Podcast #455

Still Caring Too Much, Even Though You “Know Better?”

You “know better” to care so much what other people think about you, but you’re still feeling stuck in the people-pleasing, perfectionistic, desire-to-be-liked thought loop? This podcast episode is for you! Get the full show notes at www.trishblackwell.com/455


In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re talking about:

  • Exactly how to get out of the thought loop that is keeping you stuck
  • 7 critical things to remember to help you break this sloppy thought pattern
  • How to find the place of mental power where “you can help it”



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I’ll keep the story short.
I wanted to be a cool mom, so I hopped on my 4-year-old son’s skateboard.
Insert cartoon image of someone flailing while slipping on a banana peel.
And voila.
I have a broken foot.
For someone who loves to run, and runs between 35-55 miles per week, not being able to walk without pain, let alone run, is an adjustment.
But a good one.
I love the challenge of it.
I love that God is inviting me into rest.
I love that it’s going to be a mental challenge, and I’m not going to back down from it.
Remember, it’s the challenges in our lives that make us into the people we become.
That setback?
If you look at it the right way, it’s a beautiful thing.
It’s just the right thing that you’ve need to give you growth in an area you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.
And so, this month, I rest.
Which is a-okay with me, because behind the scenes here, I’m having an amazing month, with my foot elevated on my desk as I work.
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NEVER disappointed on a Tuesday!!!
I have been listening to Trish for a few months now.  This time last year I was in a completely different head space. Trying to “get my life together” so my weeks were scattered with good habits and good intentioned but swamped with bad and destructive choices/habits. I was so in my head – I could not get out of my negative thoughts and feelings for the life of me. Trish has taught me it’s not about the actions that go into “getting my life together” but the thought work behind the actions. One of my favorite lines taken from the show:
“Your mind is your most valuable real estate and you decide what you build on it.”
 I didn’t realize I actually had control of what comes in and what goes out until I started listening to Trish. When I actually started training my brain I realized she was right: it is ALL in your head, and thank God for that because I have the power! I am not a victim!
God has without a doubt used her in the process of my mental healing (Also we are enneagram wing sisters, I’m a 4w4 and she’s a 3w4 so that’s cool). Thank you so much, Trish!



Specify the exact thought loop and the exit ramp.
Give people permission to think differently than you do.
Assume the best.

You can pick any thought, take power back.
Go for a net positive result, instead of net negative.

Since we don’t know what people are thinking, we can choose to think whatever we want to think. Those people who have RBF’s? I used to be convinced they hated me. Now I like to assume they are just waiting for me to be friendly to them. I assume they admire my happiness, not that they’re bothered by it, and even if they’re bothered by it, I am okay with them not being okay with me.

Some Thought Replacement Suggestions When In the Loop:
I am okay with someone not being okay with me.
I am worthy and I belong no matter what I “feel” about the other people around me.
I like me and it’s okay if other people don’t.
I don’t need everyone to agree with me to be loved or to matter.
I am okay, thanks Brain, no one is thinking about me as much as I think they are.
I will not be distracted from living my own life, I’m free from this worry.
I no longer am concerned about other people’s thoughts – I have enough thoughts of my own to manage, cultivate and bring to life.



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  1. Get out of other people’s thoughts.
  2. Be honest about what you can control, and what you can’t
  3. Focus your energy on something that’s net positive, not net negative.
  4. Assume that people are thinking good things
  5. Some people just don’t like strawberries, no matter how you dress them up.
  6. The harder you try, the less you you’ll be.
  7. Your thoughts create your results.



Saying “I can’t help it” puts you into the place of a victim. It’s learned and self-proclaimed helplessness and it will keep you feeling like this is happening to you, instead of recognizing that you are choosing to think and allow this thought pattern and behavior in your life.

  1. Take ownership of your thoughts.
  2. Know what’s slopping thinking and what’s not.
  3. Be brave enough to understand the emotions below the surface.
  4. Stop blaming your mismanaged mind for your mismanaged (and put off) life
  5. Do it anyways: take action, repeat the thought you want to keep and be brave



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I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your podcasts. 
I want you to know that I am grateful beyond belief for your podcasts. They are uplifting and inspiring and frankly are the driving force in making me feel like this change is something I CAN DO and feel good about. I’ve used your coaching every day since starting to listen and your words resonate with me on a level that I can’t even describe. It’s like I’ve been waiting my whole life for you. 
Thank you 
-Sarah F-

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