Podcast #481


If you’ve ever felt “not enough,” this episode is for you. However the voice of inadequacy speaks to you, this coaching will give you practical ways to talk back to the feeling of “not enough” and “feeling behind” so that you can talk yourself to a place of secure self-worth. When we know that we are 100% worthy we can start to do bigger, bolder, braver things in the world -and you were made for such a time and thing like this.

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re talking about.

  • Why we don’t feel “good enough” and the struggle that our not-enoughness creates in our lives – how we have more control over it than we think we do
  • How to increase both self-image and self-worth



Announcing WORTH WEEK.

Five days live with me, February 21-25th.

I’ll teach you the 5-step framework to feeling worthy, loved and called to greatness – it’s a week where you will learn to see yourself how God sees you, how to drop the baggage and trash thoughts that are holding you back and how to live a life of extraordinary enthusiasm, confidence and impact.



Your podcast has helped my life change dramatically for the better. I’ve shared you with anyone I can think. You’re truly an angled waking on Earth and have given me so much hope that I can be confident.

 -Haleyyyyyy B



Decisions set you free.

Decide to be a discipline.

A lie can keep you bound. If you believe it is true.

Lies create blind spots.

You’re not trash, you just need new truth.

Don’t do the devil’s job – finding evidence of your limitations and how messed up you are – make him keep his own hours.

What you’re wandering in for 40 years, God can bring out of in 11 days.

Lying to yourself excuses you – allows you to not accept ownership of your potential.

When you are worthy – you can drop the trash and keep the truth.

What’s the difference between self-worth and self-esteem?



Your to-do list

Your achievements

Your dating status

Who you date

What people say about you

Your job

Your social media following

Your age

What you can physically do

Your grades

Your intelligence

Your net worth

The number of friends you have

Your likes (good taste or not – sophistication or style or preferences)



Increase your self-understanding

Know your true identity in Christ

Boost your self-acceptance by finding things you like about yourself

Enhance your self-love (tone, etc, kindness, compassion, generosity)

Take responsibility for yourself]

Believe that you have a higher purpose


Liz Handy

Tirhs – I’m so glad you stepped into your calling for such a time as this. God led me straight to your podcast. Iwas praying last night just asking God how in the world I was going to get over people pleasing. Over the past few years I’ve done some realy difficult and exstremly draining yet so rewarding personal work – healing childhood truamsas and tracing the root of a lot of my pooor habits that have been eating away at my health and life. People pleasing is just one of those for me that is going to take a lot of cutting and snipping before it’s uprooted. But your podcast is such a godsend! After praying this morning, God led me straight to it and told me to lisen to episdoe 421. I resonated so much with what you said especialy being perfect so many parents could be happy.  I’ve read a lot of materail on people-pleasing but somehow, only your podcast has hit me on this level. I appreciate your wilingness to be a vcessle for God and I’m signing up for as much of your materia on people-peasing as I can afford. God bless you and please keep doing what He’s purposed for you. You’ve already made such a huge difference im my life and I know others have said the same. Bless you!

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