Podcast #454

The Courage to Believe in Possibility

Believing that change is possible in your life, or that you can actually create a life that you love takes emotional and mental courage. Too often we short sell ourselves, our potential and our impact in this world because we aren’t daring to think big enough. This podcast episode will help you understand the deeper reasons why you are holding yourself back, and, more importantly, how to start thinking differently.

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we’re talking about:

  • How to know what’s possible for you
  • How to believe in what’s actually possible and available to you
  • How to start seeing what you thought was impossible become possible

If you truly believed you could have something in your life, you would go after it.



You are amazing Trish, thank you!!!
Your podcast has given me so much hope and guidance. The cards I was dealt as a child were rough, this caused me to go into a survival mode during the years that were supposed to form me into the person I am. With that being said now I am 22 and with the guidance of God and my loved ones I have reached so many goals. But when I look in the mirror I have no idea who I am, I’ve never asked myself what I want or who I truly am. You are forcing me to become real and raw with myself. I am so happy I have you to help guide me in this journey of finding myself, I look forward to listening to you every day and you are truly sunshine. Thank you x 1 million!!! ((( Wiggle hugs )))



Anything is possible.

The results in your life are a reflection of the thoughts in your brain.

You can achieve anything that matters enough to you.

Giving yourself permission to want something takes courage.

One of the hardest  questions to answer is this:

What is it that you really want?

You know deep down, but telling others, or admitting that you really, really want it, takes courage.

Courage takes guts.

It’s showing up and not knowing how the outcome will be, but being willing to show up anyways.

We all have it within us, but it’s your choice to light up the fire within.

And when you do, life unleashes.

Question to think about:
What have you decided isn’t possible that you really want?
Is it actually impossible? Why or why not?



Let’s talk about the courage to believe in possibility.

Why don’t we do it?

  1. Fear of disappointment
  2. Unwillingness to be embarrassed
  3. Self-consciousness and fixed thinking
  4. We think it’s supposed to be easy
  5. Sometimes we stop ourselves because we don’t yet know our future selves
  6. We fear it might be too much to handle

What is possible when we open up to have the courage to believe in possibility?

Spend time curating and befriending your future self.
-I’m conversational with my 20-minute future self
-I’m respectful of and excited for my 20-year future self

Envision, describe, aspire, and try on the role so that the future version of you is more than a fantasy and is someone you can trust.  You are trustworthy of the success ahead of you, even if you don’t feel capable of handling it right now.



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  1. Pick a word that resonates with you. For me, it was “limitless.”
  2. Start small, and then go big.
  3. Alert your brain to start looking for evidence of people who are doing things that most other people aren’t. We are surrounded by the university of the world, and it is rich in example of possibility.

For you, maybe it’s the impossible lifestyle of financial or time independence, or a life of world-travel, or the ability to be a stay-at-home mom to homeschool your kids.

Or, maybe it’s the impossible belief that you can create more income than you have ever given yourself permission to do? Does that mean that you can make more than your husband, or that you and your family can be debt-free, or perhaps that you can become a millionaire by the time you’re 40? 

Or, maybe your brain likes to think about physical impossibilities becoming possible? I didn’t even think it would be possible for me to run a marathon.

  1. Collect evidence to grow your confidence
  2. Risk = faith.
  3. The courage to be yourself, the courage to try something new, the courage to advocate
  4. You have permission – the people who do big things in the world aren’t special, they’re just courageous.
  1. Decide courage matters.
  2. Practice having guts.
  3. Remember, it’s just 20 seconds of courage.

Mindset of the week:

I am increasing my confidence by increasing my courage.

Journaling Prompts of the Week:

Courage is spark of all confidence. The more you show up with courage, doing what you want to do before you feel ready, or taking action in spite of feeling afraid, the more confident you will be as a result. Where in your life do you want to show up with more courage? Can you think of 3 ways this week that you will choose to be more courage focused?



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Hi Trish! My name is Madelyn, and I’m going to be a senior in high school this year. I started listening to your podcast last December. I searched “confidence podcasts” in Spotify because I love having wisdom spoken over my life, and was really struggling with perfectionism, over-thinking, imposter syndrome, and confidence. I had just gone through a really tough first semester of my junior year. I lost most of my “friends” and was struggle with believing manipulative words being spoken over me, strategic social isolation and asking God big questions about my faith and salvation. I had just made an elite club team and was blessed with countless leadership and service opportunities through school and church, but with every opportunity, I struggled with thinking I was inadequate and that no one believed in me. Your podcast is a voice of trust in my day and encouragement to embrace all that I am as God’s creation and child. Thank you!

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