Podcast #470

You Deserve Better: Rejection Reframing

The pain from past rejection keeps many of us from our fullest potential in life, both personally and professionally, but it doesn’t have to when you learn how to reframe rejection. You deserve better than to expect to get hurt, to expect things not to work out or to expect disappointment. This podcast coaching session will inspire you with the tools for rejection reframing so you can start being more brave with your life. Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/470

In the episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re talking about…

  • Shifting out of self-indulgence and self-rejection
  • How to separate romantic rejection from your self-worth
  • Reframing rejection so that you don’t fear future rejection
  • Loving yourself through rejection and why rejection is actually sometimes a good thing



Oh my gosh. Just had such a fun week, speaking at the Women’s Legal Forum at The Notre Dame Law School.

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Thank you for  being my on the go coach


I’ve been listening daily … it truly have helped me work as a manager instead of feeling like an impostor.

-RN manager / mom to. Be



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I deserve to take a break > I deserve better than to feel stressed tonight.

I deserve to eat this ice cream > I deserve better than to have a stomach ache.

I deserve this extra glass of wine > I deserve better than to feel hungover tomorrow.

I deserve to buy myself this > I deserve better than to go deeper into debt

Countering “I deserve this”

With “I deserve better.”



Self-Rejections / Ways we reject ourselves:

We convince ourselves we are not good enough.

I might as well not try.



Isolating oneself.

Always comparing yourself to others.

Adjusting goals unnecessarily

Letting others choose your path in life

Ignoring your true feelings and gut

Not speaking up

Social Rejections:

We convince ourselves that other people don’t think we’re good enough.

They didn’t follow up because they didn’t want to

I got ghosted.

No one includes me.

Listener Question:

How to separate romantic rejection from your self-worth

-It’s not about you, it is about them.

-When there is severance, ask yourself if there is some truth in it.

-There is always room to grow.

-Don’t project future rejection because of past rejection

-Your self worth comes from your thoughts. You can’t act your way to worthiness, you have to think your way there.

Things to Do to Prevent Fear of Future Rejection:

Remind yourself how amazing you are.

Acknowledge that your own self-criticism is making your perception inflated

Prioritize your value on being bold, brave and courageous.



Instead of personalizing it, let it power you.

Also know that what you think is a rejection might not be one.

We falsely believe that rejection is a detention. That it is a label everyone sees. But it’s not. Rejection feeds impostor syndrome.

What no one told me because I became an entrepreneur is that I would have to massively fail in order to massively achieve.

I needed to massively embrace rejection – and just give it a different story and a new meaning.

What I didn’t know about sales, but I quickly learned is that rejection is essential. It’s part of the numbers game. The sooner we can learn to depersonalize rejection, the more quickly we will grow in life.

Sometimes too, y’all, we are rejected by things we don’t need to hold onto.

-Maybe that’s someone’s silence, or lack of interaction

-Maybe you just got ghosted

-Maybe you got teased, but then their opinion changed

-Maybe you just weren’t noticed

Most of the time, rejection is God’s protection.

I have let stranger’s opinions (bible teacher, akemi parker, a professor, cool guys that intimidated me) keep me from being good enough, when ultimately I didn’t know or like those people in the first place.



Remind yourself that rejection is part of the human experience.

Often, rejection is just a numbers game.

Rejection means you’re on your way to the right opportunity and willing to be all in.

Have your own back – don’t reject yourself.

Ways to Have Your Own Back:

Be kind to yourself.

Know what you want and what you don’t.

Refuse to beat yourself down and personalize the negativity.

Keep your word to yourself.

Find the good – and don’t maximize what’s not going right.

Questions to Ask Yourself During Times of Rejection:

What does this rejection really mean?

Was it really rejection or is that the story I am telling myself it is?

Could there be more to the story than I know or have the ability to know?

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I will give thanks to you, Lord with all my heart. I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. (Psalm 9:1)

Ya’ll. All of this.

My deepest prayer and greatest desire is that my life would be an outpouring of gratitude and thankfulness to God for the goodness He gives me in life.

Without Him, I would be a shell of a person.

Without Him, I would feel lost.

Without Him, I would be chained to my fears.

Without Him, I would not be anything close to the Trish you know, see and hear on the podcast.

And, if you’ve read my book, Straighten Your Crown, without Him, I would have been strangled to death by a stranger.

Let everything in me that has breath and voice praise the Lord, and so yes, this Thanksgiving season, I want to shout from the mountain top, THANK YOU, LORD.

I am thankful.

Tell me, what are you thankful for this year?



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Hello Trish, I listened to your podcast this morning, episode 465 and it blessed my soul. I laughed out loud when you share the negative thoughts that went through your mind the week before. I laughed because nothing could be further from the truth. It made me realize how I had believed blatant lies about myself.

Thank you for being so open and honest in your podcast.

You’re an amazing woman and your work is so impactful.

Your teachings have been instrumental to my healing. Having been in an abusive relationship for 20 years, I cried to God for help and He led me to your podcast. My confidence has grow tremendously and I am beginning to achieve my goals and reams.

I have been courageous enough to get out of my toxic home 3 months ago. Because of the abuse I went through for 2 decades, I lost myself in the process. I am not sure of my personality anymore. This is where I am now. I want to discover my true personality so that I can show up as my authentic self. I feel like who I am now is a product of what I have been through. I really want to be the woman I was originally made to be.  -Joylene

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