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You want to love your life, but you have things in your life right now that are less than ideal, and don’t have a prospect of changing soon. Maybe you don’t love your job, or maybe where you live, or maybe you find yourself in a season of challenge. This episode will teach you how to find happiness where you’re at, even if where you’re at isn’t where you want to be. Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/509


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re talking about:

  • Loving Life When You Hate Your Job
  • How to Accept Where You Are
  • How to Be Positive When Things in Your Life Stink – And Still Allow the Negative Emotions



Just happened. -GmaAdams

I have never done podcasts. I just happened upon your podcast and can’t stop. You put things into perspective and I absolutely love it. I will be listening every day forever. 



We are only as happy as we believe we can be, and as we give ourselves permission to be. 

But happiness doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.

Happiness doesn’t mean that you don’t experience negative emotions, and often.

Happiness is determined by our commitment to intentional living, and to “me-search”.


Spiritual, Professional, Intellectual, Relational, Emotional

Decide to be 1 notch happier in each of these areas.

To do that, what would you need to do?

Focus on what is within your control — not what is out of your control (toxic co-workers, menial tasks, micro-managing, etc.)

*Poop plant story of Nick and Dad. Outcome – Nick learned exactly what he never wants to do. But he mastered his mindset, he committed to hard work, he resisted complaining because he was grateful for the money he was earning. 



How well would you take care of your car if you had to keep the same one your entire life? That’s how our brains work, so why don’t we treat them that way?

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Jobs that stink, are well, stinky.

And annoying.

Whether it’s a job you hate that you can leave or part of your job as an adult or parent that you wish you didn’t have to deal with.

What are you avoiding and why do you find it annoying? Most of the time it’s not annoying it’s a privilege. 

Try to understand what emotion is driving your discontent?






Happiness is determined by what you allow yourself to have access to.

Do you have a job?

Do you have a career?

Do you have a calling?

Laying bricks

Building a wall

Constructing a cathedral to honor God

You can make anything you do fall into this category – and when you are able to move into a place of career and calling, even if it’s a temporary position you don’t plan on working forever, you can tap into a new level of spiritual fulfilment.

Instead of trying to be happy at your job, use your energy to be happier.

How to find a way to give yourself purpose:

Think beyond yourself

Think with gratitude

Think from a growth perspective

Think about what this is preparing you for



Toxic people are everywhere.

Micro-managing is part of the employment experience.

Knowing what you don’t like equips you to question what you do want

Jobs that feel like they drain you have the capacity to wake you up to more



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Trish – this is so beautiful! Thank you. You are providing so much encouragement and love to this world. I am deeply grateful. I’m not sure if my past message made it to you, but the fb post of my question about my son returned so much great advice and support. I especially appreciated your response/advice. Thank you again for sharing your gifts with the world and making it so accessible to so many! With much gratitude- Kathleen 

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