Podcast #461

How to Make People Like You More

Wanting people to like us is a part of being human, but sometimes a misplaced desire, or ineffective ability to connect with others creates inner insecurity. Get coached on the 3 basics on how to make people like you more, starting with first learning how to like yourself. When you master your focus on these 3 basics, you’ll be more able to stop caring what people think and to have more social confidence when meeting new people and wanting them to like you.  It’s okay to have a desire to be more liked. Let’s just go about it in a confident, courageous, authentic, and powerful way.


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re talking about ..

  • How to make people like you more
  • The secret to not caring what people think
  • Having confidence when meeting new people (and wanting them to like you)



The Most Helpful Brain Training Podcast on the Internet.- 5 Stars (Kelsey Sis)
This podcast came at the perfect time for me personally. I cannot recommend it enough and continue to tell all my friends (and counselor – had to give that plug because I know you read these and they are pro-therapy about it as well, Trish, I’m your biggest cheerleader right now!)
Having grown up in the church and worked in ministry for several years alongside my husband (before pursuing alternative careers) I am realizing how ill equipped and uniformed I was on what it meant to “take my thoughts captive.” That verse just always felt like a nice suggestion, certainly not something that was ever possible.
Trish takes this verse and concept and through her podcast equips us with the tools and practices necessary to TRULY take our thoughts captive. Whether you consider yourself faith-based or not, this is the most practical podcast I have ever listened to when it comes to training our brains. I believe for me personally it’s the faith aspect that’s helped it click in a whole new level for me spiritually.
So grateful you’ve pursued this calling. I’m signing up for Patreon as well – I’m all ears on any advice Trish has to offer. The real deal.


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  1. Like yourself more.
  2. Like who you are becoming.
  3. Like the life you are designing.

To be more liked, you have to show up in a way that attracts others to you.

  1. Confidence is attractive.
  2. Solid self-concept / uniqueness is attractive.
  3. Direction and sense of vision is attractive
  • Being liked has nothing to do with the quantity of friends you have.
  • Being liked is about knowing that you are improving the room or space you are in.
  • To be more liked you have to like yourself more first.
  • If I like myself, it doesn’t matter who doesn’t.
  • Like yourself, who you are becoming, and the life you are designing.
  • To be a friend to yourself you need to spend time with yourself.
  • To be a friend to yourself you need to be loyal and follow through on the promises you made to yourself.
  • What you look for, your mind will find evidence of. 
  • I have all the confidence I need because I am enough.
  • I am on my way to being my perfect weight.
  • You have to know who you are becoming.
  • It’s never too late to change.
  • You decide whether you are going to stay where you are at, or whether you are going to become someone new.
  • I am the boss of my time.
  • Day by day I’m becoming someone new.
  • The type of person you have to become to reach your goal is the real gift.
  • When you believe your effort is never wasted you will be motivated. 
  • Your future is entirely up to you. 
  • Show me your habits, and I will show you your future.
  • We can choose a positive future.
  • I’m in a season of growth, discovery and clarity. 
  • What I do matters.
  • What do I want people to say about me when I’m gone?



Realize that you will belong if you decide that you belong.
-Assume a good narrative in your mind about what they are thinking about you.
-Double down on how much you like yourself and what you bring to a group.
-Focus on what you’re creating (connection), not on what you’re lacking (time spent with them already)



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Hey Trish! So grateful for you and your LIFE CHANGING podcast!!! You gave me the courage to start my blog! I was thinking this morning as I was going to a weightlifting class with a bunch of people who knew each other really well, and I was just joining them. This got me thinking, “I wonder if Trish has done a podcast on having confidence while meeting new people?” If not, just wanted to throw this idea out there! Thanks again for everything you do!!!”

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