, we have to strengthen.

Therefore, the decisions you made in the past make sense.

  1. How does it make sense?
  2. Would I do it differently?
  3. Next time what will I change?

We get stuck in overthinking and tapping into other people for decisions and over-confirming because we cast judgment on past “bad” decisions.

Instead of labeling a decision “good” or “bad,” what would it look like to label it as the decision you wanted to make?  … that whatever the decision, you know that you can make it a good decision.



The best thing Brandon has ever said to me is: “you’re a good bet.”

I’m going to say the same to you.

How can you create a personal where you are a good bet?

  1. Show up for yourself
  2. Be impeccable to your word.
  3. Have your own back.
  4. Train


Affirmations for Self-Trust:

  1. I am a good bet.
  2. I made good decisions.
  3. I am worthy of trust and I act in a way that builds trust with myself.
  4. I have my own back.
  5. My inner voice is clear and strong.
  6. I trust God’s plan for my life and I am practicing listening to His guidance. 
  7. I have the courage to show up in the world as myself.
  8. I am okay making decisions other people don’t agree with.
  9. I love trusting myself.
  10. Happiness is my natural state.
    It’s safe to trust myself here.
  11. I always know what’s best for me.
  12. I can make any decision a good decision. 
  13. I make good decisions that make my life better. 
  14. My gut tells me when something is off and I am good at listening to it. 
  15. I seek inner peace and I can hear God’s promptings. 
  16. I believe in myself and in my potential. 
  17. I am good at follow-through.
  18. I can create emotional certainty in the face of uncertainty. 
  19. God guides me and will always be with me. 


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Why trusting yourself matters:

  • You can set bigger goals, and really believe you can achieve them.
  • You can free yourself from the self-critical voice that makes you feel never enough and always behind.
  • You can get out of the overthinking cycle of self-doubt and indecision.
  • You can decide what to eat, drink, exercise, etc and actually follow through on it.

How to Do It

  1. Know Yourself.
  2. Learn to Be Nicer to Yourself
  3. Decide that You are Worthy of Happiness
  4. Practice Your Thoughts and Strengthen Your Decision Making

Trust yourself with this first step of investing in yourself.

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