Money scarcity and fear of success can keep you from your fullest potential. Learn how to think about money with confidence, how to manage it with confidence, and how to tap into more ability to create it with this coaching episode. You’ll love the 9 money mindset affirmations and see massive changes when you put them to work in your own mind. Get the full show notes at


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re coaching on:

  • How to have more confidence with money
  • How to have more money – and stop feeling guilty about money abundance
  • How to stop sabotaging your own success because of your fear of being too successful



Excited for more –

Can’t stop wanting to hear the next podcast! In the beginning of my becoming more and am excited to see what’s ahead of me thanks to Trish!



Understand your money past

Decide what your new money story will be

Know what money really means

Become a steward of money

Realize that you are already wealthy

Be proactive, not reactive or avoidant (pretend money is a person)

Have a money goal

Tell your money where to go

Automate your savings

Have God bless your money

Let go of past mistakes

Establish your why

Make money work for you

Be proactive about your credit card

Create an emergency fund



Money is not bad.

The worship of money is where money goes wrong. 

Money is an exchange of value you put out into the world.

Abundance blesses people. 

  • Explore your negative thoughts about money.
  • Explore your negative thoughts about people with money.

Decide what you want your relationship with money to be.

“Money and possessions are the second most referenced topic in the Bible – money is mentioned more than 800 times 

We need to talk about money more. 

Gratitude has 2 branches 



Life feels full and enough and sufficiency, the great fullness of life and provision from God. That bowl overflows into the spirit of thanksgiving 

Gratefulness generates the spirit of thanksgiving 

Sufficiency, or enough, is this experience of gratefulness and it is the portal of abundance.

You cannot get to abundance through the doorway of more. That door only brings you to lack.

Know the difference between greed and goals.



  1. I am a woman who knows how to make money work for her.
  2. I am a woman who creates wealth in her life. 
  3. I have all I need and I have fun creating more. 
  4. My money is blessed, and a conduit of God’s blessing to others.
  5. Money moves through me and flows continuously.
  6. Money is easy to get and always able to be created. 
  7. I love stewarding my money well.
  8. My heart is generous and money flows through me generously.
  9. I am a child of the Most High, all of my needs are abundantly taken care of and I live in my life with radical joy and generosity



Ask yourself honestly what you are really afraid of.

Questions You Might Be Asking Yourself:

Can I handle it?

What if I mismanage it?

What if I become too successful?

What will “they” think about me?

Am I willing to be different?

Will people think less of me?

Will it make me change? 

I don’t deserve this success?

It wouldn’t be fair if I had that much money…

Am I shooting myself in the foot with higher taxes? 



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I have listened to you for years, and I LOVE your podcast! I am also a believer with my own private practice for Christian counseling in Idaho ( 

So….just throwing an idea out there if you’re needing more subject ideas for the podcast that I would LOVE to hear about….the FEAR of being “too successful” and SPECIFICALLY the FEAR of money.

I have a business venture I’m starting with in my business that has the potential to be extremely successful and lucrative, and very quickly.

Weirdly, instead of feeling excited about the money aspect especially, I’m terrified!

As a believer, I know money can be the root of evil, can cause so much division between family, false ‘friends,’ greed, and so much more.

However I also STRONGLY believe it can and SHOULD be a blessing from the Lord when stewarded correctly. It’s like I’m scared of the ‘evils’ that ‘could’ come with money, to where it’s stealing my joy in this and I often feel scared and almost nauseous thinking about it. 

Megan Guillen-Diaz

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