Podcast #467

How to Believe that You Matter in the World

Knowing that you have a purpose, and knowing yours, will make your life come alive. It gives meaning to the mundane and puts fire in the places you want to wake up in your heart. Purpose is the drive of confidence that we all crave, but most people feel lost in this area. This episode will coach you on how to believe that you matter in the world, and then how to start showing up in a way that makes a difference. Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/467


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re coaching on…

  • How to know you matter in this world, especially if you’re feeling unfulfilled, without purpose or lost right now
  • How to figure out your higher purpose and get started on it
  • How to continually support yourself and step into a bigger version of yourself, and your impact, with positive (and effective) self-talk. 

I want to talk about this topic because I have had too many conversations with high-achievers who are just so in the zone on putting pressure on themselves that they have entirely lost their sense of humanity and purpose. 

There’s immense pressure we put on ourselves, but why? 

When you don’t know why you matter, the pressure, the performance, the achievements, they’re meaningless. I don’t talk about this often but I went through a season of my life, specifically after what happened to me that I share about in episode #444 and in Chapter 2 of Straighten Your Crown, that made me wrestle with meaninglessness and search for meaning. 



I love Trish! Aap915

She has helped me through so much! When I’m down I just put on her podcast! I also read her books! Thank you for being you! 



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The world needs you.

God created you.

Go to work. 

Putting pressure on yourself doesn’t work.

You don’t do better by being mean to yourself. 

Make your life count by being yourself.

God given potential.  — > Your moral responsibility. 

How are you stewarding what was planted within you?

How willing are you to cultivate it? 

How are you downplaying it or mis-tending it?

How do you discount it by comparing to others?



It’s time to think about legacy.

But first, extend yourself grace by knowing why legacy hasn’t been at the forefront of your mind.

  1. Too busy.
  2. Too worn down.
  3. Too low in opinion of self.
  4. Too discouraged from comparing to others.
  5. Too rushed to believe you can do more.
  6. Too disappointed from your past to think you matter now.
  7. Too overwhelmed with how to have a plan to move forward with confidence.

You were placed in the world for a reason.

We don’t get to see the full picture. Just a puzzle piece at a time.

We do get to believe that the big picture is a masterpiece.

We get to decide to be involved – or to pass our piece to someone else.

We get to live with purpose and on purpose.

Your legacy confidence will be attacked – do not be alarmed. 



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You’ve got to have your own back.

We do that with the words we speak over ourselves and the way we show up for ourselves.

Confidence will elevate your results when you learn to support yourself positively.

Self-love – > positive self support

What phrases you can say to support yourself?

What phrases you can say to encourage yourself?

What phrases you can say to believe in yourself?

What phrases you can say to extend grace to yourself?

Grace Phrases: 

  • I am human and it’s okay that something went wrong. Everything important is able fixable and I have something to learn from and grow through here. 
  • I am more than the numbers, more than achievements, more than the outside – what matters the most about me is who I am and I am undeniably, 100% worthy and loveable because that is how God made me. 
  • Every time I miss the mark is an opportunity to grow. 
  • I’m excited about my failures because they open me to new growth.

Encouragement Phrases:

  • I can do this and I will be able to figure it out. 
  • I have more within me than I think I do.
  • I’m doing better than I think I am. 
  • I can create results in my life beyond my imagination because I am not alone. 

Support Phrases:

  • I have permission to think big.
  • I was created to take up positive space in this world. 
  • I can make a difference in the lives of others with my life and how I show up.
  • I am learning how to be an encourager to myself.
  • I support myself.

Belief Phrases:

  • I believe I can do it.
  • I believe that being who God created me to be is all that I need to be.
  • I believe in the abundance of potential God sowed into me. 
  • I believe the world has more to is than I once thought. 



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Hello Trish! @42_cheese / Christina

I was listening to episode #201, and I’m only 11 minutes in and it put me to tears!!! This episode talks about clothing yourself in love! 

I can be very insecure in my relationship with my boyfriend and every time I open up or I’m vulnerably honest he is always patient, loving, understanding and supportive! But my insecurities have often time gotten the best of me. BUT I’m constantly working to change that and better myself. With all that being said, the part in this episode hit home for me and I absolutely needed it today! Every time I need something like this or a sign from God, you’ve been the source I go to! I’ll send more of those stories another time but I just wanted you to know ho much you are appreciated and how much you truly help me! 

I help driven women overcome self-doubt, impostor syndrome, and perfectionism so that they can stop playing small with their lives and start making the bold difference in this world God created them to make.

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