Design your life by designing your day.  Your day is the expression of your values and dreams, determined through the small, daily decisions you make.  When you design your day you can paint your perspective to pursue the purpose within you to the fullest.  The art of living starts with the art of your day.  



Designing your life starts with designing your day.  Success leaves clues, so if you want to be successful, study what other successful people do.  The greatest leaders in this world are those who are generous with sharing their clues and their lessons with others; a generous heart always pays a high return.

Here’s a simple progression for you, I like simplicity, so I’m breaking it down for you the same way I would like it:

design your values -> design your dreams -> design your day -> design your life ->design your legacy

I am using the work design for a specific reason. That reason is that it reminds you that you are in control and that life is a form of art.  Other words you can substitute for “design” as you think about this concept in your life are: define, decide or determine.  I like these because they are all “d” words, but more than that, they all carry weight and power to them.  They are definite actions and represent intentional thought.

Your world is what you design it to be.  Your perspective and how you see the world significantly affects how you experience the world.  Never forget that you are the product of your decisions, so make up your mind to be all that you can be.

Here are my personal daily tips that I use to design my days:

  • Create a to-do list the night before
  • Tackle an easy task first in the day and then jump immediately to my most challenging or dreaded task and get it done
  • Honor my WLWB list. (Stretch, read, quiet time, coffee, run)
  • Gratitude journal or reflective time.
  • Schedule my tasks as batch work.
  • Do one thing every day that scares me.
  • Prioritize quality time with others and to relax.
  • Select three daily focuses and find contentment in accomplishing those. (Resist the temptation to take on too many tasks at one time, practice saying “no” and celebrate present successes instead of dwelling on future goals).
  • Invest in myself intellectually or spiritually every day.

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