Confidence Affirmations that Actually Work


Podcast #464

Confidence Affirmations that Actually Work


Affirmations can transform the way you think about yourself and your life. They are one of the most powerful thought-habits we can have to tap into next-level excellence, and even though most people know this, most people don’t do affirmations effectively or consistently. Learn how to write your own affirmations and how to create an affirmation practice that actually works, and that you keep doing. Get the full show notes at

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast,  we’re talking about….

  • Why Affirmations Work
  • Affirmations to Stop Caring What People Think
  • Affirmations for Body Confidence
  • Affirmations for Those Who Are Too Hard on Themselves
  • Affirmations for Dreaming Bigger
  • How to Write Your Own Affirmations
  • How to Make Your Affirmations Work for You



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This month we’re going deep on:

Improving your internal self-talk.

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A true blessing. -itsbrazybaby
Trish, words can’t describe how thankful I am to have stumbled upon your podcast but I am incredibly blessed to have been led to hear your words of encouragement! After a very difficult breakup 4 months ago, I was searching for something to help the heartache and brokenness I was feeling. I listened to probably 15-20 different podcast that led me nowhere, until I found yours. You have COMPLETELY changed my life!!!! I’ve been taking steps and listening to all the great words of wisdom you share, I’ve noticed an amazing shift on my perspective of things and small daily situations that come up at work or in day to day situations. I catch myself course correcting and thinking “what would Trish do” again the way that you help me and everyone else who listens to you is priceless. Keep being awesome!!!



They set your mind on what you want to think for the day.
They are your daily GPS, pointing you to where you want to go.
They help you cut through the noise of the world.
They challenge and overcome self-sabotaging or negative thoughts.
They release you from fear, negativity, worry and anxiety.
Evidence based research shows that affirmations, like prayer, actually rewrite the brain on a cellular level. Through repetition, affirmations reinforce an intention so deeply that it bypasses your conscious mind, and goes straight into your subconscious creating new neural pathways within your brain.



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Affirmations to Stop Caring What People Think:

  • I love being myself and when I am most myself, the quality people I want in my life are most deeply drawn to me.
  • I embrace today with lightness and joy for the freedom I have to be myself, to pursue the things that make my heart come alive and to lead with authenticity in my life. I love not being chained or distracted by the burden of caring too much what people think; instead, I now have energy to just love people and love being myself at the same time.
  • I release any attachment to people’s opinions that have ruled in my heart or my mind and I give myself full permission to be who God made me to be. I am strong and courageous and I love going all in on my life without fear or concern about what anyone else might think.
  • I am loved. I am worthy. I belong. I have purpose. I have nothing to prove.
  • I celebrate the limitless possibilities I have and I am so grateful that I am no longer restricted by the barriers of people’s opinions, of traditional paths, or of limited thinking. I can truly create anything I want in my life and I praise God for the courage, purpose and impact He is growing within me.
  • I like me and it’s okay if someone else doesn’t.
  • My job is to be me and I will attract the right people when I am.

Body Affirmations:

  • My body is a physical masterpiece and gift from the Lord and today I honor it with nurturing, life-giving and praiseworthy words.
  • Body: today I thank you for your complexity and my increasingly maturing relationship with you. Today I will be friends with you.
  • I’m thankful for how my body intuitively responds to stress and anxiety. Body, I release you from your responsibility to overreact and protect me. Lord, I thank you for the healing you are pouring over me and the freedom you give me from my fears. (Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom).
  • Today I celebrate and respect with reverence the temple of the Holy Spirit, the living God, that is my body. Thank you Lord that I have the privilege of carrying you everywhere I go and that You are my helper, with me all the time.



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Affirmations for Those Too Hard on Themselves:

  • I am doing better than my brain thinks I am.
  • Today my only goal is to show up and live life fully.
  • I am enough because God decided I am.
  • Kindness runs through my veins and dominates my internal dialogue.
  • I forgive myself easily and see setbacks as ways to gain strength.
  • I substitute every self-critical thought with curiosity, kindness and grace.
  • I’m growing, and therefore I’m going in the right direction.
  • I choose peace, not pressure.
  • I live in abundance, not scarcity.
  • I am my own encourager and I am proud of myself today.
  • Little by little, big things get done.
  • Extraordinary results happen by doing ordinary things with extraordinary commitment. 

Affirmations for Dreaming Bigger:

  • I am living in a way that others will say, “wow, they really went for it.”
  • I am bold enough to live a big life.
  • My life makes a difference in this world beyond what I ever thought possible.
  • I am willing to lean into my imagination as I create a vision for my future.
  • I am living a life led by faith, not by fear.
  • My courage to live a big life is an inspiration to others.
  • I am called to greatness and therefore I am capable of it.
  • I have permission to shine brightly; the world needs my light.
  • The best is yet to come; there is more within me than I’ve even began to tap into and I’m excited about what I will discover about myself along the way.
  • My life is an example to others of what is possible when you walk with faith and go big.
  • I live by what my heart knows it wants, not based on how it feels on any given day. I stay focused and I go for it even when I am scared.



One of the things I teach in my journaling course, just recently released (go check out to get access to The Confidence Journal, my 64-page journaling program that include tutorials on how to journal following my results-proven call-and-response journaling methodology).
Make it specific to the lie in your mind.
Make it filled with truth.
Make it simple and clean.
Make it powerful.
Make them respond to what beliefs are limiting you.
Make it present tense, as if it is already true. (You are already that person, and you have the things you want)
How to know what beliefs are limiting you?
-Notice “I am / I am not ” statements
-Be aware of “I can’t…” statements
-Pay attention to “I don’t …” statements
Flip those limiting beliefs and start affirming.
Be persistent and say it on repeat.



Do them daily.
Make your own.
Write them down.
Speak them out loud.
Text them to yourself.
Be persistent and say it on repeat.
Practice patience.
Define this as a next-level habit of inner-excellence.



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This is overdue… but wanted to make sure I sent one in. My name is Maria and I’ve been a listener of the Confidence Podcast since July of 2019. I have purchased your books Insecurity Detox and Straighten Your Crown. And I also took part in your Create Change Workshop over the summer. I would like start off by saying THANK YOU Trish. You truly are an inspiring, amazing, vibrant, wonderful woman. Your words of wisdom are just awesome. You coach in a way that is simple to follow. Since I have been listening to your podcast have had to focus on training my thoughts. I actually got myself a tattoo at first on my left wrist that says JOY. and a few months later I got the word gratitude on my right wrist a few months after. To remind myself daily how important Joy and gratitude are every day. Thank you for your words of wisdom and for all that you do. You are awesome – and am so grateful to have been able to learn from you. Have a great day, Maria Kench

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