Podcast #482


The way to stop giving up on yourself is through knowing how to follow through on your belief in yourself and your belief in a goal. Confidence Coaches Trish Blackwell and Christina LeCuyer jam out on a powerful and strategic episode to teach you how to have belief, faith and follow-through that really produces results in your life.

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re talking about.

  • How to stop micro-quitting on yourself and the real secret to having follow-through in your beliefs
  • How to decide, have unwavering faith and take massive action
  • Two top tips from two confidence coaches



Trish, I want to infinitely thank you. God has really worked through you and just listening to the few episodes that I have, I have not only leaned into my faith but also, into the belief that God is who HE says He is and loves us more than we could ever comprehend. I

To every girl out there, just click play. It’s WORTH IT and so are you.

 -Tay Duggan



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As a former professional athlete and television personality, Christina’s life 10-15 years ago looked awesome. She was living a life many would dream of, yet the reality was that she was at her rock bottom. She hated herself, felt without a purpose, had an awful eating disorder, and didn’t believe she was ever going to amount to anything that made her come alive. She was caught in the trap of living a life she “should” love instead of one that she DID love. She was completely out of alignment and had no confidence in herself or her decisions. She knew something had to change or the consequences would not be good… By the grace of God, with plenty of hard work, killer mentors, and strategists she can wholeheartedly tell you today she is OBSESSED with her life and business. She knows with 110% certainty if you are ready to decide it’s your turn she can help you have the same.

Connect with her at:

IG @bechristina

Website: https://christinalecuyer.com

Podcast: “Decide It’s Your Turn” https://christinalecuyer.com/podcast/



We have so much in common – athletics, eating disorders, the “dream life” that was actually the rock bottom life. Did you ever experience feeling like you “believed” in that vision for yourself, but just didn’t know how to consistently hold the belief? How did you bridge that gap and really start following through on a belief? 

Do you have some basics on belief follow-through?

Ok, so someone has a goal – and is believing for something, but they don’t identify themselves as someone who follows through? (They’ve broken so many promises to themselves in the past, they find it hard to believe that this time will be different.) What should they do differently and how should they start?

Now let’s talk about people who don’t know what they want to believe is possible. They want to follow through on a belief or goal BUT they don’t know where to start or what to really even believe for. What advice do you give someone who feels stuck here? 

Alright, we have listeners who know they can believe in something is possible, but they lose the momentum of the belief and start to believe the self-doubt. How do you coach on doubt management? 

Social media creates micro-comparisons; your brain takes what it sees as truth and the need to remind yourself of its invalidity is hard.

Less screens, more books, more people =

More life

Faithfulness is guarding my mind to do things differently than most people

Less screens, more small details, slower moments, higher focus, bolder goals



Mary Davis

Hi Trish!!! I’ve been listening to your podcasts almost every night in bed and they have been so inspiring. I’ve never been able to find a podcast that could switch my negative mindset to a positive one so quickly! I just wanted to say thank you for being such a blessing in my life and so many others. I’ve been able to show my friends your podcast when they are dealing with hardships and they love it!!! God truly shines through you!

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