The possibility of your potential is something you can advance with these daily, weekly, monthly and yearly applications. Trailblaze your path of potential!  




Your potential is something to be explored each and every day of your life.

(1). We are called to trail blaze! You don’t have to know the path you are going to take because, well, the path might not exist.

-Daily: This means you can let go of the anxiety you carry with you daily to try to figure it all out. It also means that its time for you to start making bold decisions and to keep working on increasing your level of follow through on doing what you say you’re going to do.

-Weekly: Remind yourself that comparison is your kryptonite.  It will destroy you if you allow yourself to start engaging in it.  You don’t need to watch what anyone else is doing because you are on your own path, not his or hers or anyone else’s.

-Monthly: Assess your 3-in-30 every month.  This will keep you on track as you navigate the woods of exploration towards your dream.  You may think that you know where you’re going and assume that it is in the right direction, but it is always in your best interest to take an assessment.

-Yearly: Celebrate your successes and remember, life is about the JOURNEY, not the destination.    The path of potential never has an ending point.

(2).  You don’t have to have had the “right” education or “right” upbringing or “right” anything. You can be whatever you want to make yourself into with enough focus, study, and commitment. You are never limited unless you yourself allow labels to limit you.

-Daily:  Resist the temptation to think about what you should or should not have done in the past. The past is gone. It is done.  You are wise enough – especially if you are really committed to the advancement of your potential – to live and think in the present. It is a skill, like working out a muscle; it’s not a one and done, it’s a daily necessity.

-Weekly: Make sure that you are investing equal or more time into yourself as you do with the amount of time that you “waste.” Please note, I am not talking about “relaxation” as wasting time…I’m talking about TV, dilly-dallying, etc.

Monthly: Explore.  Adventure brings out something within us that we otherwise would not have seen.  It highlights our curiosity, our courage and our creativity.  It expands our frame of reference and our understanding of the world, and when we remove previously placed barriers we become unstoppable.

Yearly: Attend one big conference per year, get coaching from someone you respect, etc.


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