The clutter-free living is possible for everyone.

When you eliminate clutter, you are awakened to clarity in your life. 



Clutter is what happens when you spend your life doing everything other than living your actual life.  It is business, comparison, an over-loaded schedule…it is often a quest for justification or approval.  Clutter is fear-based and it tarnishes our ability to actually live.

-What is cluttering your life?

-What is cluttering your day?

-What is cluttering your mind?

Clutter can be avoided when you:

(1). Build margin in your life

(2). Learn how to say no / Know that you have control over the clutter

(3). Cut the comparisons.

Sacrifice is the willingness to give up what you love for something you love more.  Do you love the potential of your future enough to forfeit the comfort of clutter in your life?

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