Podcast #476

How to Believe in Your Big Goal with Confidence

You were probably told to believe in yourself, and to believe in your dreams. But, where you ever taught how to actually believe? What the steps are? How to build belief? Approach your goals entirely differently, with more confidence and bold belief than ever before by learning how to believe in your big goal with confidence. This coaching podcast will teach you what you need to know to start believing with unwavering confidence. Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/476

In this episode, we’re coaching on

  • The process of believing in your goals
  • Forgiving yourself for giving up in the past
  • Selling yourself on the reality of your future self as successful 


I get so super motivated each time I listen to you that I do something bold midway through the podcast, replay, etc. 

Thanks for being you

-Holly Sexton 


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  1. Set a goal that makes you giggle, or almost embarrassed to say.
  2. Decide that it’s possible.
  3. Write the goal down.
  4. Spent time being the type of person who achieves the goal.
  5. Identify subtle shifts to start making. 

Take the parameters off what’s “realistic” (BHAG, Impossible Goal, etc.)

Understand the “point” of a big goal.

Give yourself permission to think it.

Decide that it’s available to you. (People like you do things like that)

Bring it to life (Get it out of your head – on paper and with someone you trust)

Decide to do it – and that you are already on your way. (Release the “how”).

Write the belief you want to hold onto the entire way to the goal.

Create a belief thought ladder of progressive affirmations.

Commit to a daily affirmation to redirect your belief.

The proclamation declaration of your goal has taken the idea from a possibility to a piece of potential


Be honest.

The last big goal you had.

Why didn’t it happen?

Most of the time we stop too soon.

We get distracted by comparing.

We become impatient.

We spend more time thinking than boldly doing.

What is the next best thing I can do?

Is there a dream I need to resurrect?


Who is your future self?

Identify your 1.0 and your 2.0 

Know your name differences

Commit to the vision of being different

Always make your future better than your past. 

What does it look like to be friends with her? 

First, you need to be spend time with her.

Next, visualize her – imagine her – make her real.

Talk to your 2.0 and give her a name. 

Believe in who you are becoming.

Where there is vision, there is provision.

Believe in what God has put in you at birth – and the transformation He can do in you.

Collect evidence of how far you’ve come and the progress you are making

-Keep a journal

-Write champagne moments down

-Slow down and celebrate

Become someone who celebrates life.

Celebrate yourself.

Celebrate others.

Celebrate your growth.

Celebrate progress. 



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Please allow me to say that I’m chronically being blessed and uplifted by your podcasts, as well as the COC.  I have notebooks filled with notes I’ve taken from listening to you.  God is using you to help me in so many ways!  Your faith in the Lord, and your authenticity, have helped me to know I am listening to the right podcast.  Your content is what I’ve been longing for, and needing, for quite some time.  My daily prayers include thanking God for you and your ministry, and praying for you and your ministry!  Sidenote – I feel your podcast is your ministry, as you are ministering to the needs of other through it.  He has gifted you greatly, and I am forever thankful He led me to you.

-Amy C. 


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