Podcast #499


Positivity is a super-power; positive thoughts create a positive life. People who tap into the skill of managing their mind, and disallowing negativity, no matter the circumstances, achieve massively more in their lives than anyone else.


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re coaching on:

  • How to create more results in your life – with more ease – by being positive
  • How to become the most positive person you know
  • Why positivity is a superpower, and how to 10X it in your thought life



Great new year.


Every time I listen to The Confidence Podcast I have to pause it and take notes because it is so good and relevant to my life and that has never happened to me before! I get so much out of each episode and often forward them to friends.



Also, join me for the mid-year new year!

Monday, June 27th at 6 PM EST!!!!




Sloppy, negative thinking. 

Maybe you don’t realize you’re tolerating low-grade negativity.


Examples of unmonitored negativity:

You don’t have any current stretch or reach goals.

You wake up with dread.

You avoid things that you aren’t confident doing. 

You engaged in cynicism or sarcasm.

You accept advice from negative people. 

You complain – even micro-complain.

You are irritated by things that aren’t a big deal.

You lose perspective and over-dramatize things.

You compare yourself to others and feel discouraged or down on yourself.  


The Power of Positivity

What you feed your subconscious mind is what will grow.

Positivity gives you courage.

Emotional positivity creates action – and massive action gets more results. 


Do not accept advice from people who are negative. Or from people not doing big things with their lives.

You’re more negative than you think.


And the internal negativity is affecting you more than you realize.

It’s keeping you from your fullest potential.

It’s making things harder than they need to be.

It’s distracting you.

It’s stealing your full access to joy.

It’s keeping you from God’s fullest for you. 


Negative Self-Talk that Many People Think is “Normal,” but is Not:

This is too hard.

I don’t want to deal with this right now.

It’s not fair.

This is going to be a long day.

Why is this hard for me?

I’m tired.

What’s the point.

If only…. Then I would ….

I’ll start tomorrow…

I’ll do that later.

Nobody cares.

I’ll never be able to…

I’ll always struggle with…

I guess I’m just…

I’m just being realistic. 

I failed.

I’m afraid to hope.

I hope this works out. 

I don’t want to be disappointed. 

Ugh. (insert any complaint) 


It’s your responsibility to stop and detox negative thoughts.

Don’t complete a negative sentence.

-About yourself

-About others

-About your spouse

-About your situation


Intentional Thoughts to Create Positive Emotion

I have the resources I need.

I will figure this out.

I have decided to do this. 


How to Be More Positive

  1. Decide to be positive
  2. Don’t get out of bed until you have positive thoughts.
  3. Insist on positivity.
  4. Parent your thoughts.
  5. Commit to a positive routine.
  6. Put yourself around positive people.
  7. Limit negative input.
  8. Consider your voice of positivity to be a calling – a need.
  9. Play mental games to always find the good – condition of your brain.
  10. Learn how to self-affirm, self-encourage and self-validate.
  11. Journal daily.
  12. Win Today / Win Tomorrow Habit – train yourself to notice your momentum
  13. Celebrate others
  14. Spread compliments like confetti bombs
  15. Use music to move you
  16. Exercise daily
  17. Intentionally have positive input 



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I actually will do that. 

I started listening to you around the middle of April and I literally listen to at least 2 or 3 of your podcasts daily. 

It’s usually you and Joyce Meyer!!

Your transparency has helped me tremendously. I feel like I can relate to every thing I hear you say and I find myself changing my thoughts from always negative to looking at the bigger picture and it brightens my day!

So thank you for doing what you do!!

And happy birthday, yesterday 

-BA on IG 

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