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We gave you the opportunity to ask the confidence questions that most weigh on your heart, and you, our faithful listeners, weighed in! These are the most common questions that you want to know about confidence!


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re talking about:

  • Raising kids with confidence
  • Social anxiety and confidence
  • Overthinking and overwhelm
  • And more!




I’m submerging myself in your content. It has helped me keep my thoughts captive. I am more self-aware of my thought and emotions and I’m better equipped to redirect the negative thoughts. Thanks again!

how to be confident questions

How to be confident questions



I’ve asked you what your biggest questions on confidence are:

How do you resist stress at work, which is getting harder every month? On the plus side, I am retiring 2/1/23-

Does being fit and healthy give you confidence?
What makes you confident you are loved just as you are?


Is doing what I love and being myself without being so concerned with what
I may think others view me. Sometimes I’m very quiet and may appear unapproachable or stuck up but in fact, I just kept to myself. I tread lightly with
Whom I allow into my life.  

Another bad habit is overthinking everything. And second-guessing myself. I can’t stand that I do that. Thanks Trish for following up

Regarding happiness and confidence, I think my biggest hiccups come after disappointments or mistakes. I can carry that negative energy with me much longer than it’s welcome.
So, how do you stay unshakably confident and happy during or directly after a difficult situation? Something that’s embarrassing or shameful?

And part 2, what kinds of affirmations do you personally use for encouragement regarding happiness and confidence? 

Thanks for asking!

Lovely to hear from you.  You always brighten up my day.  
Two questions I would like to ask about being confident are  

Have you any tips on how to remain practicing the confidence you have gained.  I find it very hard to keep confident I always seem to have a setback and end up back at the beginning.

No matter how hard I try I always end up back comparing myself to others.  I feel so inferior to other people.  I never feel like I’m enough. Would you have any advice on how to stop comparing myself and also any advice on how to believe that I am enough?
Have a wonderful evening 
Kindly always Audrey xx 

How do I overcome social anxiety? How do I overcome feeling like I am that annoying little fly that keeps buzzing around your head and just about the time you think you got rid of it, it’s back! -Deb

Why can’t I find happiness? I’ve never been happy and confidence is out of the question -Sheila

When do I know, or how can I tell that I’m truly confident?
And how can I be happy without being in a relationship?


My two questions about being confident and happy would be 
1 Why can’t I maintain them
2 Why do I allow others to take them from me instead of standing up for myself

I’d love to learn more about how to raise confident kids… How to walk the fine line of getting after them but also building them up and encouraging them to be themselves. 
Also not let other people’s moods affect yours. 



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