Podcast #490


We gave you the opportunity to ask the confidence questions that most weigh on your heart, and you, our faithful listeners, weighed in! These are the most common questions that you want to know about confidence! Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/490


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re talking about:

  • Not personalizing failures

  • Staying confident when stressed or burdened by the world

  • How to stay on track when life throws a curveball

  • Overcoming social anxiety

  • Maintaining confidence and happiness

  • And so many more topics!



After only a couple of episodes, I have already started changing my thoughts and behaviors. I love this podcast and I love Trish – she is a light in this world through her work.

Amy Youssef

questions on confidence

Your questions on confidence



I’ve asked you what your biggest questions on confidence are:

How to keep your mindset, stay on track when something unexpected happens and it throws you off(emotionally). I’ve felt this lately and I’m trying to be patient and just do little things during this time. But it has thrown me off from where I was 3 weeks ago. It feels like a setback and those old feelings of nothing will change come back. Any tips? 

Stress seems to be surrounding and uncertainty with the Ukraine/Russia situation. I want to have a plan, financially and in my career but I don’t know what lies ahead(tomorrow, next week, 3 months). In writing that, I think I take one day at a time and keep trying to explore career ideas as I’m able. Any tips for combating that feeling of uncertainty and reluctance?

That’s it for now, thank you.  


I want to know what problem do I have whenever I think of doing something new I overthink and can’t be happy and confident like that was nowhere… please tell me anything about it as I feel stuck but also that truly being happy in my way isn’t the real thing.


I’m a perfectionist, and I’m hugely competitive, If I do something, I have to know that I am going to be successful, that I’m going to win. As a result, I procrastinate; rather than taking positive action, I’ll delay until I’m so prepared for things I feel it’s virtually impossible for me to fail, then, and only then, I’ll act My biggest challenge is to stop being hard on myself, I expect perfection from myself all of the time, at work, in social situations, in leisure time, running, playing in bands; if I judge I’ve fallen short, I beat myself up. I can be sat at home, and out of nowhere will reflect on something that I felt went badly, something I’m embarrassed about or ashamed of, a failed project, a meeting that didn’t go well, a wrong note, a social gaffe, and I will berate myself for it. I journal a little (need to make it a habit), and try to address this, I’m trying to shut the cruel voice down, and to find a positive to counter it. So, my question is, what is the single most effective tool that you’ve found to shut down negative thoughts? How do you stop them in their tracks, before they take root?

Whilst I’m writing, I’m reading “Straighten Your Crown”, and it is such a beautiful book, it’s honest, sincere, and delivers such a positive and powerful message. It’s many years since I attended church; when I took up running, my Sundays became race days, but I hadn’t realized I’d stopped speaking to God. Reading Straighten Your Crown has changed this, I’ve started to listen to God day today, and I have started to speak to Him again. So thank you for this priceless gift.

Even when we are rooted in the gospel, why is confidence so hard to strengthen within ourselves but, so easily broken by the people around us? 

I ask this because it’s so difficult for me to admit when I’m happy while also finding myself filled with absolute joy at the end of the day. (He really does provide the peace that transcends all understanding) – my question on happiness would be: Even when we have that Christ-centered joy, how are our happiness and joy intertwined with one another when they are both so different? 

Have a wonderful evening!  


How do I not personalize failures?

How do I not overreact and be positive when someone criticizes me?


How do I accept the things about myself that I have no control over (and can’t change) but I absolutely hate?

And how can I learn to live with confidence knowing these things can never be changed?



How does one become happy if that would mean hurting someone else?


Probably just how to stay vigilant to being joyful and thankful 




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