Podcast #484


If you struggle with comparison, or with the assumption that no one else is having a hard time like you are, then this episode is for you. In this episode we’re coaching on how to stop being jealous of others, how to stop comparing yourself, and how to see that your life is going better than you think it is.


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re talking about:

  • How to stop getting stuck up in comparison
  • How to have a better life
  • The difference between a good life and an extraordinary one, and how to get the one you want 
  • How to parent your thoughts to stop worrying if other’s are “better” or happier than you



Thank you for this podcast and for encouraging us in achieving these great big goals.  Thank you for speaking truth in our lives that we may be encouraged to do so with others!- 

Cheyenne – Maui 



Let’s be honest together – when’s the last time you were jealous?

What makes you say “gosh, must be nice.”?

What makes you assume “her life is easier…”

I used to look at people skinnier than me, or prettier than me, and I deeply wanted to be them. I assumed that just because I presumed that they didn’t struggle with the pain points I struggled with, that their lives were easier or happier

Ya’ll. Life is good and bad. 


How to Have a Better Life

  1. Stop Thinking That Everyone Else Has a Better One Than You

-Understand your false assumptions (she’s pretty – her life is better)

-Catch your words by noticing your thoughts 

-Know the lies you tell yourself (they are more successful = they are better)


Write down the lies you think – challenge them.

Lies I used to tell myself:

When I’m skinnier I’ll be more loveable.

If I were prettier, I would have a happier life.

Being successful will make me feel fulfilled.

Once I do ________, then I’ll be satisfied.

I need to know what I’m doing. 

I can make everyone happy – and then I can be happy. 

If I fail publicly, people will remember. 

2. Take Ownership of Your Ability to Create an Extraordinary Life

-Stop settling

-Stop thinking that circumstances dictate or determine your story

-Stop comparing yourself 

3. Mind Your Thoughts

-Don’t allow yourself to say “must be nice” (notice your jealousy)

-Detox any thoughts that allow you to settle for less or for averageness 

Limiting Beliefs


Mattering / Purpose

Indecision / Procrastination 


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Hi Trish, stumbled across your podcast on Spotify today – #465 on loneliness was honestly a word in a season. THANK YOU. Bless you. 

 -Sarah H

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