Podcast #472

Confidence for Entrepreneurs

Increase your confidence, increase your income. There’s a direct correlation between confidence and professional potential, and this episode will help you learn how to scale both in your life. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or work in a corporate job, wanting to grow within your company, these 10 strategies will help you increase your professional confidence, and ultimately, your income potential. Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/472

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re talking about:

  • The 10 things to do to improve your professional confidence
  • The relationship between your confidence and your income
  • How to think bigger than you ever thought possible



My confidence and luster for life was nose-diving. I decided to click on your show and I listened to several episodes immediately – in just a few months you built me up and I am so grateful! – Ms. Awesome



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Believing that you can build, and building a bigger business is not selfish, it is generous.
The bigger you believe, the more you can give to the world.

Business Affirmations.

First decide what you really want to build.
Then believe. People like me build business like that.
Next, invest in your belief and your follow-through will result in profit.

What does a 10x more confident version of you look like?

Identify 3 things you do in your business if you were more confident.

  1. Know How to Differentiate Between Your 1.0 Versus 2.0 Self
  2. Know How to Take Action When Flooded With Doubt
  3. Know How to Believe in Success Before it Happens
  4. Know How to Feel and Fail
  5. Know How to Train Your Thoughts

Don’t hope you’ll be successful.
Decide that you will be.

Your level of success is directly related to your level of willingness to be bold, to be vulnerable, to feel and to fail.


  1. Know How to Show Up Boldly
  2. Know How to Maximize Affirmations
  3. Know How to Operate from Abundance
  4. Know How to Think Bigger Than Feels Comfortable
  5. Know How to Grow With Ease, Not Hustle



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I loved the book, “ Straighten Your Crown” and I am reading it again. The spiritual side is especially meaningful and your story is phenomenal. I love your style, Trish. I learn so much every time I listen or read your materials. You teach hard things in a much more digestible fashion with lots of fun and positivity. I don’t have Facebook or other social media, just email.
Blessed Indeed,
Renee Van Arsdale

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