Podcast #473

How to Know Exactly What You Want

It takes confidence to know exactly what you want, and then courage to believe in yourself enough to create the result you want. This episode will teach you how to do both – how to know exactly what you want and how to really get it in your life. We’ll deconstruct the reasons why being bold and clear in knowing what you want it tough in the first place, and how to trust yourself enough to think big and believe big. This is coaching for anyone with big goals for 2022! Get the full show notes atwww.trishblackwell.com/473

In this episode, we’re coaching on

  • The reasons we don’t know what we want
  • How to figure out exactly what you want
  • A mental strategy to have the confidence that you will follow through


Your words have been extremely eye opening and provided such helpful, enlightening guidance that encourages me to learn to look at things from a different perspective and with true positivity. Thank you for your dedication, continuous drive to share your knowledge and sharing your personal growth to inspire others. -Meredith381



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Wednesday, December 29th at 6PM EST

I’ll be teaching you:

  • Why affirmation work, and how to use them successfully in your life to have more joy, more peace and more confidence
  • How to write your own custom affirmation; including how to incorporate your faith and scripture into them
  • The top three mistakes people make when incorporating affirmations into their lives, nd what to do instead



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  1. We haven’t taken the time to ask ourselves.
  2. We are limiting ourselves from what we consider is available to us.
  3. We hold onto fictions that we tell ourselves from our past, limiting our future.
  4. We are afraid of what we might be able to get / do / achieve.
  5. We sabotage our own happiness and are comfortable in being disappointed
  6. We falsely think that vague ideas protect us from disappointment



  1. Know what you don’t want to help you figure out what you do.
  2. Ask yourself what would make your soul sing
  3. Do a vision board.
  4. Free think with the thought “What if….”
  5. Release the idea that your “exact” vision needs to be perfect – it just needs to be clear
  6. Think big, and then think bigger – make it big enough that it feels laughable.
  7. Release the “how” as you think about your “why” and your “what”.

Vision builds upon vision.
Often, we can’t get to the next vision until we first experience the growth that will take us to the first level.



  1. Decide firmly what you want.
  2. Sell yourself on the belief that it’s available.
  3. Collect evidence of its availability.
  4. Write it down daily.
  5. Visualize yourself already where you want to be.
  6. Commit to your thought work. (Belief ladders, daily toxic reframes, custom affirmations)
  7. Commit to feeling all your feelings.
  8. Commit to failing with confidence and gratitude
  9. Tell others about your want – and start normalizing it as something you’re already on your way to creating.
  10. Get a coach, a community and accountability.



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-Krystina F.


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