In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re chatting about mindsets, more specifically:

  • Mindsets that keep us stuck (I’ve identified 12 of them!)
  • 5 mindset decisions that will make you more confident
  • How to actually train your mindset, in real life



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I have worked with Trish for many years now and can’t say enough about how much she has changed my life for the better. Her upbeat attitude and positivity are infectious. I recently joined the College of Confidence and am loving all the courses she offers for self-improvement. I am also really enjoying her new weekly podcast that is more faith-based. She has so much to offer and is the most joyous person I’ve ever met. If you want to start to move your life in the right direction, she is the person to seek out to make that a reality. 


Mindset of comparison

Mindset of criticism

Mindset of scarcity

Mindset of fear

Mindset of inadequacy 

Mindset of not-enough-time

Mindset of being behind

Mindset of ingratitude

Mindset of blame

Mindset of unawareneess

Mindset of business 

Mindset of victim / the-world-is-against-you


Mindset 1: I control my thoughts and my thoughts are powerful. 
-Know your power

-Know why you have been stuck in the past

-Know that it’s your thoughts, not your circumstances that determine your future

Mindset: I am thriving because I am growing.
-I prioritize my growth strategically and daily

-I don’t need to compare myself because I am on my own way

-I am doing better than I have ever done, so I can walk in peace 

Mindset 3: I am thankful for my mistakes and challenges.-I love growth and need resistance to grow

-I live with gratitude, not self-criticism

-I am free from the expectations of perfection and instead I show up in life

Mindset 4: I am where I need to be today.
-I accept where I am with awareness and I lean into the future, I don’t dwell on the past or stay stuck because I am distracted by comparing myself

-I bloom where I am planted, whether or not I like where I am

-I believe in the changing of seasons and that I’m being prepared for my next season

Mindset 5: I am who I am supposed to be and I am free to be me.
-I thank God for creating me so uniquely and with purpose

-I accept the things about myself that I don’t understand or wish I could change

-I don’t waste time wishing I was someone that I’m not or being jealous 


1. Prioritize it. It’s as important as your workouts and eating healthy.

2. Schedule it. Create a routine and a daily pattern.

3. Be coached in it. Join a membership community like the COC.

4. Track it. Journal and pay attention to your growth, the more change you see and feel, the more easily you will be able to keep making time for continued training.

5. Share it. Share what you’re learning with others – we learn most deeply when we teach and lead others. 


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I like your podcast and message. It does resonate which is what got me to your masterclass. I’m a working man in my late 40s looking for a “second mountain” to climb. I’ve used a coach this year. I know the steps and made plans. But I haven’t executed them consistently and held myself accountable. So have had limited progress.

I understand (or assume) your target audience is woman/mom-preneuners

. Not sure if it’s a fit for me? And how group coaching would keep me accountable?
Keep up the amazing work you’re doing. And I wish you all the success.
Best, Daya

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